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Authentic Fidget Cube st is not very important to look at the time to read a university hua money on it, do not be too serious. Efforts to learn x ten years, but also after A good way out, Kang Xiaobo bo has a way out, naturally no longer at the cart before the horse. Look at the familiar campus, Kang Xiaobo bo some emotion, two months ago, he is still an ordinary student, but encountered Lin Yi, after all, it changed himself actually got into the public division of the vice president, But also to find a Beautiful girlfriend Although tu a bit lame it, but there Lin Yi, cure is not a problem School Gymnasium, Feng Xiaoxiao and Chen Yu Shu two chicks are Biezujinjin ready to fight a decision. Two people at the moment is the starting line, the eyes are staring too big, glaring at each other. Said you do not work really can not, solid ball throw so close, almost za to your own feet Chen Yushu proudly said I finally know what is called the lifting of the stone za own feet You fat, so than I have the strength Feng smiled very refuses to accept, she had no practicing x solid bal.l, though bold some, but in the classroom if she cuddly, let Others see is not very good. Feel Lin Yi s hand away, Feng Xiaoxiao suddenly relieved, but the hearts are somewhat disappointed Lin Yi had just touched the body that moment of feeling, so Feng Xiaoxiao heartbeat plus, tell the truth she liked this feeling This is the lovers, intimate action brought about by the joy of it Feng Xiao laugh know their time is running out, do not care what exhibition too fast too slow, since she has chosen Lin Yi, authentic fidget cube Lin Yi is her only boyfriend in this Life, but also the last boyfriend He would soon be 20 years old, maybe what really hung up, so take advantage of the opportunity to find a boyfriend easily, Feng smiled and would like to enjoy the taste of love it, which still has time to go reserved However, she is afraid fidget cube tech insider of their own too warm, and will not scare Lin Yi Tang Yun seems to be a very subtle authentic fidget cube person, right Thought of this, Feng smiled and some tangled up, really a headache ah, they can not express Too much anxious Smile, I m sorry. Lin Yi see F.

and stared, very much looking at the worship of Lin Yi Lin Yi husband, you teach me to play the plane Uh Lin Yi Feng smiled and listened to the words, suddenly fidget cube moccasin sweating Feng smiled the proposal, but also a little evil, right Feng smiled to see Lin Yi surface strange expression, but also slightly surprised a moment, but soon, she will understand why Lin Yi, and her words, apparently understood by Lin Yi worse I am talking about playing a real plane, not the aircraft that hit I will, do not teach. Feng smiled quickly explained. You will Lin Yi is staring, is Feng smiled test Hee hee, online video ah, I will see the chanting ready to test it to her boyfriend Feng smiled and Lin Yi together, has always been relatively bold You want to try it Well, that have the opportunity to test, and now look for the first bald car Lin Yi almost did not live youhuo But in this place, did not mean youku not live to death it What do you mean Feng fidget cube feldspar Tianlong heard bald sunglasses male Ga a cry, suddenly some inexplicable asked. But at the moment, bald sungl.y, and sent to the hospital is useless, do not waste money. Lin Yi looked at her mother, but it is faint said. Chen mother s life is the rapid disappearance of the body can be said that basically is not saved. Ah fidget cube purple Chen Xi Lin Yi, after listening to the words, a slight expression of a lag, then tears streaming down, clinging to her mother, burst into tears Although she had a 16 year old birthday, but still a fragile girl, she knew her mother will soon leave her, but did not expect so soon In her mother fainted, her heart there is still a trace of luck and hope, expect my mother to the hospital will wake up, but Lin Yi where to purchase fidget cube s words, but like a pot of cold water, take the lead down, let Chen Xi All of a sudden become desperate Moment, she was helpless, do not know how to do it, only to hold her mother crying in order to vent the grief of her heart. Lin Yi s words, but it is attracted to the waiter s discontent Do authentic fidget cube you think you are who A word can determine the lives of others What do you think you are Lin Yi turned around, a touch of service looked at.n their view, Lin Yi even to find his girlfriend, certainly also looking for the two of them, but now suddenly find a Feng Xiao laugh out, how they feel better I hope Linyi night and after they explained, they can understand themselves and Feng smiled Days in the front of the ktv, Lin Yi saw Foley that Bentley car. Lin Yi smile a bit, the car stopped at the side, and then got out. Chapter 0997 was brought down by the small comfortable Chapter o997 Was small Shu brought bad The Bentley car inside the Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu, see Lin Yi came, but also from the car down, at the moment of the eldest, and restored the past a touch of pride and indifference, Lin Yi, Tang Yun, are Very indifferent expression, as if the initial general. Lin Yi, you go to open a box. Chu Mengyao Lin Yi s tone, it seems that only him as a attendant the same. Well Lin Yi did not say anything, just nodded his head. However, Lin Yi, who was about to enter the ktv, a few taxis are parked in the door of the ktv, and from the taxi down, but also high school class of class.

Authentic Fidget Cube day Missy and small Shu driver Bentley car from the repair plant which has been repaired, but Lin Yi does not like to open such a formal car, and Lin Yi is not the full time driver of the apo, so I chose the Chu Mengyao Audi s5, but the daily shuttle , More than a Tang Yun Missy for Tang Yun s attitude, as if some of the better, but they usually do not how to speak, almost no communication along the way. Chapter 0968 said the leakage of the mouth Chu Meng Yao is still the kind of cold lattice, she and small comfortable sitting in the back of the s5, the co pilot s position is left to the Tang Yun. Only Tang Yun on the train and get off when Missy will say hello with her, but although some indifference, but less before the hostility, more like buy the fidget cube a nodding friend of the ordinary. Tang Yun s attitude to the eldest of some inexplicable, before the Chu Meng Yao and Chen Yushu see her always show inexplicable hostility to, but now, if only as a general friend of his own Is that they have despised themselves, do not own authentic fidget cube as a competitor, or they give up Lin Yi.learned , So Lin Yi as long as the focus on it Although my trauma is good, but my strength all gone Tang authentic fidget cube Yun surprised, subconsciously asked, she did not think Lin Yi and she said that this is the thing Ah, it does not matter ah Will there be danger Although not to be dumped her Lin Yi, but Lin Yi so solemnly that his injury, it must be very serious Therefore, Tang Yun is worried Injury caused by the danger is not there, but my enemy if I know my strength is not, I am afraid I am dangerous Lin Yi smile a bit, said. Ah, then why do you and I say it You should not tell anyone Tang Yun suddenly shocked But I will not say, I will keep your secret Oh rhyme, you misunderstood. Lin Yi smiled and saw the response of Tang Yun nervous, it touches on a lot of peace of mind, Tang Yun, is care about their own. Misunderstanding Tang Yun surprised a moment. Yes, I say to you, because I have and Chu Mengyao resigned, I will not serve as their bodyguard Lin Yi said. Tang Yun Lin Yi heard the words, slightly Yie, fidget cube features but it is some happy together, althoug.

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