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Fidget Cube Blueviolet the so called pretend before her boyfriend This allows Feng Tianlong slightly is a moment, then head across a trace of joy in the look Pleased, so Lin Yi pretend to smiles her boyfriend to deceive Feng smiled, but also a last resort, after all, her daughter s time is running out, there is no way to force Feng Tian Feng Lin forced to fall in love laugh However, Lin Yi can fall in love with Feng smiled, of course, is better, Feng Tianlong also afraid to pretend to be smiled to see flaws Lin Yi also like this on the smile, that the feelings of the two people would be leaps And bounds Think of this, Feng Tianlong nodded with satisfaction Well, Lin Yi, then you go back with a smile back, another day I invite you to dinner, and then talk to you, but recently some busy, I am afraid there is no Time. Never mind, Uncle Feng you go busy. Lin Yi nodded. Feng Tianlong got on the car, Li Yifeng drove away, and Lin Yi and Feng smiled on the Land Rover is to keep up with the Li Yifeng car. Lin Yi husband, you and my father know Feng smiled not stupid, in the side t.hen day heart in the blood, he gas to smoke, and Sun Jingyi would rather give a small deflated three do lover, but also do not know the media are marrying a married woman, but also to the people, Marry yourself What on what basis ah Their own so weak it But on the surface, he is still righteous words out of Big Brother s posture on Sun Jingyi preaching Lin Yi brother is very good, but his wife more, but also break the family harmony it Well, you think, if you To others to do lover, Sun Grandpa know, not to mad death I remember, Wu Grandpa seems to have several wives, right Sun Jingyi is not agree, said. Uh Wu Chen fidget cube blueviolet Tianyi stunned, with a bitter face This is not the case is different We are also family Wu family, family is not subject to the rules of the secular world limit, naturally you can find fidget cube blueviolet a few wives The key is, my grandfather was very strong man, the wife did not dare to infight each other, in front of my grandmother, are respected Oh, I am also a family out, so I am not restricted. Sun Jingyi faint said. This Wu Chen day face.

ll, small Shu, stop it. Lin Yi Chen Yi Shu looked one, and then said You fidget cube red and black are not right now, is not it Oh Chen Yu Shu slightly surprised a moment. She did think before the sudden emergence of Feng smiled some incredible, in theory, Lin Yi can not be inexplicable to accept a girl to do a small wife, and Tang Yun is not the kind of willing to share Lin Yi s people If Tang Yun Lin Yi is willing to find a small wife, then, at the Lai family at home, and they will not tit for tat Chu Mengyao is also slightly surprised a moment, she is aware of the things not quite right tonight, but did not and small Shu said, she just before the small Shu Lin Yi returned to ask Lin in the end is how the matter Children, no one thought, small Shu also is not right children. Oh, really boring Oh, fidget cube video Wrigley brother, you always pierced what I do Chen Yu Shu suddenly said some frustration. Oh, I still like you silly look. Lin Yi laughed. Lin Yi said Chen Shushu has long been a von smiled wrong children, but also because of Chen Yushu Feng smiled on the attitude of the tw.e place instead, but bent to help her break to the day order This can also be seen, too elders on the s , but she will be the interests of the Palace of the night, on a more than emotional, life is important to the height The Palace of the night, before the shadow group is not the how much is a fidget cube organization, but also in the Waner fleeing after marriage, in order to find Ms, was set up to set up a shadow group, by the elders of the elders and Lee is responsible For the common This is also the maiden in the secular world married daughter, and the night palace to her back to find the reason. If the elders do not agree on too much, Ms can not afford to kneel down here Miyaji took out the original escape when the stubborn marriage. Oh, with you, and so you kneel down to your husband and Ono jian died, you naturally get up. The elders on the too indifferent said. Elders on the elders, Lee said the elders at this time too elders, fidget cube bisque if Chu Peng fidget cube blueviolet and Chu Mengyao really out of the matter, then I believe there is no mood Miyaji practice, and will Affect the progress of her do not care, readily gave the people around, that he himself much more money ah Business cards are made of gold Now this gold a gram rose to more than three hundred pieces, and how a card have two or three grams, right That cost is not on the thousands of pieces This is out of the card If ordinary people get a business card is not money It seems that Wu Chen balance contacts are also great people, ah, or this card is not being berserk ah The rich, the absolute rich ah Waiter figured this out, he quickly said Sir, where the most luxurious box is the top floor how to make fidget cube of the Crystal Palace, the current happens to be vacant, but the minimum consumption is 500,000 yuan Five hundred thousand The minimum consumption of five hundred thousand Wu Chen days Yi Leng, this hotel is also black enough ah They may have brought 10 million, except to Xiao Wang Pa opened the company, when used fidget cube blueviolet to buy a car more than a million, leaving only 8 million, and this meal to kill the half a million, is Not a bit too much Originally in the Wu Chen day view, this small coun.

Fidget Cube Blueviolet ll manage this gossip Beef noodle waiter, although some dislike the man, very sympathetic to Chen Xi mother and daughter, but he also knows that the dispute between the guests, and their stores are not related, this time the best choice is not to interfere Feng Xiaofeng frowned, that this man is hateful, her heart inside the sympathy Chen Xi, and she grew up without a mother, and now Chen Xi will also lose her mother, which makes Feng Xiaoxiao has a life with the connected Feeling, could not help but have a good impression on what is fidget cube the Chen fidget cube blueviolet Xi, and now see this man making things difficult for Chen Xi and her daughter, suddenly on fire So, Feng Xiaotiao Teng stood up, not so the man react, on a lighter from the table to get up I see what the value of five thousand lighters The man did not expect halfway to blaze a Cheng Yaojin, suddenly frowned, but to see Feng Xiaoxiao dress is very fashionable, and some do not dare to provoke, After all, he fidget cube release just pick a good bullied bully. As far as I know, zippo although the international brand, but the price is from high.bought a new car yesterday, but that Lamborghini ah, the brand has not been on the new, stopped at the back of the school snack street, if those small traders scratched how to do So out from the hospital, Xie Yufeng three people stopped a taxi came to the school behind the snack street But, greeted him, parked in his parking position before, not his Lamborghini, but an Audi tt My car Xie Yufeng surprised a moment. Xie Shao, the car over there Wang some weak and weak pointed to the corner not far. Ah Xie Yufeng see his car, all of a sudden dumbfounded, and saw his car at the moment is stopped at the foot of the wall, the body has been full of holes, all traces of depression and smashed, paint has been out , And where like a new car, ah, and some scrapped the vehicle just a fight My Lamborghini ah Xie Yufeng trotted in the past, watching his car was smashed into such a sudden distressed not Although he was rich, but with the money is also limited, he wanted to Paoniu, so get a pull the wind a little car, but did not think it opened the day, it.

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