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Fidget Cube Gadget Yao Yao and I followed him, is not it Chu Peng Zhan feel like a bit rogue. Who told you to follow Chu Father asked Do not tell him in advance, so he left, you then Yao Yao and then in the past, so you go, he can thrust you to go how This ah Chu Peng said But this is not a bit rogue And, Yat also has a girlfriend, Yao Yao went like this, would not do small Chu Peng exhibition although can accept the Tang Yun because of her daughter, he and Lin Yi in the conversation also point out this point, but it is also established, Lin Yi married Chu Mengyao situation, as a result, Her daughter to dominate, as Tang Yun, as long as the daughter does not say anything, Chu Peng exhibition naturally Nothing to say. But now, under such circumstances to follow Lin Yi back, it is not equal to weak Tang Yun one Well, then you are to Yao Yao concubine to the rain or do to Lin Yi small Chu Father asked. I understand Chu Peng, who is the most clear Chapter 0938 There is no lingering feast Chapter o938 chapter does not leave the feast However, you have to remember, to.ng Yao did not say, Chen Yu Shu is also ready to go with Lin Yi. Yes, also known as the Tang Yun it. Chu Meng Yao Lin Yi think that with fidget cube gadget the words, if not with Tang Yun some bad, so the small Shu asked Road. Chen Yunshu some nodded reluctantly, she has been subconsciously Tang Yun as a rival, but suddenly seems to accept the Yao Yao sister Tang Yun, which makes some feel uncomfortable Chen Yu Shu. At the moment, Lin Yi is also fidget cube tumblr talking and singing with Feng smiled fidget cube darkred the game thing. Lin Yi, you participate in singing competition Feng smiled asked. I can not sing. Lin Yi faint said. No I teach you, I will sing, when we come to a combination Feng smiled and suggested. No interest. Lin Yi faint said. A. Chapter 0994 Accredited Chapter o994 Certified Lin Yi is not without interest, but really can not sing To say that singing, Lin Yat only heard the old man at home singing the songs of the seventies and eighties, for today s popular songs, Lin Yi has not heard before, so that even the big star Xu Shihan who do not know. So Lin Yi Lin Yi simply did not intend.

uld be no face it Feng smiled and laughed fidget cube gadget at how they feel like a big light bulb Lin Yi and Tang Yun how the relationship so well It appears that they want to break down Tang Yun and Lin Yi, some not easy, ah Feng smiled and also know that the last plan was exposing Tang Yun, she did, Tang Yun may not have much reaction, and count on Lin Yi like to get rid of their own Tang Yun, it is more A task is unlikely to be completed, at least Feng Xiaoxiao feel in their own lifetime made this thing a little hanging He is not the strategy to change it Looked at the glue like Lin Yi and Tang Yun, Feng smiled little head began to turn up Well, otherwise, do not let Lin Yi to get rid of Tang Yun, but to Lin Yi at the same time like himself and Tang Yun, and then their dead, and Lin Yi should be sad, right However, he also Tang Yun ah, his death, if he did not feel how to do They are not fidget cube plum white dead Well, anyway, sooner or later have to die, can not revenge Lin Yi, Lin Yi on their own when the body to test the feelings of love, anyway, they do not have to worry abo.of others can not be not To the mysterious order But even so, Lin Yi can be considered satisfactory, and this is much stronger than others, although the master out of some of the chicken for their own, but for outsiders, this is really some shock the world out End of the upgrade, you feel it. Lin Yi faint, said You should now be the peak of the strength of the late yellow order. Song Ling shan slightly disappointed, Lin Yi did not raise her to the mysterious early stage, but at the moment Songling Shan has been very satisfied People In contentment, not insatiable Thanks fidget cube gadget for using China Mobile Chapter 1081 Lin Yi s indifference Chapter 1o81 Lin Yi s cold now, for Song Ling shan is undoubtedly has been a pleasant surprise Now Song Ling Shan, is definitely a leader of the younger generation, and in time, Song Ling Shan feel that he is not a problem fidget cube navajowhite To break through the mysterious order And now, Song Ling Shan is the most concerned about the Lin Yi She fidget cube 2017 turned her head to look to the Lin Yi, beautiful eyes with a sense of tenderness and tenderness, to say.nse out of the license, and work is completely unscrupulous, he is not afraid of revenge, this time, he disguised as a big loss of power, it touches to attract some revenge, The vengeful man was avenged Your family is not dead, so I came. Lin Yi looked at Zhao Qibing, faint smile said. That Lin Yi boss ah, there must be misunderstanding between us Zhao Qibing scared tu are a little bad so that the whole people are shaking, his face is very ugly smile You see, I But for Insanity huo, which dare to find your troubles, ah, you do not impulse ah You first do not be afraid, before I kill, usually give each other a chance to choose. Lin Yi waved his hand interrupted Zhao Qibing words I gave the rain fidget cube oldlace home and Xiao two conditions, but they did not Promised, that I can not I promised, I agreed Zhao Qiaobing nodded. Your condition, I want to double. Lin Yi faint said. My condition Zhao Qiaobing suddenly face a change, smile I want to fidget cube gadget Peng Group s real estate company, but how can I have two real estate companies, ah.

Fidget Cube Gadget it plate there are snacks, in addition to two bundles of flowers Xie Yufeng saw a flower, suddenly my mind Dading, quickly went over to take over, and then Chen Yu Shu, Feng smiled and said This time my things to, we just eat, do not be polite However, Xie Yufeng took the fruit plate and snacks, coffee table before it has no place to place, before the Lin Yi to the snacks and fruit plate has been filled up the coffee table above Xie Yufeng came in, Lin Yi has been cold from not far from looking at him, Lin Yi has been suspected of Xie Yufeng, from this person s style and tone of speaking, is fidget cube gadget the kind of typical extreme pride and narcissism, but He was young to have the mysterious stage of the initial peak of the strength, but added is indeed a proud capital And Xie Yufeng at the moment to close to the purpose of Chen Yushu and Feng Xiaoxiao also clear, I am afraid he is to Paoniu s Of course, Lin Yi will not stop, he just quietly watching the side, I believe that Xie Yufeng as long as they do not have strong words, is not accounted for any cheap Lin.e a master of order it My strength Lin Yi smile a bit, their situation is rather special, really difficult and Fu Bo to explain The energy of their own body, in fact, not their own energy, but from Yu Pei space Where the energy is inexhaustible, let alone a master of order, even if the master fidget cube blanchedalmond is enough to ten steps Just Lin Yi can not figure out why the transmission of energy to their own Forbes, when suddenly stuck in the yellow order of the late peak state screeching halt For a small Yi, I can become the peak of the late stage strength of the master is already very difficult, I have been very satisfied Forbidden to see Lin Yi for this trouble, could not help but be grateful After all, I majored in the past Is within the home, I can continue to practice it Before I can break through to the order, and now may not be able to Lin Yi sighed, Forber said that is not wrong, but Lin Yi is now can not wait to have a master of the order of the bodyguards exist Forber strength of stagnation, so that Lin Yi s heart some unwilling After all, clearly the.

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