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Fidget Cube Camo other when the same disease, but you save her Lin Yat, you can save smile, right The last time in the hotel, smiled suddenly collapsed, is her illness Lin Yi think of that time, Feng smiled strange faint in the past, and her halo, almost sucked himself on all the energy However, Lin Yi did not smile in the body Feng, is any disease In Lin Yi view, Feng smiled is a very normal person, there is no disease, although that was strange, but did not care But now listen to Feng Tianlong, said Lin Yi Daoshi feel a bit strange A fidget cube for sell normal fidget cube camo person, how could not hurt the case, the suction of all fidget cube camo his energy This is not common sense Moreover, Lin Yi Feng smiled suddenly thought of today asked him the question Feng smiled and let Lin Yi to see how long she was able to live, then Lin Yi Feng smiled in the joke, did not seriously, casually perfunctory her, but now it seems, Feng smiled at the time, really want to ask yourself, How long she can live Feng Tianlong said The last time she ate too much seafood, so sick but if no accident, then you can not eat too muc.e rushing to do it Such as Chen Yu Shu, all day Oh WoWo sell Meng, Lin Yi you do not be her m huo The Lin Yi shook his head, Feng smiled and Chen Yu Shu be considered on, and later really a bit headache. To fidget cube camo Ning Road, and your home where Yuehua Jian, Lin Yi s car has to Ning Shi Road. In front of the intersection turn left, and then walk about five hundred meters to the. Feng smiled and looked at the road said. Five hundred meters of the road that far is not far, just a blink of an eye on the effort, Lin Yi s car to open the door to a community. The size of a large community, but not the kind of very luxurious district, we can see, Feng Xiaoxiao s family is not too wealthy Lin Yi think it is true, Feng smiled from a mother, Feng Tianlong a person pulled grow up, Feng Tianlong s annual salary is high, after all, live a knife edge life of blood, but also a year or so, it can not live from the kind of luxury villas. Here is the Feng Xiaofei Lin Yi directed the car into the district, stopped in front of a building My family lived here, th.

person looks very sunny, in fact, she is the most painful people Lin Yi, you can save smiled, right Feng Tianlong look full of hope to look at Lin Yi, asked. No, replied Lin Yi, I did not check out what was wrong with her, and it seemed to me that she was not at all sick, how would I cure it Lin Yi is not against Feng Tianlong, but seek truth from facts, or to the Feng Tianlong hope that fidget cube navy he will be more disappointed when the time This Feng Tianlong face suddenly a dark, when he was called Lin Yi, can be described as full of hope Lin Yi, after all, save Liu Zhenhu, and the most critical is, Feng smiled last illness, is to be rescued by Lin Yi But no cure, but the body of the index slightly worse than the situation has been turning, but only a small rebound, will soon return to the bottom again But even so, but also to the great hope of Feng Tianlong In his view, Feng smiled once faint m in the past, is the sign of the end of life, any medical means are useless, but Lin Yi was able to save it back However, Lin Yi, but it is like a wake up call.y are pressing harder and harder Yes, your daughter that bodyguard is not very Niubi Do not want to marry can ah, as long as he can come up with some strength to come, then I can put her a horse Rain will be afraid of Chu Peng Chin can not think of Lin Yi Behind the strength to, so they reminded one Chu Peng exhibition some silent, but he did not understand the meaning of rain will be German, he thought the rain will know Germany Lin Yi is the strength of all lost, deliberately sarcastic to Otherwise, Lin Yi s strength is not lost, how they dare to come to You have to consider it, these fidget cube camo two days give us a reply You only have two days Rain will be finished, fidget cube cyan and rain Haitian together out of the Chu Peng s office. Looked at the back of the two left, Chu Peng exhibition unable to sit on the floor He did not know what to do, how to do it Chu family already imminent disaster, but who can blame Chu Peng show there is no way to regret it fidget cube coral But for the original heart of the heart to the ancient Gubang read, let him have a different heart, and Zhao Qibi.but now, Feng smiled and Lin Yat so intact In front of him, it is naturally not dead Chapter 1071 hate the bone Chapter 1o71 hate the bone Is you saved her Bald sunglasses men s eyes swept the Lin Yi, he as an international criminal organization Er Dangjia, men naturally there are some practitioners of the master there, although he is not a practitioner, but the organization s Three masters, that Is, his third brother, is practitioners Think of Lin Yi before the car kick the behavior, but also think of the helicopter being shot down, bald sunglasses male almost OK, Lin Yi should also be a practitioner Feng did not expect to laugh around the practitioners who actually have a bodyguard, Feng Tianlong sent to protect her Indemnity, you can not die. Lin Yi lazy answer bald sunglasses male problem. Ah Bald sunglasses male surprised a moment, did not expect Lin Yi an opening, the first condition is actually let him indemnity Ah what the car was you crashed, and quickly lose money. Lin Yi said faint. Bald head sunglasses male suffocating ah Before, in his.

Fidget Cube Camo he was very concerned about this type of thing Hei hei, what is impossible The young people looked at the soil is very contemptuously soil old cap said gambling boxing do not understand Gambling boxing In the Ren Yi Leng. Never played it This I have played too Hei hei smelling meat, the boss will bet on the rules of fidget cube gainsboro the game to listen to the kernel. Yu Ren although listen to understand, but it is some frightened This is escort, it not a penny This is not a gambling You buy lottery tickets, do not win, do not have nothing to return Little young some disdain, said You like the old cap hat, but also with no money You play Yu Ren although did not say anything, but also moved the heart, penniless to the millionaire, is simply legendary ah Thought of here, in the kernel is careful to fidget cube features pay attention to the young and sell meat boss s move Before the start of the game, it was started with a Tablet PC gamble, and a small youth directly charge the 100,000, charge a What is the Red Dragon victory, and sell meat boss, is betting a million, Red Dragon cao field on the edge of a hua altar talking. Boss So, Feng Xiao laugh really want to s She had a terminal illness, even you do not do fa Kang Xiaobo bo after listening to the explanation of Lin Yi, stared, how he did not Expect to see Up full of vitality Feng smiled, is actually a person will s I do not do fa Lin Yi some helpless shook his head My medicine is not a panacea, limited to a number of known diseases, I can cure, but for those unknown I have no way I have said, I am in the body smiled fidget cube blanchedalmond body Feng smiled, there is no any cause, which makes me how to treat Also Do not know what disease she got, how can there be zh n on the treatment of x ng it Kang Xiao bo is a sigh, said She is really poor, really jealous of the roots ah Yes fidget cube camo ah, the beginning she was close to me, I thought she was with a purpose, but now it seems, it does not matter, she is willing to let me teach her drag racing Ye Hao, or other ba, her life The Remaining less than a year s time, and I as much as possible to meet her like it Lin Yi also figured out some thing.

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