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A Fidget Cube worried, so did not say before those students, but asked how do you go back Chu Meng Yao find me, go together. Tang Yun said. Oh, Lin Yi feel a bit strange, as if Feng smiled things, Missy fidget cube darkslategray and Chen Yushu, surprisingly consistent and Tang Yun reached an alliance, all things make way for Feng smiled. And Tang Yun kick down the phone, Lin Yi drove straight back to the villa. As usual, Missy and Chen Yushu, sitting in the living room watching TV, see Lin Yi back, they just seen up after a look, they continue to fidget cube chartreuse watch TV. Previously, Lin Yi came back late each time, Missy and small Shu will be more or less to express their dissatisfaction, but now, because Feng smiled things, they also maintained a tolerant attitude Lin Yi think, in fact, Missy and small comfortable heart is still very good, not a lot of wealthy female arrogant and rich heartless. Today experienced a lot of things, Lin Yi confused disgraced, back to the room, Lin Yi quickly rushed a hot bath, so that their feelings calm down. Today, things are not directed at their own, but for Feng smile.s is to do business, since it is trading, it is natural fidget cube mediumblue to have to buy and sell, many people can be called the business, how do I fear you to grab the business Chu Peng Show Although the a fidget cube hearts of puzzled, but this Xiao based, said there is a plate of the eye, Chu Peng Zhan mind that some faint feeling that children, evidently, Xiaojia people are deliberately a fidget cube trouble Well, Mr. Chu, we are all aware of people, needless to say so much nonsense Has been standing on fidget cube midnight the side of the opening did not speak this time, Xiao There is no, you ask your daughter not to know She and a small Shu who is called, with the bully insult my sister in law Guli care, we can not lip service Chu Peng exhibition Lengle Leng, Xiao said that since the daughter and small together, it is clear that it should not be nonsense, and Yao Yao also offended that what Gou Li Li fragmentation Well, since Mr. Shaw so insisted, then I first look to her daughter Chu Peng no way to show, only nodded his head said. Take time, we have the patience is limited Xiao based discourse, with a.

s. Feng smiled like a drag racing, then try to meet her desire once, but the drag racing, but not in the normal road racing, that is too dangerous, Lin Yi intends to take Feng Xiaoxiao to participate in a racing game, let her feel What Called drag racing. Boss, in fact, before, Feng smiled and I said several times on your things, but I did not tell you, I concealed fidget cube 2017 the down Kang Xiaobo bo hesitated a moment, and Lin Yi confessed. Oh Lin Yi eyes narrowed, laughing at Kang Xiaobo bo. Kang Xiaobo bo Lin Yi to see some embarrassed, dry cough twice said Boss, in fact, before the smiled and I said Feng, she likes you, you want to chase qi you I see her poor, As soft, Told her to chase qi side fa Oh How to chase qi Lin Yi laughed. I said to her, the boss you have a good heart, do not eat hard to eat soft, if she and you on the Zhuo a dry, it is certainly impossible to hope, but if everything goes along with you, there is still Kang Xiaobo bo said embarrassed. Lin Yi nodded, Kang Xiaobo bo said these, in fact, what is not a secret thing, but as o.seems there is hope ah Thought of this, quickly greeted the smiling faces of the past Kang brother, how do you personally come out to meet ah, really can not afford to ah Xiao Ji is also surprised a moment, he did not expect Kang Feng to personally come out to meet, so all of a sudden a lot less grievances in mind, quickly greeted the past is Kang Big Brother I do not know the two Xiao brothers to Kang home, what things However, Kang Fung s face is not so good, but with a very cold voice to Xiao and Xiao based asked, As if they are not familiar with the same Chapter 1019 is not a good memory 1023 Kanggui Feng s attitude, so that Xiao based and Xiao Ben surprised a moment It stands to reason, they and Kang Fung also be regarded as affinity, even if not married, Kang Guifeng also not such a cold attitude As if he did not know his brothers the same Kang brother, what do you mean fidget cube rosybrown Xiao and Kang home can be considered the home of in laws, usually walk around with each other, there are wrong Xiao said, huo suspected of huo. In laws When did the two of us b.do not let people close, I have something important to talk with the elders of Lee Su Yi, the main palace of the Tsing Yi told the girl Road. Yes, the Miyaji Tsing Yi girl nodded his head, the trot of the pushed away. Li Shu, there is a fidget cube no outsider, and in the end what happened Su Yi Gongzhu stood up body, it seems that Lee is very close to the way the elders. And Li elders and other girls away after disappearance of Tsing Yi, but also stepped forward a few steps, came to the pavilion, lowered the voice, but the look is still respectful Miss, is on the young lady thing She how What trouble has been encountered Su ying, the Palace Master heard the words of the Presbyterian Lee, his face suddenly exposed to some nervous look. Little Miss was kidnapped Lee said the elders, but then just said the beginning, was interrupted by Su Yi Gongzhu. What She was kidnapped Who is it Do not worry Su Yi Gongzhu hear the hearts of a tight, quickly asked. Donghai City, fidget cube tomato a master of the Wan Ku, in the hands of no master, but a mysterious mid peak.

A Fidget Cube nodded and said. Outside the family effort and not the same as the home effort, outside the home effort once you reach a certain level, there will be extreme. But Lin a fidget cube Yi know, it is difficult, but in order to comfort Chen Yu Shu, he said so Bottlenecks, the bottleneck of the limit than the home bottleneck is difficult to break through a hundred times Want to practice outside the home, got to more powerful than before, at least to the mysterious mid stage strength Caixing If you have the strength to return to higher than before, it is necessary to always stay inside the villa, accompanied me and Yao Yao sister A word for the set Lin Yi smiled and nodded. I want to retract Chen Yu Shu has run over, stretched out his little finger. Oh, good Lin Yi and Chen Yu Shu some helplessness of the hook, also stamped chapter Retaining hook hanging a hundred years not allowed to change, who changed who is a mighty general Lin Yi nodded his head, he really should go Goodbye Matsuyama City, goodbye to the villa Goodbye those who are familiar with their ow.heart. Half a minute later, bald men and bald, all kneeling on the ground moaning, Lin Yi did not how they like, but interrupted some people s hands and feet and ribs, which is their due punishment. Lin Yi from bald hands to a fidget cube find his car keys, remove his Nissan van, turned back to his car, drove away. During this period, there is no security here, it also shows that this matter is unusual Lin Yi to respond as soon as possible to prepare. Call Tang Yun Lin Yi looked safe and sound on the car, suddenly relieved You do not mean that you do not have the strength Just scared me Strength is not, but also stronger than the average person. Lin Yi smiled, afraid Tang Yun worry, he did not say their own doubts. These people really hateful Tang Yun did not know, this is a premeditated provocation Where are we going Tang Yun did not feel the advent of danger, she was also immersed in happiness, she is looking forward to the future, and Lin Yi live with a better life. Men and women weaving, hands of the hand and son together. I sent you back to the hospit.

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