Featured Student Blog Post: Kaitlin Zuber

In the Art of the Small Ensemble class offered by GRoW @ The Wallis, we not only learned how to combine two different kinds of music–Classical and Jazz–and learned how to work in a small […]

Collective Impact and Systemic Change for Arts Education

What can cultural citizens do together that they can’t do alone?  I had the privilege of moderating a panel discussion on this very topic at The Kennedy Center Arts Summit in Washington, DC on May […]

We Are All Mad Here: A Love Story

It is not every day that an original musical written by high school students is premiered in a leading performing arts center.  But March 12, 2017 was not an ordinary day.  It marked the world […]

A Young Artist Finds A Temporary Home

Viva Wittman is a Junior at Bennington College in Vermont.  She spent her Field Work Term at The Wallis for January and February, 2017. Here’s an average day for an Intern (me) at GRoW @ […]

TADA! Legislative Dance Yields Results

Sometimes we need to forget how to lose and learn how to win. On Sunday, December 11 The Wallis hosted nearly 100 arts educators and advocates from across California to thank State Senator Ben Allen […]

Time for Arts Education Advocates to Let Go of Our Victim Mentality

Goldsmith Student Matinee

How many times have you heard this lament — “we all know the arts are the first to be cut when school budgets are tight”? It is so often repeated that it has evolved from […]

The Arts Build Bridges, Not Walls

Coby New York

On November 21, 2016 over 50 musical theater performers of all ages came together from around the United States, Brazil, Lebanon, New Zealand, and Russia to share their talents before an audience of Broadway producers […]