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Fidget Cube Gainsboro ight tu , is snapped is heard, Zhao Qibing right tu also cut off. Zhao Qibing pain to a very tough battle, he sent the floor to roll. I remember the transfer, yes, interrupt a tu on the line, you interrupt the two do Lin Yi shrugged and turned to leave the force to the clouds bar. This Li bile spent surprised, and my heart hate Lin Yi, how not to say Zhao Qi Bing not interrupted with their two tu , but the sub dozen to play, but he happens to say after Their finish, this is not intentional When the soldiers do not blame down Lin Yi, Zhao Qi Bing I swear to the wheelchair, if I do not kill you, I do not surname Zhao Zhao Qibing fight back the pain, so Lin Yi gone, only ferocious said You remember me, I said Zhaoqi Bing do it Soldier, I m sorry I Li bile flowers quickly interrupted for their own Zhao Qi Bing s double tu and apologize. No matter your thing Zhao Qibing waved, rolled his eyes, directly weighs the past Lin Yi out of the bar to the force after the clouds did not directly back Chu Mengyao villa, but the phone call Tang Yu.know the students Here, but also open the heart, to his father talked up I really can not, do not know how to do Peng Zhan Group, they want, even though to give them good, you may know some, I was young, also operated a company, but because of lack of experience, poor experience, leading to bankruptcy Chu Father laugh I am in the creation of Peng Group, also have you now so much So, even if this failed, the future may not have no chance Father, I can give up the group, but Yao Yao s happiness, I categorically can not give up I can not let her marry into the rain home, it will harm her life Chu Peng exhibition smile And Yaoyao temper you Also know that if forced her into the rain home, she would not die Why should marry her home Father Chu laughed I m not let you marry her Lin Yi it Oh Chu Peng Exhibition surprised a moment, then wry smile Lin Yi martial arts waste, to return home to find ways to restore strength, I have done before him to retain, want him to do my son in law , Group for the dowry, Yao Yao will marry him, but he refused

but now, Feng smiled and Lin Yat so intact In front of him, it is naturally not dead Chapter 1071 hate the bone Chapter 1o71 hate the bone Is you saved her Bald sunglasses men s eyes swept the Lin Yi, he as an international criminal organization Er Dangjia, men naturally there are some practitioners of the master there, although he is not a practitioner, but the organization s Three masters, that Is, his third brother, is practitioners Think of Lin Yi before the car kick the fidget cube gainsboro behavior, but also think of the helicopter being shot down, bald sunglasses male almost OK, Lin Yi should also be a practitioner Feng did not expect to laugh around the practitioners who actually have a bodyguard, Feng Tianlong sent to protect her Indemnity, you can not die. Lin Yi lazy answer bald sunglasses male problem. Ah Bald sunglasses male surprised a moment, did not expect Lin Yi an opening, the first condition is actually let him indemnity Ah what the car was you crashed, and quickly lose money. Lin Yi said faint. Bald head sunglasses male suffocating ah Before, in his.s, would like to do what will be smooth Lin Yi and Chu Mengyao, Chen Yushu, Feng Xiao laughed out of the class, came to the high school class of the door classes. At the moment Tang Yun has been packed properly, carrying a bag at the door of the class, and see Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu, smiled and nodded to them. Chapter 0996 tie it Chapter o996 Tie it Tang Yun sister Feng smiled but ran quickly, pulled Tang Yun s hand. Chu Meng Yao frowned slightly, looked at Feng smiled, adult fidget cube and looked at the Tang Yun, my heart speculated on the reasons. Tang Yun, she said, she is Wrigley brother s little wife, and is certified by fidget cube gainsboro you Chu Meng Yao not ask, but Chen Yu Shu do not care, asked directly. Tang Yun one in a tight, he touches the neglect of Chu Mengyao and Chen Yu Shu s feelings Tang Yun is not stupid, a woman s sixth sense, so she is very clear Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu Lin Yi s mind, he is Lin Yi s girlfriend, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu although helpless, but eventually accepted this fact. But suddenly ran out of a Feng smiled, they can be happy to Not his one Haitian rain some nodded his head, before they are a fidget cube still a strong party, blink of an eye, he had to carry the bodies of three uncle fled the bargain Oh, that you still stand here doing Can roll, do not delay me to find Xiao Lin Yi impatiently waved and said. Yu Hai day bite the teeth, picking up three uncle s body, quickly got into a villa in front of a business fidget cube lavender car, moving the car, left the villa area While driving, grief and hardships of fidget cube on ebay the rain Haitian, dialed the Yanjing Yu home phone Through the rain maple, found the fidget cube gainsboro rain star, rain Haitian quickly cried up two uncle, bad, three uncle was killed You say Who was killed Rain star surprised a moment, some did not understand the words of rain Haitian. Three Uncle ah Three uncle was killed Rain Haitian again repeated his words. The rain star to understand the words of the sea after the rain suddenly frightened, the tone of the tone has changed He was dead How dead Who killed him Yes, three uncle died is the dog was killed Yu Haitian said fidget cube ship date here, he felt some.

Fidget Cube Gainsboro the home before the same, so I have been very satisfied, even if can not be promoted, it does not matter, at least I can continue to practice, than I had before Expectations have been strong too much Forber grateful and sincere, said small Yi, really thank you But you obviously is to order fidget cube australia master, I want you to improve the strength of the order, the peak of the late yellow order, this is not the end ah Lin Yi waved to Forberg grateful just smiled, or some Said the puzzled. Ah Forber listened to Lin Yi s words, almost stunned Lin Yi is also too dare to think Master of order Lin Yi would like to restore their own to become a master of order This is forbidden to think of things, Lin Yi actually so crazy What s up Forber s screams, but it is Lin Yi back to reality. Nothing Forber shook his head Yat, you really dare to think, ah, to master where the order is made to create out You fidget cube gainsboro will give you all the infuriating, how do you do Even if you gave me, you are also the strength of the mysterious stage of the mid stage, how could creat.benefits. Fair on the fair I dated him, I told you the head office, right Tang Yun whirring said afraid to give you a chance, there is no use P3 is not so good when the Then you wait and see Feng smiled almost jump to cheer three long live, Tang Yun is too juvenile n n, how to order fidget cube so he was to go into it Feng smiled and do not believe, they do not threaten the case of Tang Yun, Lin Yi is not tempted Waiting to wait and see Tang Yun sneered Afraid Lin Yi returned, I hope you comply with the agreement ah Tang Yun sister Feng Xiao Xiao Yun so called, that is, in front of her small Tang Yun identity as a small wife, so Tang Yun can not go back Well, smiled sister Tang Yun also deliberately smiled sister words, increased the tone Feng Xiao laugh inside the heart music blossom, and his good luck today, ah, as long as Tang Yun does not oppose, that they have nothing to worry about And Tang Yun looked at Feng happy smile that way, the mouth across a slight arc, this battle, in the end who will set who went in it Tang Yun is actually not a fidget cube gainsboro little stupid, clever use of.

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