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Fidget Cube Brown s a trace of Li, Yang fist to hit again in the past. Bang But also a mind, Yang take the spirit of a punch and hit the dwarf brawny, while the dwarf brawny hit a blow to Yang Ling Two people of this reckless style of novelty suddenly attracted a field of applause But now the vast majority of people in the field that dwarf brawny win, Yang Ling Ling even head on, is not short brawny opponent They cheered in the audience, Red Dragon fuel, because the dwarf brawny man s head is a red dragon. And Yang Ling s head cap is gray dog, but the head cover did not cover all his head, or out of some green hair out. But no one to give him fuel, in everyone s opinion, Yang Ling has fidget cube brown been sentenced to death Ling Red Dragon has been winning two games, and there is no pressure to win, and the Yang Ling Ling also no special excels, although the daring and Red Dragon head, but did not see how much he fidget cube brown was. Huh Yang Ling Ling secretly suspected huo in the heart, and this short stout fight over the second fist, but also no painful feeling, like when playing with others, clothing and Guan Xue Min said, finished and see To the health after you have to take care of it Ah Boss, why do you want to go Lai fat from jumping up from the sand, he thought Lin fidget cube brown Yi called him to come, is to study next month s new cloth related issues, Lin Yi did not expect to say goodbye to Well, I was injured, the strength of the body lost, a lot of enemies here Lin Yi will own the situation and about Kwan, Lai fat and health said it again. And Guan Xin is to a few people tea, just carrying the tea tray came in, he heard Lin Yi said he was going, suddenly surprised a moment stopped the pace, the hands of the tea tray is also uncontrolled fall to the ground, the cup fell apart , A flow of tea Ah I m sorry Guan Xin This discovers their gaffe, and quickly leaned over to pick up pieces of tea cups, but the heart is extremely lost, Lin Yi to go it How so soon to go Between himself and his has not yet begun, it is necessary to end it For a time, Guan Xin s mind blank, upset, tender as lotus like hand, but it.

at master However, if the other is not an ordinary small fry, how will appear here And obviously seems to be deliberately looking for their own trouble Apologize Bald cold look at Lin Yi give you three seconds to consider, or kneel down to my kowtow to apologize, or I let my people, playing you kneel on the ground Lin Yi took a deep breath, premeditated The other person is definitely a premeditated, because it is all too coincidental, as if acting in general, so that Lin Yi some unprepared. Is Zhen Yingjun sent people To test their own have not been injured Lin Yi smile a bit, it seems that sometimes, just by appearance, can not deceive others, others have doubts about you, but also with their means to test you one by one, and now it should be the case. Lin Yi, a time for some dilemma Forbearance, the other will certainly know that his strength did not recover, even before that trick, caring people can see that fidget cube yellow and black he has no strength before, or how to make bald dodge open Can not bear, the other side will know the strength of their own bottom line, but.installed in front of Chu Peng Zhan, so he thought it took 500,000 to hire their own value, but did fidget cube brown not expect this force to pretend to understand their own one Shot to be spike to each other In fact, before the scheduled two hundred thousand, not all to the company, only part of the commission to the company Bale, most of them to the Wei supreme However, starting from the master of these practices are the usual trick, even Wei supreme want to, and now shot to help Chu Peng show the cooking of these guys, and then he and some reward something However, his idea is a big mistake, the strength of each other, far from his imagination Even if he does not care, nor is the other side of the mysterious mid stage strength of the home opponents of the master, and now is the effect fidget cube chartreuse of being hit each other under the palm, then there is good Wei supreme only feel the internal organs are moved a bit, apparently to give him a waste, even if the good support of the injury, fidget cube wiki martial arts is impossible to restore to the strength of the now This life, he be it To the Lao Tzu I do not know how to do I do not know, get out However, no one inside the villa to respond Xiao Ji a burst of anxious, if Chu Peng exhibition is not in, or killed, and that Xiao who also control the industry to be. Money to go However, this time still did not answer his words. Xiao Ji and Xiao Ben some can not wait to come to the villa inside, but it is to see Chu Peng Exhibition, Chu Mengyao and so buy the fidget cube are in, and even Lin Yi also A few people are standing in the living room of the fidget cube wheat villa, some strange look at the surface of Xiao Ji, who You see what Mom, and you speak, how do you not answer You are still deaf or scared silly Xiao Ji Chu Peng, who although book fidget cube the attitude that some strange, but he did not think, he is to Money and To industry, not a little tyrannical, how can we come Mr. Xiao, do not know you loudly shouting, to my daughter s villa what you do Chu Peng has emboldened show, he Lin Yi Xian restored strength, so there is no fear before I do you do the grass, Chu Peng exhibition, do not give I loaded garlic, the last to g.

Fidget Cube Brown but also a very happy thing, there is no need to get to, as long as beside him, watching him like a However, even so, Guan Xin Lin Yi is also very interested in their own in the end is what attitude Therefore, Guan Xin pretending to look like applicator, the ear is erect up, listening to Lin Yi s answer. When she heard her evaluation of Lin Yi, the heart suddenly as sweet as honey, Lin Yi said, is not a good wife and mother the best person Why Guan Xin s breath some up, face some red, and he, like yourself If you do my granddaughter in law, that is my Guan Xuemin s medical successor, although you do not teach me the medicine, but there are a lot of people, but I do not know how to do I am a scholar, but the major family and Yanjing some of the powerful, or give me a few minutes face, there I am, I am a scholar, but I do not know, No one dares to move you Guan Xue Min is not boasted boast, Lin Yi naturally know if they agreed down, then Zhao Qibing although irritated, but also not openly and Kwan off the enemy After all, behind the people, is.Feng smiled on his own car back, because you can not sit Lin Yi s car, so that Feng smiled a bit disappointed After all, she has a car, if you do not have to rely on drive to send Lin Yi , That a bit justified CHAPTER 1031 Who is the dog egg Who is the second dog egg Watching his beloved sports car, Feng smiled for the first time there is a want to hit it the impulse Sports car ah sports car, I do not like you but I seem to prefer Lin Yi Feng smiled and muttering on the car, moving the car, but when reversing, but not very good fidget cube brown down This is a snack near the vendors, when people come and go after school, before Feng smiled do not reverse, a direct U turn Out, but fidget cube for autism today s own car next to a blocked Lamborghini, so she could not turn around only Reversed Lin Yi also saw the scene, suddenly frowned Xie Yufeng went to see a doctor but not the car away, put this thing In fact, it is not Xie Yufeng do not want to go away, it is because Xie Yufeng no way to drive away Assied been cut, and sit Down will be painful, let alone a car Xie Yufeng, Wang C.

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