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Fidget Cube Chartreuse his also allows people to live Lin Yi Yi side are God Ma ah How are these Acura Xie Yufeng had a chance to think carefully, his fists have been hit in his body, he can only protect the vital, squatting on the ground, did not dare to resist, for fear of Lin Yi saw infuriating the existence of his body Lin Yi, you give me waiting, one day, I will be humiliated by today, ten times the hundred times the money back to you Wu Chen day playing for a while, now Xie Fengfeng not fight back, that there is no meaning, hit a dead man is also not prominent Wu Chen day days of martial arts, so he played tired after playing kick Xiefen Feng, shouted Did not die to die Xie Yufeng good or bad is the fidget cube chartreuse beginning of the mysterious peak of the peak strength of the master, how can so easily be a yellow order outside the home early expert stunned Some of his depressed climbed up from the ground, took a deep breath, fighting back anger asked how much money Five million Wu Chen day lion big opening said. Quack Xie Yufeng surprised a moment, an Audi five million What internati.h the strength of Lin Yi is not, but it also left Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu, this is not what they want to see it Then you live, where Tang Yun s face slightly red Otherwise, so my house renovated a new house, you move over Oh Lin Yi looked at the shy Tang Yun, mind a slight move, to make more conservative Tang Yun say these words, it touches is not easy, but Lin Yi also shook his head Before me Said, I do not restore the strength of the day, stay here are likely to be over to find the enemy, I can not hurt you What do you mean Tang Yun s heart, suddenly there is a faint uneasiness, as if to what major event in general Before Lin Yi Chu Meng Yao is not the joy of bodyguards, but also all of a sudden there will be no. fidget cube gainsboro I want to leave Matsuyama City, and back home Lin Yi to say this sentence, some sad, but, after all, still have to say. The end is scattered, is the same law. You you do not want me Really do not want me Tang Yun feel his heart, as if hit by a hammer in general, and fidget cube ebay au instantly good pain hurts, thou.

a large part of the old man s medical heritage, but the old man, after all, worse than their place. Smile of the disease, in fact, to talk about from her mother, smiled mother also died of fidget cube bronze this family genetic disease, death, only two years old, when a doctor or a strong effort to maintain under Let the smiling mother adhere to the limit of twenty years old, and the family of other people, generally only seventeen year old went to the end of life Feng Tianlong sighed and said Now according to hospital analysis, laughing Laughing blood contains an unknown substance exists, and this substance is what, no one knows that some people say that blood deficiency, it was said to fidget cube chartreuse be in the poison and then to the doctor that smile doctor, the analysis said Is likely to be a poison in the Lin Yi frowned, Feng Tianlong said these cases, basically equal to not say, because there is no important information exists, so that there is no way to start a sense of Lin Yi, casually asked That geniuses, who Lin Yi seems that the doctor can Feng Xiao smile to.s aware of her daughter Feng Tianlong, Lin Yi Feng smiled on the feelings of some of the more complex To tell the truth, Lin Yi Feng Xiaoxiao a little sympathy for this girl, from an early age without a mother, while his father was busy outside, but also created her this character In fact, know the story of Feng smiled after life, Lin Yi also understand her, and she did not have a dislike. This is a life full of passionate cheerful girl, only you close to her, in some imperceptible details to see her inner loneliness and sadness. Feng smiled laughing is still her Audi tt, the car parked in the Lin Yi s side, Feng smiled from the driver s head stuck his head Lin Yi Lin Yi did not speak, walked over, opened the door, sitting in the co pilot s position. Hey, why put a stinking face Feng laughed to see Lin Yi silent some unhappy look delay you Paoniuer it I am ready and Tang Yun in the cafeteria to eat. Lin Yi said. Sure enough, delay your Paoniu, but you can soak me, and Tang Yun who is more beautiful Feng smiled and blinked big eyes, turned to look at.uld have to say it straight Chu Peng Chin which can not guess the purpose of the brothers here to trouble Is nothing but by a small head, to their own good Shaw Ben looked Chu Peng, nodded his head, said If we Xiao, is a noble family, Come, to the time who dare not insult our Xiao family What do you want Chu Peng exhibition to fight back the hearts of the wroth asked, are in the past for so long, Xiao s talent to come to the door, and the timing of the very clever, Li Fu and Lin Yi are injured, They come Chu Peng exhibition had to suspect that they received the news before coming We do not want to, Shaw to Matsuyama City is to do business, I think so, Mr. Chu fidget cube release date put fidget cube azure Peng Zhan commercial exhibition and business hotel to give us Xiaojia it, and then casually to the two billion Of the start up capital, this matter is so forget Xiao Ben direct Lions big opening, anyway, this thing is overpaid on the spot to pay back the money Moreover, he did not want to pay back the money, see Chu Peng exhibition dare not speak the way his heart more greedy up. You this fidget cube chartreuse is.

Fidget Cube Chartreuse he home effort Such a person, just to come here to school That this master is also worthless, right Casually a fidget cube in amazon person is a master But to Lin Yi shocked the rain maple young, it seems, but also fidget cube chartreuse the age of nineteen from top to bottom, already has the mysterious early stage peak strength of skill, and their strength is actually almost You know, Lin Yi is also a recent rise in several levels of the mysterious order to reach the fidget cube white and blue mid stage strength Xie Yufeng, Lin Yi silently write down the name, first, regardless of why he is, as long as not mess with their own, it touches to say, if provoked to his head, then do not blame their blunt it The Xie Yufeng still on stage in the endless introduction of his own, but Feng smiled and seemed to him very cold, but praised a sentence, even more than a glance are missing, and turned around to see Lin Yi, Said I think, or you handsome than he Lin Yi, I will let you do my boyfriend That Tang Yun how to do Lin Yi anti asked. She is a big wife, I am a little wife Feng smiled and said This is not on it What not affect Lin.n people Barking mighty general also seems to feel the sad atmosphere, directed at Lin Yat sadly cried up. Lin Yi on the high order of the high order of the dog is very rest assured that it s IQ is high, it is estimated that you can understand and Yaoyao, a small dialogue of the Shu, Yao Wei, Otherwise, Lin Yi out every day, it will not have such a strong reaction Bark General Wei quickly ran to the front of Lin Yi, jumped into the arms of Lin Yi Well, hug, goodbye, and mighty generals However, the words of Lin Yi half, stopped, Lin fidget cube chartreuse Yi s face suddenly become weird up, open mouth, surprised to say no words Come Chapter 0939 Meridian repair Chapter o939 meridians repair A familiar energy capacity, rapid influx of Lin Yi s body Lin Yi body muscles suddenly shrink, the porous open instantly, greedy absorption of these energy, Lin Yi s body is like a sponge without water, once the invasion of the body, Water, began to absorb the general crazy This is a small drop into the embrace of the sea, could not help but comfortable sh n Yin a cry With the i.

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