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Fidget Cube Creator al I left before there are some things to deal with, these two days, may not have time to find you. Lin Yi said. Oh Tang Yun some disappointment, but did not say it, Lin Yi, have his own thing, Tang Yun will not naive to pester him. Lin Yi will be the car parked in front of the hospital, the co pilot on the fidget cube creator Tang Yun, some delay did not want to leave, took Lin Yi s hand, this time apart, do not know when to see you Tang Yun some reluctant to let go. Lin Yi, is her first love, but also a firm choice in her life, though short, but unforgettable. Tang Yun know, now is not gentle when, though reluctantly, but still let go of the hand of Lin Yi, ready to get off. Well, I m waiting for you to find me. Lin Yi smiled. Well Tang Yun opened the door under the car, but turned to the body down into the car inside, fast in Lin Yi s face side kissed, and then turned red and ran away Tang Yun, has been with her practical action to prove her mind. Tang Yun is a conservative girl, to take the initiative to kiss Lin Yi, in her mind, work hard to relieve the pain of his Acacia Sometimes, a small idea, planted in the heart, into a seed, it will take root in the body slowly buds, and ultimately will become a tree can not be suppressed into a tree Feng smiled before the love can not think of things, she knew he did not qualify to think about these, but today by his father s encouragement, Feng smiled on the surface although the blindly negative, but the heart has been some loose Really want to talk about a love before death ah Well, even if just taste the taste of love Ye Hao But no, it will hurt others Feng Xiaoxiao Although like jokes, but that are within a certain range of control to create some trouble and misunderstanding, but also against some hateful people, if to treat their lover, Feng Xiao laugh really do not have the heart Dad, you would like to Mody Mody Feng smiled suddenly asked. Well Feng Tianlong surprised a moment, then eyes flashed a trace of memory and painful look Yes ah, naturally How do you suddenly asked this to come Then you let me.

st Although the prescription for each person will vary, but if the Lin Yat prescription fell into the hands of a medical expert, I am afraid that is a valuable asset of the Lin Yi did not give away the benefits of free habit. See to the leaves you you Lin Yi into the pharmacy, do not have to write prescription, direct oral buy some herbs, and then use the pharmacy equipment will be all ground into a powder medicine, divided into several packets packed. The reason to choose this small private pharmacies, but also because the boss and the waiter here is one, what drugs do not sell accounts, directly to Lin Yi. Such private pharmacies are generally from time to time, check the inventory manually, and then go to replenishment, there is no fidget cube creator supply and marketing software. Soon, Lin Yi out of the pharmacy, back to the car, the hands of a pack of Chinese medicine sub handed Chen Xi, and then said early in the evening of fidget cube creator the package, with water delivery service, the first few days , Will be accompanied by a strong diarrhea, after the symptoms will gradually so easy to kick the dog to death, right Is the mighty Generals to be trained or modified Lin Yi Oh I m sorry, I came out late. Lin Yi smiled But fortunately, too late, or Yao Yao was arrested, I might even go to Yanjing to immediate concern Who wants you to I will not run back Chu Meng Yao face a red, my heart there is a very sweet m very sweet m feeling, but the surface is the performance of the very indifferent You do not mean strength No, how suddenly it was so bad This hard to say Lin Yi smile a bit By chance, powerful general to help me restore the strength. General Chuang to help you recover the strength Chu Peng Zhan some Yaran looked at Lin Yi So to say, you do not have to return home This Lin Yi This back home to think of the problem, just before the joy of being immersed in the restoration of strength, but it is forgotten, he is ready to return home However, and Chu Peng Exhibition has fidget cube creator been resigned, Lin Yi is not good to stay to solve these problems, I go back. Chu Peng exhibition also did not speak, the eldest face.he elders of Ken, who can not arbitrarily down the mountain Miyajiang some uneasy sitting in the booth, at this moment, she did not practice, her whole heart, have been flying to the Matsuyama City If she can fly, she will fly in the past Miyaji, Li elders again Xiaoqing looked at the Palace of the main worry frown, and my heart is very upset However, she is just a little girl, what fidget cube creator qualifications can speak Let him come in I not said, Lee can come directly to the fidget cube kickstart elders Palace of the main child a return to Lee elders, and quickly told Xiaoqing Road This day, she has received several bad news, she has been to the Li elders always concerned about the movement of Matsuyama, and do not fidget cube navyblue know what the latest news Hope is good news Yes Xiaoqing some helpless should be But, I have to let Lee directly to the elders, and he told me to inform the Miyaji Oh Then you bring him in Miyajiang nodded his head. Lee see Miyaji Li elders in the leadership of Xiaoqing came in, the main palace Waner salute Road. Uncle Li, I do not let you directly come in.

Fidget Cube Creator ive you the conditions, you want to good no Two hundred million yuan of start up capital, Peng Zhan commercial buildings and Peng Zhan Business Xiao Ji is a very vulgar person, he was in front of Chu Peng, there is a sense of superiority, so the what's a fidget cube mouth closed to say some swearing, so that he is very readily, especially to see the expression of Chu Peng angry Expression of anger, So Xiao based there is a great sense of satisfaction. Mr. Xiao, you are the children of the family, how to speak so uncivilized Chu Peng Peng sat look at the base, he has a feeling of out of the foul, the first time do not look at Xiao s face s act. Do not want to die, then do not nonsense You are not stupid Xiao base and Chu Peng do not want to show more nonsense, directly reach out to the tube, Chu Peng chuen, fidget cube features I do not want to die , Show to benefit. You give us two hundred million it Lin Yi looked Xiao base one, a touch of asked. Give your mother ah Xiao base could not help staring Lin Yi one What the hell you I fidget cube grey and black m Lin Yi, you do not know me Lin Yi ignored the abuse of Xiao.r the phone today, tomorrow to catch you robes Ergou nodded nodded. The two dog eggs can be considered the village of strange people, when he was eight years old, alone on the mountain to the fidget cube in stores hunting, the first day of hunting in the evening, the village people see a black bear from the mountain down, go To the village, These villagers frightened Each other shouting bear blind child into the village, and have to hide back home However, so that the black bear blind into the village, we were surprised to find that under the huge black bears in the body, there is a thin figure It is the return of the two dogs hunting eggs But the two dogs and black Bears compared to the body of the blind, is simply insignificant Far away, and dark, the village people did not see the black bear before the two under the dog s egg, but also until the near, only to see clearly, the original black bear has been two dog eggs to death This makes the whole village people are horrified inexplicable, sigh two dog eggs born divine Two dog egg thing is the same, since then, two dog.

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