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Book Fidget Cube and her relationship, fidget cube in stock I naturally well aware, you forget what I do Feng Tianlong said. Oh I d forgotten. Lin Yi some self deprecating smile, out of the kind book fidget cube of book fidget cube life only two months, they have not used to it Feng Tianlong s men, a large number of intelligence officers, he wanted to know the school side of things, is not a difficult thing And he and Feng smiled the relationship, I am afraid there is no need to explain what, Feng Tianlong is also clear about the understanding. There is no time We see one side Feng Tianlong asked. Now Lin Yi d no problem, but Tang Yun will come soon, it seems that they have to break it Now, I live in the Peng Chin Business Hotel, 12o9 room, you come directly to me on it. Feng Tianlong said Can you take your girlfriend together With a girlfriend Lin Yi fidget cube sides obvious stunned, and some do not understand the intention of Feng Tianlong. Her name is Tang Yun, right I would also like to see her. Feng Tianlong said I have something to say to her This Well Lin Yi, although some wonder Fengtian Long find Tang lightly, for their own company s business, Lin Yi Sun Jingyi still did not say too much, after all, the relationship between two people, has not yet reached that level Not polite to say, Sun Jingyi Lin Yi to the initial feeling, in fact, a little more than the familiar passerby only, even Wang Yan are not as good as. Lin Yi Wang Xin Yan and the relationship is still relatively close, after all, Wang Yanyan Lin Yat to Songshan City, after the first understanding of the girl, very kind heart, Lin Yi to her favor than Sun Jingyi, Such. Wang Xin Yan and Lin Yi contact, which is not doped with any interest, is entirely unilateral to pay, just like the original fidget cube lightsteelblue train, Wang Yan remind Lin Yi has a liar, there is no thought to return what Lin Yi, And Sun Jingyi is different. Sun Jingyi Lin Yi for the first time, the purpose is very strong, to Lin Yi posing as her boyfriend, which will Wu Chen days away. And then the situation is the case, hire Lin Yi to help steal the video of competitors, the result is in return in exchange for Lin Yi s half lover For Su.

the Lin fidget cube facebook Yi. Tang Yun. Lin Yi said. Smile smile smile into the frost, stare Lin Yi one You will not coax people You can not say a little nice it Fake I do not Well, you are beautiful. Lin Yi said. Funny, go to something. Feng laughed watching Lin Yi was filled with I lie to you, the face, suddenly some dull interest, how to seduce Lin Yi How much worse than Tang Yun himself Feng smiled laughing the car, but did not go very far away, but the car parked near the door of a beef noodle shop. Lin Yi stunned, but did not think Feng smiled will take him to this place, where consumption is not high, the original, Feng Xiaoxiao to ask her to dinner, Lin Yi even thought that she would like to kill Zichen Wu Chen day as their own It Lin Yi and Feng smiled into the noodle shop together, looking for a two person position to sit down. The two wait a moment you can I book fidget cube immediately updated the most you ordered Waiter is standing at the moment not far from the mother and daughter of a table, as they point a single. Well, we just take a look at the menu. Lin Yi nodded in.ts body suddenly flushes back into your body, it is much simpler. What is it like Because it is what you create, The whole energy of the body comes from you, as if you put energy in its body, you can use it to make it a yellow dog, when you do not need it., But when you need, they can be free to take back. Oh That is the case Lin Yi suddenly realized why, he thought he was really very powerful to create a master order within fidget cube gold the home order, but did not expect to create a defective can not upgrade the master The energy back to His body to explain, Lin Yi is to understand, and is always their own things in their own body needs these energy, the energy will naturally return to his body Chapter 0941 Horror of Lin Yi Chapter o941 astonishment of Lin Yi This can be said to be a passive skill, when cast, and their mighty generals are in a passive state, is not subject to active control However, my body s energy, not a panacea So if the opponent is injured, will take the initiative to absorb the power of the mighty general body Lin Yi suddenly thought of so.plain the fact that it was Coming Sure enough, not long after, the door was pushed open, and came in on the elders and Lee elders too The elders of the elders, Lee elders Although some of the main maiden hilarious too elders on their own soft j n, but in front of her, did not show any disrespect, after all Miyajiang understand, too Elders though stubborn and ruthless, but she did everything for the night palace Her life did not match, just because she will be dedicated to the energy of the night palace, she dreamed of the Palace of fidget cube make noise the night into the martial arts Palace Waner, you can go out. The elders of the pale on the announcement of her decision. Ah Miyajiang heard the words of the elders too, could not help but surprised a moment, she did not expect too much on the elders actually agreed to let her out Surprise, could not help but look to the elders of Lee, Is it his efforts to do Li elders to see the main Mistress book fidget cube to see their own, could not help but smile and shook his head and said Congratulations Miyaji, Gu y and little sister L.

Book Fidget Cube nd Wu Chen day contact, but Sun Jingyi perfunctory situation. Wu Chen day for Sun Jingyi Lin Yat s name to agree to eat breakfast with tea, my heart feels very unhappy, but the thought of tomorrow will be able to expose 1 Lin Yi, and my heart Face and put it down. Jing Yi should be a cry to hang up the phone. Roa. Chapter 1042 you are very cute You are very cute In the morning, fidget cube backer edition Lin Yi, as usual, went to the hospital then Tang Yun, Tang Yun, but after the car, but Lin Yi said Let s go to Nanjing Road, then smile Oh Lin Yi slightly surprised a moment. She said, the morning, the car is not oil, the rest, not enough to go to school, so I want you to pick her Tang Yun shook the phone said Smile just finished my call. Her door, not that gas station Lin Yi Feng smiled for some reason for this dumbfounding. Is it Tang Yun is also surprised a moment, then puff laugh laugh out This smiled, next time she compiled a similar reason You knew she was a lie Lin Yi laughed. Well she admitted Tang Yun smiled You do not blame me.l, right Do not I want to continue to hold you Feng smiled for this kind of rely on in Lin Yihuai feel very keen, do not want to lose this feeling. You do not listen, then I do not hello. Lin Yi reluctantly, can only scare Feng smiled. Oh Well This trick is really effective, Feng smiled this reluctant to let go of Lin Yi, in fact, tears on her face long ago, just want to rely on the Lin Yi Bale arms. Feng Xiaoxiao and Lin Yi returned to the classroom, this process is Bo Lan Lanjing, Missy and Chen Yushu know Lin Yi and Feng smiled the relationship, so for the two things is open one eye close one eye, It touches Xie Yufeng, see Lin Yi and Feng smiled in, some pernicious look at them Because Feng smiled and Lin Yi, before he lost five million This book fidget cube account, Xie Yufeng must come back to Caixing Yu Ren is a grocery store owner, doing a small business, the economic conditions inside the home is very tight, because there is no capital inside the hand, so the grocery store did not expand the business, the daily money.

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