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Fidget Cube Black And Green of the call, it is a joy of cry, and today exactly the same You dare Rain will listen to the words of Chu Mengyao, the face becomes a bit ugly Believe it or not, I kill your family now Do not believe A voice faint sounded, though not large, but which is full of confidence Chu Mengyao some incredible turned his head, and really see Lin Yi out of the room, his face is hung with a touch of some of the less beat the smile, his feet, but it is a mighty force generals. Chu Peng exhibition is surprised, he fidget cube royalblue did fidget cube black and green fidget cube lightblue not expect Lin Yi will be out of the room at this time, but also to his daughter s early Can he deal with the rain house Chu Peng exhibition afraid of the rain at home under the huff, And then against Lin Yi Chen Yushu is very excited, she felt, her prediction, and success Lin Yi Do you dare to fidget cube black and green come out I thought you ran it Rain will not Lin Yi will be in the eyes, in his view, he did not go to Lin Yi s trouble, Lin fidget cube black and green Yi has fidget cube black and green been high Hong, Lin Yi also dare to take the initiative to succeed He really can not kill him when the rain it Rain home I heard y.dy more energy more together, Lin Yi s face appeared a hint of strange red, through the energy of the vortex is a bit strange. Fast, really fast Lin Yi grunted, let the storm come more violent some Boom A loud noise, Lin Yi felt the whole person to fly the sky In the body under the impact of a huge energy level between the barrier at this moment, crashing collapse Suddenly, more energy into the Lin Yi s body again, but this time There is no feeling of the kind of bursting the limit before, hand, there is a very comfortable sense of nourishment Breakthrough After the break, fidget cube grey Lin Yi body meridians, you can absorb more energy Lin Yi s energy around the whirlpool is more and more weak, most have been inhaled Lin Yat the body, and Lin Yi s face, from the previous ruddy into a healthy color, and Lin Yi, but also from their own Netg couch jumped into the sky. This is the middle of the mysterious order of strength it Sure enough, and the mysterious early stage peak, has a world of difference No wonder they had to play the mysterious mid peak strength of.

e image and equipment.Forced, if a retreat of the five million, and that the image before the white fitted, so he can only teeth hard t ng Well, five hundred But I usually too busy in Matsuyama also can not eat a few meals, the five million cards finished, it is estimated to use once, and then do not know where to throw it Wu Chen day subtext is, and quickly take us to the box it, I do not care what discount is not discounted, but I am mainly afraid of trouble, do the card can not eat This ah waiter nodded, no doubt it, but my heart was a bit disappointed, after all, to do a card, she is also able to get part of the prize money. Chen days brother, or you do a card, and then give me the card You are not in Matsuyama City, but I m in, I ll eat for you the rest of the money Although the five million for you Is nothing, but for me, or what is it Feng smiled and spoke, and the opening, Wu Chen day almost did not roll his eyes. Roa. Chapter 1052 White flowers 5 million Chapter 1o52 white flowers five million Ah Ha Wu Chen day expression is.n Yushu also crept to the room door Lin Yi, ears carefully listening to the news inside Yaoyao, and the father to tell the truth, is not like the Plaza Chu Peng fidget cube lightcyan Zhan looked at her daughter, hesitated a moment asked. Chu Mengyao surprised a moment, some innocently looking at Chu Peng, his face suddenly red Dad, what fidget cube black and green are you Why do I like Lin Yi Oh Chu Peng Zhan look at her daughter s face and nervous face, but it is laughing Do you want to stay Yi it I want to Chu Mengyao support I said But, this and like Lin Yi What is it You want to stay, there must always be a reason to get it Chu Peng Show laughed Yat is a backbone of people, he was injured, and can not perform his duties, so he will If we want to keep him, let him stay inside the villa to Yat character, he will accept it Chu Meng Yao Lengle Leng, but still slowly shook his head, Lin Yi, although this guy sometimes looks thick skinned, but as if the principle is very strong, if let him stay, it seems I am afraid it will be very difficult Not Otherwise, he left befor.entence Lin Yi, that he has perfunctory their own, but after hearing the last part, to know is not the case, so again happy together. Smile, why do you always want to learn to drag racing with me Lin Yi initiative to lead the topic to the desire of Feng smiled above, before fidget cube keychain Lin Yi Feng smiled just nonsense, but she ignored as a racing driver as a dream. Because I am interested in the car ah After reading the degree and passion, I wanted to be a racing driver Feng smiled laugh does not hide, smiled and said But I know it is impossible My technology is just as general, who will let me participate in the competition Well that s it Lin Yi nodded. I thought you were just fooling around If you really want to be a racing driver, I could teach you. Really Feng smiled and stared, too happy to come too soon, so she was a bit not ready These two days, one after another of a good thing children, so that Feng smiled and some are caught by surprise A dream feeling, it is too unreal Nature is really, I promise you things, there lie to you Lin Yi laughed. W.

Fidget Cube Black And Green do not have a penny ah, my money to my daughter In the round are to take home No money Meat boss laughed Come on, people and I went on the line Hear the meat of the boss said so, put down the heart in the Jen, and sell meat to the boss to see the game go Originally, Yu Ren is not particularly practical, but until he and the owner of the meat into the field together, sitting in the audience, Yu Ren was really understand, really did not spend a penny, came to watch the game Do not worry, Yu Ren naturally and the meat of the boss talked up This boxing match, where is the organization Hey This is the underground boxing fidget cube case game, of course, good looking That s real real pk ah He said It is the battle of life and death I heard not play life and death, is absolutely not stop A. Chapter 1059 Angling of Fishing Chapter 1019 fishing hook So scary Yu Ren listened to the words of the boss immediately after the frightened. Hey, nothing good scary, can be stabbed j The meat soldier waved his hand. This will be t ng scary ah, or else, or do not read Yu Ren is the rain home has been unable to withstand the winds and waves, and did not figure out the background of Lin Yi, he must forbear The study, a burst of rapid telephone ringing rang, this is the rain of the confidentiality of the phone, usually only some people know this phone number, and can play this phone, in addition to the rain home, Is the family of several major family of the Lord Hey, hello, I am a rain star Rain was interrupted by telephone ringtones thoughts, pick up the phone. Mercury ah, fidget cube darkorenge I am your big brother ah Rain Danson very happy, he wants to break the news, of course, is to be the first and second brother and third brother to share Bend in your side Big Brother Rain Mercury heard the voice of rain Danson, my heart s grievances and anger all emerged for a time, I heard Big Brother asked the rain will be German things, could not help an acid sour not Oh, you go and call him, I have a good thing to you and the brothers said, this is our rainy time Rain Dansen did not notice the rain star emotions wrong, after all, separated.

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