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Fidget Cube Keychain nodded and said. Outside the family effort and not the same as the home effort, outside the home effort once you fidget cube keychain reach a certain level, there will be extreme. But Lin Yi know, it is difficult, but in order to comfort Chen Yu Shu, he said so Bottlenecks, the bottleneck of the limit than the home bottleneck is difficult to break through a fidget cube navyblue hundred times Want to practice outside the home, got to more powerful than before, fidget cube on sale at least to the mysterious mid stage strength Caixing If you have the strength to return to higher than before, it is necessary to always stay inside the villa, accompanied me and Yao Yao sister A word for the set Lin Yi smiled and nodded. I want to retract Chen Yu Shu has run over, stretched out his little finger. Oh, good Lin Yi and Chen Yu Shu some helplessness of the hook, also stamped chapter Retaining hook hanging a hundred years not allowed to change, who changed who is a mighty general Lin Yi nodded his head, he really should go Goodbye Matsuyama City, goodbye to the villa Goodbye those who are familiar with their ow.Wang, face aghast face. Lin Yi shrugged his shoulders, some innocent, said So I had to start with a strong, but I heard you are very powerful. I heard that you have to kill me I do not know, The way, should be Able to solve their own right What do you do to me in the fidget cube keychain end These needles are doing what King of cold sweat suddenly flow down, Lin Yi s hand this silver needle means that the fidget cube keychain drug king once seen in Lee s land of the body, but this Once, fidget cube keychain Do not know is not the same as the last Chapter 0956 who and you say Chapter o956 Who told you Thought of this, the king subconsciously transported from the infuriating check up, but when his infuriating running up, he did not notice anything strange, but fidget cube saddlebrown the more there is no strange, more worried about the drug king because, Lee mine that time the energy is to be Lin Yi suppressed with a needle, do not unplug the needles, is not feel any strange Lin Yat mouth across a trace of sarcastic sneer The Internet is now very powerful way to pass, so I believe, you will be able to solve it No, you are not a m.

played a role you guide. Of course, Lin Yi did not go to in depth study, this thing is not he can understand, each of the exercises are different, Lin Yi did not have so much time to study. Well, when to help you upgrade Lin Yi hesitated, but it is agreed Song Ling Shan s request. Uh Song Ling Shan Lin Yi s been straightforward to get a shocked, and Lin Yi which promised A little unambiguous How Lin Yung Shan Lin Yi did not speak to see, so anti asked. No, that this weekend, you come to my house Song Ling Shan said some j move. Yes, Lin Yi nodded. That I am waiting for you Song Ling Shan s heartbeat badly, Lin Yi agreed to her, so she was very happy. Feeling a j move, Song Ling Shan s breathing has become rapid up, holding the phone, Song Ling Shan suddenly have a feeling of whole body heat, think of that day in the basement inside the special feeling, Song Lingshan some can not help but stretch into the quilt inside Lin Yi hung up the phone, did not think, directly into the state of cultivation, and now the situation is not v.rea of the liver after resection, Lin Yi can use the energy on the damaged liver Repair, to achieve the purpose of healing But now, cancer cells already spread, Lin Yi simply can not use this approach, he can only use the second more troublesome way With a silver needle sealed Chen mother who several major acupuncture points, to avoid cancer cells continue to spread, and Lin Yi will use the body s fidget cube real vs fake energy to help mother Chen to restore vitality, and then take the way of traditional Chinese medicine, complete kill cancer cells The world, there are many cases of traditional Chinese medicine cure cancer precedent, although relatively rare, but it is not impossible And Lin Yi master the ancient side and pharmacology, want to cure Chen s mother s disease, there is no problem, but the process is too much trouble, according to the efficacy of each course, the replacement of different drugs, and ultimately to achieve the effect of healing The length of this process varies from person to person, may be very fast, it may take several years But the existence of.ators, if not the police eyeing it, this is a day into the bucket of gold business Is also a non business Of course, An Jianwen is best at no business In addition to a small purple wolf, a retina broken, the other organs are good The black bear only two retina and fidget cube keychain left kidney is good, the other all destroyed After a small mule, ran Came back to the Jianwen Wen reported. Well black bear is dead An Jianwen nodded asked. Not dead yet, but directly to the operating table on the Small mule said. Jianwen satisfied nodded his head Tomorrow, you and Li boxers continue to take to the streets to give me a flicker here to boxing, I will first, I have a lot of money, Go play with a woman Yes, the text less walking Mule busy nod to send Jianwen leave An Jianwen in recent days, but earned a lot of money, although Lin Yi sudden recovery strength so that he fidget cube orange was very unhappy, could not take advantage of the crisis will Chu Meng Yao to marry back, let him some depressed, but Lee boxer is not clear Support themselves, he did not and Lin Yi against the dry, good.

Fidget Cube Keychain s aware of her daughter Feng Tianlong, Lin Yi Feng smiled on the feelings of some of the more complex To tell the truth, Lin Yi Feng Xiaoxiao a little sympathy for this girl, from an early age without a fidget cube navy mother, while his father was busy outside, but also created her this character In fact, know the story of Feng smiled after life, Lin Yi also understand her, and she did not have a dislike. This is a life full of passionate cheerful girl, only you close to her, in some imperceptible details to see her inner loneliness and sadness. Feng smiled laughing is still her Audi tt, the car parked in the Lin Yi s side, Feng smiled from the driver s head stuck his head Lin Yi Lin Yi did not speak, walked over, opened the door, sitting in the co pilot s position. Hey, why put a stinking face Feng laughed to see Lin Yi silent some unhappy look delay you Paoniuer it I am ready and Tang Yun in the cafeteria to eat. Lin Yi said. Sure enough, delay your Paoniu, but you can soak me, and Tang Yun who is more beautiful Feng smiled and blinked big eyes, turned to look at.ded his head, indeed, this infuriating the bomb is very fidget cube keychain dangerous, totally harm the people of the type, the basic belong to the same die of the big kill. Second, if a move fried die each other, the other to kill you. Coke teeth child said So, I advise you to practice or enhance the strength of the right path, this Pianmen means less than a last resort, the Best use less I know Lin Yi nodded his head That s not wrong, only the strength of the upgrade is the real strength of these means, when forced to look at what can be used, has been used down, that is harmful to harm Oh, you can figure it out out Jiao Ya son smiled and nodded, said pleased. Lin Yi side of the mighty generals, is quickly absorbed from the body of Lin Yi came from the energy, it is very comfortable snuggle in the side of Lin Yi, enjoying the energy of nourishment. Before that, the mighty general s heart almost scared to explode It is only on the Lin Yi some dismay, you want the last and Lin Yi close look, but did not expect, a contact with Lin Yi s body, the mighty body of energy.

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