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Fidget Cube Gray son s progress Chapter 1086 swept the haze of Xie Yufeng Xie Yufeng these days it is depressed, not clear the bottom of the clear forest Yi Lin, on fidget cube vinyl desk the teacher unfavorable, again and again injured Not only be beilded beat two, buttocks were also people get to spend These days and his father, this kind of thing fidget cube on facebook has been very shameful, and naturally bad to report anything. Unexpectedly, Xie Yufeng did not report, and his father s phone was the first step in the fight. Xie Yufeng hesitated, pick up the phone. Hey Father Rain maple ah, how Went to Matsuyama so many days, to adapt to the no Rain star smiled and asked his son is his pride, the pride of the rain home, the future of the rain home to rely on the rain Maple. Thank you , thank you , thank you , and so on, you will have a chance to meet your needs. To do Out of something, but did not expect is that bad luck again and again, and Lin Yi has not been how it was not related to some people to beat it If really Lin Yi to beat, and that Xie Yufeng also do not say anything, in order to investigate the b.h side, there will be such a master there A lot of practitioners to achieve a high order after the stagnation of the yellow order, in the cultivation of the way there is no higher pursuit of the natural world will pursue some of the money to enjoy the money, reduced to the rich man and the thugs are not surprising thing, But the mysterious order, not so much, and generally able to practice to the master of the mysterious order, a little line may be further, it will not become a rich bodyguard, but things are not absolute, But there will be some. But Lin Yi, a high school student, actually so despised a mysterious early stage peak strength of the master, that he himself Feng smiled just know Lin Yi before the powerful, did not think Lin Yi so powerful So to say, Lin Yifeng really more than Xie Yufeng is also possible Lin Yi husband you Feng smiled and stared, incredible look at Lin Yi You will not be worse than Xie Yufeng, right Lin Yi nodded his head, since he has accepted Feng smiled, some things will not hide her natural, st.

l not give up Also let oneself get along with them very well Will we Do not know ah if Lin Yi really chose the eldest, he may be right not how but how will not do fidget cube gray Will Lin Yi to Missy No, it is not with the eldest of the wish Lin Yi had no intention of a word, but it is Tang Yun s thoughts suddenly drifted far away Lin Yi is actually said, Missy accepted a person, it will be very friendly and very friendly treatment. Oh, and so the end of the college entrance examination, summer vacation when I take you back to meet my old man. Lin Yi smiled said. Tang Yun and happy up, anyway, as long as Lin Yi s own mind like, and tube Miss do 6 sided fidget cube with case Lin Yi If you do not like her, even if she retain Lin Yi What is the use Tang Yun some fidget cube antsy lab shy and asked That I want to call fidget cube lightgreen him Well called Grandpa, according to his age, should be the case, but I call him the old man. Lin Yi laughed, he Tang Yun can not directly call the old man, so not polite. Yun nodded Thanks to my family and I fidget cube gray have not said this thing, or my mother did not know what to come up to the situation Tang Yun on the mother, it is a bit helpless. Lin Yi smiled, for Tang mother, Lin Yi also some helpless, but in their pursuit of Tang Yun, Tang mother has been standing on their side, Lin Yi is also a sense of j , so Tang Ma s greed for financial requirements, Lin Yi will not say anything Chu s trouble is over, some people s trouble is not over yet All of Chu, Lin Yi hostile people are beginning to panic. Xiao home. Xiao Ji and Xiao Ben watched the disease on the netg Peer, a time do not know what to say Although, after a complex rescue, Peabody s life be saved, but the people of Peabody is turned into a vegetative You are defeated bitch Xiao Ji looked at the netg on the motionless, whole body covered with a pipe Peabody, an angry slap again shot in the care of the face of Gou Li You are not optimistic about the car, and Now Well, Pepper into a vegetative state, we Xiao how to do How to do Originally in the family status is precarious, and now I am afraid no master sits, Xiao is really over Ooo ooo Go.e words of Chu Peng could not help but scolded up We Xiaojia how people do, but also use your teach Before the death of Xiaojia Father, Xiao basic to the young master of the fidget cube powderblue bag, all day fighting and a group of people who are also mixed with dandy, everywhere provoke, but at that time Xiaojia is at its peak, it touches also does not matter. In recent years, Xiao Ji although the convergence of some, but the bones of temper and dandyism character is not changed, to hear the third hand push three push four Chu Peng Zhiyiwai, directly on the anger. Chu Peng Peng did not think that there will be no quality based, not a word on the export into a dirty, which is where the identity of the meeting between the people Mr. fidget cube gray Xiao, what do you mean Chu Peng exhibition hold in one breath You are deliberately looking for trouble Xiao Ji Lengheng a cry, kicked in the office of the sand, cursed The people who dare to bully the Xiao family Xiao Qigui said I do not want to tell you, I am afraid to tell you, I come to my wife to find a place to come I think you are living.

Fidget Cube Gray ting cakes, and drank two saliva, and then fidget cube ebay canada readily thrown into the garbage bag not far from the trash. Do not have to do so early so much trouble. Lin Yi is also worried about the body smiled for Feng, Feng smiled had no fidget cube gray good days to live, but also up the middle of the night to do cakes, this is not waiting for the disease deteriorated No trouble, I am very happy Feng smiled and shook his head Tonight I was ready, roasted look like the morning, and this morning is not prepared, now get, so the trouble Lin Yi Feng smile to see to adhere to, it no longer say anything, Feng smiled to do so, she is also very happy, Lin Yi also happy to make fidget cube gray her happy. Friday night, car racing, contact over it Lin Yi for a topic. Speaking of the car, Feng smiled and happy again I contacted the people who play the car before, reported a name But do not lose it, 200,000 I can not afford it Oh, you do not believe my technology Lin Yi for this folk racing game, do not look down. I do not have confidence in my car Feng smiled and said They are modified cars hav.villa has been a new look at the moment, is also a bad place to repair the patch is completed, but in some places the cement is not dry. Chu Peng exhibition also did not go to the company, but went to Forber s room, Lin Yi hurt, the strength restored, is it right Lin Yi before the loss of strength, Chu Peng exhibition is not good for the treatment of Forbes asked Lin Yi, only when they flee with Forber, and slowly to Lin Yi think of a way. But now, everything is over, Chu Peng exhibition ready to ask about Lin Yi, see if he can treat Forber. The Missy and Chen Yushu, it is sitting in the living room of the sand saying a whisper. Wrigley brother for so long how not to come back What did he do Chen Yu Shu looked at the clock inside the living room count the time. Tang Yun to see it, he does not return home, and always want to go and Tang Yun said. Chu Mengyao understand Lin Yi, Tang Yun, he was very good. Wow, do not know Tang Yun will not be disappointed Arrow brother and we have to together, it is estimated Tang Yun heard the news, I am afraid it wil.

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