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Fidget Cube Desk Toy ng joint, it will not have things today People s greed is infinite, especially the Jingu, Zhao Qibing and others, as long as they initiation of greed, it will become infinite over time, although because of the emergence of Lin Yi let them temporarily give up, However, Lin Yi, once without the strength of these greedy people again come to the door And now, not only their own more fidget cube desk toy trouble, but also to provoke a number of enemies Lin Yi out Otherwise, Lin Yi will not go back home to take refuge Although Lin Yi and these people s hatred is not entirely because of their own factors, but if not because of their own, Lin Yat even these people are not in contact, not to mention the fidget cube desk toy hatred of it An Jianwen these two days, always feel that their kidney pain, but also often hematuria. So on the hospital for a moment, the results, the results of his surprise Ah, and from the indicators point of view, do not match a bit, as soon as possible surgery to get rid of the job ah The doctor took the test report on the Jianwen said. Jian An Jianwen suddenly surprised a m., shark s fin, abalone, sea cucumber, five hundred thousand also top of fidget cube europe the day so I recommend Mr. do a VIP here , As long as five million stored, you can enjoy the treatment of VIP, and at any time can be reserved Crystal Palace top box, and any box there is no minimum consumption limit, and all dishes can also enjoy 20 discount, this exclusive VIP Oh fidget cube honeydew This VIP, it seems there is a discount but also discount, but it is a privilege to reflect the status of a VIP So in the eyes of the rich, this is not look down on them, but they have different rights Moreover, not everyone can come up with five million to do a meal card, and can come up with the money to do card, went to the Crystal Palace box, who has the nerve to point to those cheap dishes Thousands of meals a meal, but also embarrassed to eat in the Crystal Palace Ga Wu Chen day suddenly a little dumbfounded, and five million Do a VIP card There is no mistake ah Five hundred thousand he felt a lot, all of a sudden it came out five million Pit father it However, he came out today is to establish th.

ion, junior not too much, within the home power law practice to break the first layer of success, but also very few, and now if the Sun is not looking for a help arm, it touches will not be out of the ranks of family , But it will gradually decline So Sun Jingyi mate choice is very clear, must be their favorite, and must have the ability Sun Jingyi wanted to uncle Erbo and aunt to see, do not they rush to introduce their own fidget cube desk toy to find a boyfriend, is also very s At present, Sun Jingyi for Lin Yi s feeling is just curious only, perhaps a good impression is some, but that is just a goodwill. Sun Jingyi is a very rational person, from her daily camouflage can be seen. Call Sun Jingyi secretly sighed, Lin Yi, although into her line of sight, but now it seems, is not good enough, although he fist kung fu is very powerful, but compared with practitioners that is heaven and earth In addition. Sun Jingyi news is very occlusive, she and the family has nothing to do, and the police did not have any intersection, so a few days ago Matsuyama does the fidget cube make noise city s.pplause Chapter 1065 powerful way Chapter 1o65 powerful way They usually saw cattle, but Lin Yi has not seen such a cow, people do not move cars, people directly to the car to kick open Bald head sunglasses man s eyes also become a bit sank, he did not think Lin Yi actually so powerful, it seems to be a master His eyes across a trace of haze, but there are dark a fidget cube glasses of the block, others can not fidget cube demo see his Face change Bale Lin Yi will look at his car kicked open, bald sunglasses men did not continue to scold, did not get off to find wherever he goes, but lost in thought This man, is it the bodyguard Feng smiled The situation is some complicated Men and women to see the bald head sunglasses male Yang Ming was kicked the car, but did not make any response, still nest in the car which does not move, suddenly ridiculed ridicule up This is the red 1uo1uo provocation ah, the car has been kicked, actually kept dizzy, this is a man Withered It is too crippled, on this ability, but also outfit Where s the courage to go now Not scolded people small white face W.batches, so I found a small wife to charge a few However, she really want to think so, will not find themselves and small Shu play four batches of it Also find what Feng smiled However, Chu Meng Yao is to be their own ideas to startled, what they want a mess of it How can they have such an impure idea Well must be a small Shu that guy to bring bad I sing Xu Shihan s song Chu Mengyao some blush on Lin Yi said, the minds of those bad ideas to throw to the side. Chapter 0998 Attentive Xie Yufeng Chapter o998 Attentive Xie Yufeng Oh, I sing the song Xu Shihan, Yao fidget cube desk toy Yao sister and I duet Chen Yu Shu said. There is no love song between men and women duet Lin Yi, we sing Feng smiled but said. I can not sing, you sing it. Lin Yi quickly halt, otherwise it is estimated that Chen Yu Shu also blown the temple. Sure enough, Chen Yushu Lin Yi heard the words, it is happy Oh, Wrigley brother does not you sing, disappointed, right What is it He would not sing, do not sing with me, do not sing with you Feng smiled and said. How do not sing We sing eve.

Fidget Cube Desk Toy lly like to underestimate Lin Yi, and this person should not be so simple on the surface You consider to consider my proposal ah My time is running out Feng smiled and said some worry. Time is running out Sun Jingyi surprised a moment. Lin Yi sitting in the back of the car s eyes, but also suddenly open. Ha, yeah, I have three years, maybe go to the University of the field, it can not often see you Feng smiled and realized that he said a fidget cube grey and black mouthful, and fortunately she was more intelligent, all of a sudden it will Topic to give back to the. Oh, go to college ah, huh, huh, but I am afraid you can not accept the proposal for the time being. Sun Jingyi sorry shrug, she is a graceful person, even when it comes to this topic, it will not be too shy. If Lin Yi really be able to make Sun Jingyi enough tempted, then Feng smiled proposal, Sun Jingyi is not a bad idea can not accept, but now is not the time. Lin Yi and closed his eyes, he knew that Feng smiled and said slip of the tongue, but in a timely manner to restore, but do not know the truth, really will.u Chu Peng Peng Lin mind to see has fidget cube desk toy been decided, it will no longer be too much to persuade him However, I hope you go later, it will be here as you Of your home, is a haven for you I will. Lin Yi nodded I and Yaoyao, small Shu, is always a good friend Oh Pengzhan not say anything more, after all, young people, he is not a lot of interference, things have come to this point, and Chu Peng Peng Lin blessing can only wish I hope you as soon as possible to restore strength Thank you Chu Uncle Lin Yi s heart is a smile, to restore strength They have no confidence, fidget cube darkslateblue and leave the villa, with the words of the old man, but to go to the refuge, the strength which is so easy to recover So many of the world within the master because the meridians were wounded and lead to martial arts completely wasted, had to accept the fact that become a waste, re practice outside the home power law However, these people themselves because of injury in the body, even if the re cultivation of the foreign effort, but it is difficult to have much success, most people stop in the y.

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