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Fidget Cube Green ok at four hundred million and four industries Lin Yi looked at the brother of Xiao, shook his head You see, life is full Of Accidentally, maybe the next accident is you Hsiao based and Xiao Ben Lin Yi threatened to listen to the words, whole body suddenly a shiver At this moment, they really feel the fear Lin Yi s strength, fidget cube green there is no disappearance, but this is not the key, the key question is, Peabo hung up After the Xiao family did not rely on, it is not a person kneading Xiao Ji and Xiao Ben surprised and anger, they did not expect Peabo died, Lin Yi also refused to let go, but also to extort money and property rights of the four industries This is simply a bit deceptive too much, ah However, they at the moment but never thought that they had to Peabee wounded after the supreme Wei, not the fidget cube a vinyl desk toy same step by fidget cube amazon buy step, will be almost forced to Chu Peng Peng dead end But what property Xiao If they have the industry, then , But also need to grab Chu Peng s show And 400 million, Xiaojia d be able to come up, but it is sold off all the industry after Yanjing.s shattered, but Tang Yun Lin Yi is really happy to restore strength Because she knows, Lin Yi will see these very heavy, if has not been Restored, he will certainly be depressed Therefore, Tang Yun Ning own a bit disappointed, do not want to Lin Yi is not happy. Thank you Lin Yi pinch the hand of Tang Yun. That you will live in Chu Meng Yao there Tang Yun hesitated a moment, or could not help but ask. Well, I promised them, the strength of the resumption, it will continue to stay inside the villa Lin Yi Tang Yun did not hide these. Oh that is not bad. Tang Yun some insincere, any person can see her feelings of loss. Rhyme You are not happy Lin Yi Tang Yun also see the insincere. No, Tang Yun shook his head, pulled out from the arms of a small box in front of Lin Yi Oh, this is not on the back, and give you fidget cube lightcoral it Tang Yun out, it is Lin Yi gave her the ring. Lin Yi slightly Lengle Leng back to me what This is to buy you ah Maybe This ring is not my final also Tang Yun some do not have confidence, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yush.

usiness, is also good, I After all, have retired that day, but Peng Zhan Group or to pass on Lin Yi listened to the words of Chu Peng, suddenly stunned a moment, Chu Peng Chin did not say though, but his meaning has been very clear, and Lin Yi is not stupid Chu Peng exhibition is hinted that you can put yourself as a person to train Uncle Chu, Peng Zhan Group, after all, or to Yao Yao, how will an outsider Lin Yi smiled and shrugged, be politely declined the proposal Chu Peng. Oh, Chu Peng show a smile, the subject of a turn, but it is said Little Yat, Yaoyao how do you think Yaoyao Very good ah Lin Yi Chu Peng some suspicious look at the show, he was Chu Peng show this jumping some of the problems confused do not know how to answer it. Oh, that you like Yaoyao What Chu Peng to see their own things with the group before the implied Lin Yi did not get any results, so simply straight to the point, asked directly up. Lin Lin Yi suddenly surprised a moment, stared, Chu Peng s problem is that some too large scale, so that Lin Yi did not ha.Xie Yufeng s energy is limited, so first prepared to Chen Shu Shu and Feng Xiaoxiao start with, as Tang Yun and Chu Mengyao, in his view sooner or later fidget cube facebook fidget cube with lowest price is his pocket of things, but also In no hurry You treat Chen Yu Shu Xie Yufeng listening to the words, some despised looked at him, said This is the Eagle card brother asked us to eat the fruit, you take someone else s treat This is what I want the fruit plate, ah, before I come, to you to the fruit plate and snacks and uh Here, Xie Yufeng suddenly something wrong now, because he apart from the fruit plate and snacks, but also the flowers, but this is so hot girl ah, but that waiter did not come together, just because he was eager to express themselves, but also Forget this crop, and now think about it did not feel right Fortunately, however, outside the box once again came the sound of knocking at the door Xie Yufeng suddenly relieved, heart Road, really help me, he quickly stood up and continued Come This time, the waiter is once again brought Xie Yufeng called things, there is fru.benefit of the rain home, the rain will be Germany or even want to slap a shot dead directly Chu Peng, and then look for his daughter and Lin Yi afterwards Chu Peng show a tight heart, it really came to trouble, but to that thing Yes, I was Chu Peng, do not know what Mr. Rain enlighten me Chu Peng Zhanran smile, know that today is a curse, but the disaster My son is now a waste, and become a waste one, get up in bed, you say I find what you have the wing Rain will be angry angrily I just killed your family, but also difficult to level My anger Haitian laughed Besides, we are looking for compensation to Mr. Chu Peng Zhan, of course, not a compensation, and then you can not kill, you can not kill, Kill their family is not too late anger Chu Peng exhibition whole body trembling with anger This rain Haitian said nice, but the words, then, all is a threat Compensation fails, we must kill his family This is too deceptive too, right However, the face of the four families of five small families of the rain home, Chu Peng is a little temper is not fidget cube green Chu Peng sh.

Fidget Cube Green n his view, must be the rain home to the people, and Chu Peng exhibition reached what agreement, it makes the Chu Peng show so reluctantly, and even Crippled Lin Yi have jumped Out Yes, Chu Peng nodded. Rain home to you what benefits Xiao face s shen, if the rain home really involved in this matter, then some really easy to do Rain home auction house shares of the rain there is another industry to me the shares, the way comes with two little girls when the rain girl as concubine. Lin Yi saw fidget cube green Xiao this one, said lightly Now it is your turn to Xiao , And I heard you want to 200 million Also Pengzhan commercial and Peng Zhan business hotel property Well, ah, you give me 400 million, the way then brought the property of four industries, You can get out To say that the rain home to the interests of the request at the same time, secretly promised Chu Peng, some of the conditions After all, Xiao Ben has heard that the rain home is to Chu Peng s daughter Chu fidget cube green Meng Yao to the rain home to do concubines, and that Chu Peng exhibition can be considered rain home f.n fidget cube green Yi can not be distracted to do some other things Therefore, to sum up, Lin Yi decided to be a fidget cube white little cold on the attitude of Song Ling Shan, to avoid the relationship fidget cube backer edition between two people by leaps and bounds. And Lin Yi, in the time to get up to leave, my heart is also very accurate I thought, if Song little girl is not so much trouble the good What else Lin Yi faint asked. You tired, or else take a break and then go I cook for you to go Song Ling shan softly asked, did not because Lin Yi s words, and become different. Oh Lin Yi could not help but smile a bit, and then frowned brain residual little girl, you have been in the sao is not want me to tear you Chapter 1082 Lost and tangle Chapter 1o82 loss and tangled ah Song Ling shan could not help but surprised a moment, suddenly red face, but my heart was some angry Although, Song Lingshan some broken jar break the emotions, but it is also self esteem , Lin Yi said so unbearable Song Ling Shan is also a girl, was Lin Yi said brain damage and silly little girl, she can accept, but Lin Yi said she s.

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