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Fidget Cube By Antsy fected by The big fidget cube by antsy grievances, let Lin Yixin an acid inside, want to say anything, but it is a slight sigh. Feng laughed see Lin Yi do not speak, toot a toot, continue to bow their heads to fidget cube green eat noodles, as if the noodles are Lin Yi s ribs, beef is Lin Yi s meat, eating teeth. Lin Yi soon finished his bowl of noodles in front of the bowl, there Feng Xiaoxiao eat almost the same. We eat, then we go back to school Lin Yi Feng Xiaofu laugh down the chopsticks, so asked. Go back Feng smiled laughingly, apparently not get rid of. Oh Lin Yi smiled, but also no reason for her, Feng smiled on the grid, a while like. They were about to get up and leave, suddenly fidget cube by antsy heard behind the burst of anxious voice Mom, how do you How do you suddenly fainted Chen Xi and her mother is eating noodles, although the mood is not as good as before, but rather heavy, but in order to feel Feng smiled, two people are not good to lay down people s mind and leave, so a little respect for people, after all, Feng Smile is kind So mother and daughter ready to eat can go. , I do not embarrass you But you take no less than words , I have no way out Ga Peer slightly surprised a moment, suddenly laughed, patting his Xiong fidget cube hk Fu said Well you hit me Well, I let you play , but if you beat me, that is, I play I see how you can play Finished, Peel on a t ngxiong, standing in front of Lin Yi He is a mysterious mid peak strength of the foreign master, even if Lin Yi did not lose strength before Lin Yi is only the beginning of the mysterious power of order, and He missed two other order, so Pei simply not Lin Yi Put in the eyes. Wait Shaw to see Lin Yi seems to be serious, suddenly some hesitation If Lin Yi fidget cube by antsy is only loaded force, so why should a matter of fact to play Pipper beat palm So Xiao would like to ask, today s thing, a bit too strange However, this is still a step late Xiao, Lin Yi beat up a shot out Pibo is still patted the moment before xiong pro laugh, ridicule watching Lin Yi, after a moment like the whole person is like a broken kite, wind out of the villa, the direct bang Fell to the villa at the gate of.

s. Feng smiled like a drag racing, then try to meet her desire once, but the drag racing, but not in the normal road racing, that is too dangerous, Lin Yi intends to take Feng Xiaoxiao to participate in a racing game, let her feel What Called drag racing. Boss, in fact, before, Feng smiled and I said several times on your things, but I did not tell you, I concealed the down Kang Xiaobo bo hesitated a moment, and Lin Yi confessed. Oh Lin Yi eyes narrowed, laughing at Kang Xiaobo bo. Kang Xiaobo bo Lin Yi to fidget cube lavender see some embarrassed, dry cough twice said Boss, in fact, before the smiled and I said Feng, she likes you, you want to chase qi you I see her poor, As soft, Told her to chase qi side fa Oh How to chase qi Lin Yi laughed. I said to her, the boss you have a good heart, do not eat hard to eat soft, if she and you on the Zhuo a dry, it is certainly impossible to hope, but if everything goes along with you, there is still Kang Xiaobo bo said embarrassed. Lin Yi nodded, Kang Xiaobo bo said these, in fact, what is not a secret thing, but as o.ellow order of the late master of the strength of the Song Ling Shan never did expect, his first few days before the break to the late yellow order, today is actually the peak of the yellow order of the late This upgrade is also a bit horrible, right Song Lingshan want to thank Lin Yi, but suddenly, Lin Yi s infuriating transmission, does not seem to stop, but still a steady stream of transmission to your body fidget cube by antsy No way Song Ling Shan slightly surprised a moment, do Lin Yi also want to help themselves to a higher level Song Ling Shan shocked, the current situation, has been completely out of her expectations Lin Yi, do not have to rest it However, Lin Yi did not speak, Song Ling Shan is not a lot of questions, can only silently continue to run the Song of the internal strength of heart, Lin Yi transmission absorbed the infuriating Two hours later, Song Lingshan some do not dare to believe the facts in front She actually touched the barrier of the mysterious order Is, but also a breakthrough Their fidget cube by antsy master order to become a mysterious order Song Ling Yes ah, if for the usual, our family must be very happy Rain Maple sighed and said Father, that uncle for uncle thing how to say You Uncle now hidden in the rain home did not gain a firm foothold, can not help with the hidden forces of the rain home, and he can not be born casually Rain Mercury said However, your uncle s proposal is that the first mo Qinglin Yat s bottom line to say, look at Lin Yi s behind what is the background The father s meaning, or in accordance with previous plans, let me go to Matsuyama City Rain Feng quickly asked. Yes, I think so Rain star nodded This time, you go to Matsuyama City, not in the name of rain home to go, Lin Yi did not see you, he will not doubt you, you Change a name, I ll give you transfer to Lin Yi s school, you just secretly probe Lin Yi s bottom line on it I understand that I and Lin Yi, can not have a positive conflict, right Rain Maple nodded his head and asked. This is not, according to my survey data, Lin Yi of different people, attitudes are different Rain star will open the hands of the i.

Fidget Cube By Antsy is also a fire wolf to help the daughter in law f , and that time I came forward, I believe that either Xiao or rain home or even Zhao Qibing, have to give me a face, give up your idea Peng Peng can not help but laugh, he finally understand what An Jianwen plan, the original he is playing the idea, to take advantage of the danger to the people Yes ah An Jianwen said here, and some proud of the Road afraid to tell you, Chu uncle, Huolang Bang has been sent to send a master in my side, is a master of the mysterious mid peak where to buy fidget cube uk strength outside the home master Home that Peabo, but also the mysterious outside the mid stage home master, and the rain home will rain Germany, but also is a mysterious early stage within the home master, Zhao Qibing side of the drug king, but also the mysterious early stage Of experts within the home Moreover, after all, study medicine, say the words of actual combat, even less worth mentioning Chu Peng surprised a fidget cube cadetblue moment, did not expect An Jianwen side will appear so master No wonder he dare to come and talk about their own Missy and Tang Yun, respectively, a text message, said to take a smile to see a friend Feng Xiao eat something, and the eldest and Tang Yun are aware of Feng Xiao Laughing things, so for Lin Yi alone with Feng Xiao laugh out, naturally not much to say, just let Lin Yi careful, take good care of Feng smiled. Xie Yufeng is indeed a practitioner, ass was a bit, but after the bandage, or able to walk, he is the rain family, the hands of the natural health of God and the geniuses of the genitals and traumatic drugs, so Xie Yufeng generously to the Their own, Wang Congming and Li Panghu smear up. But Lee fat tiger s egg is cut off one, the gold record medicine is not repaired, he can only do a single egg in the future. One morning, fidget cube dice stress three out of the hospital, with the gold after a drug, it touches do not worry about slow wound recovery, but gold invasive medicine, although easy to use, but it can not smear up after immediately improved, fidget cube silver bleeding and Healing is true, but really want to be good as ever, or to wait for some time. Xie Yufeng worried that he.

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