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Fidget Cube Darkorenge ginal process and he said, Lin Yi almost lost his life. Not his injury is good, but the effort is gone Chu Mengyao said He said, he is now the same as ordinary people, and can not protect me and small Shu, so he wants to resign Chu Peng exhibition quickly said, if only for this reason, Chu Peng exhibition and do not care, bodyguards, or you can please, but Lin Yat, and then you do not care, After the walk, but it will not come back Chapter 0906 Marriage Events Chapter o9o6 marriage major events Chu Peng exhibition rushed to the villa, to see her daughter and Shu are stupid blankly sitting on the sand, not watching TV, did not do other things, just silly sitting, could not help but sigh Yao Yao, in the end what happened Just now the road is not clear, and now carefully and I, we want to fidget cube creator fidget cube now this future solve the system Daddy Chu Mengyao good cry, but there are comfortable, she can not maintain the image of a sister, took a deep breath, restrained his own emotions, will be generated before the original books Of the Chu what's a fidget cube Peng told.o do But also do not come out early, late to come out, but why they are bad sea flat, ready to Chen Yu Shu and Feng Xiao laugh in front of the hero when the image appears, is it robbed their credit Thought of this, Xie Yufeng some regret and what this thunderstorm more waste a few words, but also failed to hit him a trick If they directly, apart from anything else they will be brought down, there is no such situation is not it No, they must as soon as possible to solve these three guys, can not let Lin book fidget cube Yi to intervene And this time, thunderstorms, bald and hooked nose has forced him over, Xie Yufeng swing posture, is preparing a move to solve these three guys, but the fidget cube darkorenge shot of the moment, he abruptly stopped Infuriating ah I can not use infuriating ah Almost in front of the storm in the forest Yi 1 strength A. Chapter 1003 Biequ of Xie Yufeng Chapter 1oo3 Biequ Xie Yufeng in front of ordinary people, how to use infuriating what they can not be existing inappropriate, but in front of practitioners, as long as infuriating bo move, you can be the other p.

nservative, ah, since the wife can do that for three wives and four concubines certainly do not exclude, and that they start with them no problem at the same time What Think of here, Xie Yufeng quickly said I am a very fair person, for the wife and wife are a bowl of flat, and I hurt little wife You see, you quickly take your great wife Yao Yao sister to find him Feng smiled and listened to Chen Yu shu to persuade. How do you not take your Tang Yun sister to give him the size of his wife Chen Yu Shu asked. You took his flowers, I did not pick ah Feng smiled and said. I accept the flowers in order to give the Wrigley brother Then, Chen Yushu stood up, took the flowers went to Lin Yi s side, the flowers to him, said Wrigley brother, give you. Chapter 1000 coincides with Chapter 1oo chapter coincide Feng Xiaofei frowned, grabbed another bunch of flowers in the hands of Xie Yufeng, and then ran to the Lin Yi, the flowers handed Lin Yi said Lin Yi, give you Uh Chen Fushu and Feng Xiaoxiao face at the same time to send flowers, Lin Yi can only smi.k a deep breath, he also knows that some impulses, and some things, not to say that I do not know who can not blame the past stall When Xiaojia and rain home to bully Chu Peng, when it can be said to be I do not know who do not blame, who knows there is Lin Yi Lin Chu behind the exhibition so a force exists Roa. Chapter 1048 Girlfriends worship others Chapter 1o4 girlfriend worship others However, Lin Yi, or determined to kill the rain will be Germany, wounded Peter So Xie Yufeng also know that today they really want to kill the Lin Yi, Lin Yi behind the terrorist forces that better said, if there is, then kill Lin Yi, the rain home can be really a bit dangerous If you do not come home to hide the rain, unlucky, but their own secular world this pulse Thought of this, Xie Yufeng bit his teeth and said Well, Wang clever, give him five million Wu Chen day has always been casually then said, this thing is not such a thing child Asked to sit back and pay back the money, he wants a high price, waiting for Xie Yufeng return it Wu Chen day bottom line is act.Yi asked out, will only make Forbes more sad If Forber wanted to say, the future will slowly tell him the truth, Forber did not want to say, he asked to no avail You are inside the home before the fidget cube noise master And is the order Lin Yi s heart inside, suddenly had a crazy idea Yes Forbes nodded his head and smiled But the hero does not mention then Yong Are passed, I said, and you as a story to listen to the Forber, if fidget cube darkorenge possible to restore strength, do you want to try it Lin Yi pondered a moment asked. I do not have confidence Xiaoyi, I understand you want me to cheer up, however, I do not know how to do, I really have to give up I thought I can make a breakthrough in the outside home Kung Fu, but these years, I have been stuck in the yellow order of the late peak strength of the above, you want to break through to the mysterious order, are nowhere in sight Outside the house and the home is entirely two things children, the more to the top, the more difficult to break through Oh, I said is within fidget cube darkorenge the home. Lin Yi smiled and said. Inside the ho.

Fidget Cube Darkorenge ow to do this child later, but I can assure you that I will not let you be responsible, and will not let you take children Feng Tianlong is said I will If you do not want to, I can not tell the child, his father is who Uncle Feng Shu, this thing, first fidget cube vinyl desk put a put it First, do not laugh and laugh can not agree, that is me, and smiled and did not reach so deep feelings, so true to that step, say no later than Yat waved, said And, if that step really, the child I will recognize, I can not let the child without a mother, and no father This Well Feng Tianlong sighed, though pleasant to say Lin Yi, but Feng Tianlong clear, Lin Yi, but this is a disguised form of euphemism to refuse it Lin Yi and daughter, I am afraid that time will not be born that step, and the daughter of life soon, the future too late Since the rhyme are agreed, then I am not hypocritical, I can only say best, but I will not throw rhyme regardless, if fidget cube darkorenge the smile can accept rhyme, that naturally there is no problem, if fidget cube blanchedalmond she is still excluded Rhyme, then I will not let rhyme rhyme wr.s it Yang Huaijun quickly asked, in his view, Lin Yi suddenly a big morning call to him, there must be some truth. Lin Yi said I was in the police station door, suddenly thought of a better and more efficient way to cure your internal injuries, if you are in, I just went to find you. Oh There are better and more efficient way Yang Huai Jun Lin Yi, then repeatedly heard a moment Lin Yi before the treatment effect has been far out of his expectations, and now Lin Yi said there is better than this This can not let Yang Huaijun surprise it Yes, and this way, you can fix your body, all the damaged meridians, so that you can re cultivation within the family effort Lin Yi said. Repair damaged the meridians, re cultivation within the home effort Yang Huai Jun could not help but stare, Lin Yi s argument has been out of the acceptance of Yang Huai jun How can this be Repair meridians, Yang Huaijun Daoshi heard, and martial fidget cube darkorenge arts, there is a family can really do, but it is not what people can find them to repair the meridians, but also a lot of requirements Ther.

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