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Fidget Cube Lavenderblush lso fell silent, they think it is a bit simple Yes ah, Forbes Although the previous order to master, but may not be able to re practice to the ground floor You know, in many cases, the upgrade breakthrough is the need for chance Anyway, first to repair your meridians say Perhaps there are other fidget cube limegreen ways to perhaps Lin Yi some do not give up, to master the temptation of order is too great If you really have to order master, that fidget cube lavenderblush God Ma Ma Zhu and the like, is almost weak burst. Well, since the small Yat you expect me so high, how can I live up to your mind Forber smiled and nodded think of Miss Chu also want to protect, I have to practice it Well, first here today, and these days, I will come every day to repair some of your injuries and meridians, until fully restored so far Lin Yi said. Every day Forber some surprised smile a bit Your infuriating recovery really fast enough, I do not know where your infuriating is absorbed from, you know, inside the city, infuriating rare Has reached the limit of a degree, and every time you lose big strength, can be qu.ther Chu s Attitude Chapter o937 Chu Father attitude Lin Yi is the day to fidget cube lavenderblush leave tonight, but the day has been late, but Chu Peng has not gone home, but sitting in the Peng Zhan Building, chairman of the office, unable fidget cube lightgreen to do anything smoking Lin Peng did not go to Lin Yi off, because he did not want to tell the company s students Lin Yi, Lin Yi to bear the pressure The pressure should bear their own, not to bear Lin Yi Yi Chu Peng exhibition of smoking is very small, but at the moment, the ashtray on the desk in the cigarette butts have been piled into a hill, and even a lot of cigarette butts have been dropped on the table, and soot is confused everywhere But Chu Peng did not mind to clean up those cigarette butts and soot, his mind entirely in the Group and Yao Yao Yao s future Peng Group, he can give up, but the most beloved daughter, but can not give up Chu Peng is a heavy feeling of the people, he and some people who value the cause of the two extremes, some people can sacrifice their own career for their children s marriage happiness, forcin.

n Haitian ha ha smile, but the brow is full of arrogant look Although he is also a businessman, but for the rain home to take care of business, Chu Peng is unmatched Chu Peng s face sank to those who are not good people do not come, this time, the rain home people suddenly broke into here, so that Chu Peng suddenly there is a sense of foreboding, do not they come to their own troubles Not to blame Chu Peng so speculation, after all, today has come to the two groups to find trouble people, and, in the original villa, Lin Yi also generals and rain for the rain home Yun Kun had collided and wounded, Rain home now come here, the purpose of self evident Do not know Mr. Rain came here Chu Peng s words have not finished, it was around the middle of the rain Haitian interrupted by the middle aged You are Chu Peng show Hello big courage, born out of the cheap daughter, actually Jiaoren hurt my son Rain will come to Germany is to come, and the hearts of his son s grief, let him some Unbearable, to see Chu Peng directly after the show burst But for the.Yu Ren looked at them so assured bet, could not help some heart, and temptation asked I charge ten dollars okay Puchi A young man in the words of Jen, suddenly laughing spray out, staring eyes, ridiculous I said the old man, people here the lowest ten thousand dollars bet, you ten dollars, who give you charge Ah so ah Yu Ren hear some blush, but also be startled, ten thousand, that s six months of their income, and out of the bet That is not a fault Just let him suspect is that the meat of fidget cube lavenderblush the boss and young people are so sure why the bet, do not they charge that Red Dragon is the victorious general Hey, I said old, you listen to me, then quickly take the money bet, or guarantee the fidget cube lavenderblush child for a while to regret fidget cube papayawhip it Meat meat boss saw a glance, reminded. This that Red Dragon, very powerful Yu Ren could not help but ask. Yesterday, three boxing match, field victory, did not give the opponent any breathing space, fidget cube midnightblue to win, and I won yesterday, I regret, the last one Field charge of ten thousand dollars, if the money before, I am now.his test and tribulation As the saying goes, the day will drop the Ren in the Sri Lanka This is also a kind of exercise and practice This is also a kind of exercise and practice , Which is a kind of exercise. That your father said a godsend opportunity is Rain maple this time it is some doubts, since the father does not agree with the hands of Lin Yi, but why is it a godsend opportunity We do not move Lin Yi, but you can move Chu Peng Rain star laughed. Oh Brother, before you say, move the Chu Peng after the show, and Lin Yi will face a negative The rain will hear Germany is also surprised a moment, could not help but ask. That is in the Lin Yi did not abolish martial arts, we moved Chu Peng, Lin Yi probably will jump out Rain star said But now, he lost all martial arts, but also what is the use of jumped out This is indeed, but if Lin Yi behind fidget cube seashell the forces could not help, how to do there Rain will be asked. The emergence of the matter does not matter, we just can understand Lin Yi s bottom line, I was afraid he does not appear Rain star laug.

Fidget Cube Lavenderblush iled. Sun Jingyi in front of the lead, Wu Chen day is followed, Sun Jingyi the car parked in the first high school behind the snack street, the last Sun Jingyi Lin Yi is here, and she did not think Lin Yi is the first high school Students, just think Lin Yi lived in the vicinity only. Sun Jingyi s car parked next to the Beatles, and Wu Chen day Audi tt is stopped at the Sun Jingyi Audi a41 next. Two people got out of the car, Wu Chen day to scrape together over This is what I call Lin Yi This is where we are waiting for him Oh Sun Jingyi frowned, subconsciously lifted the pace, walked not far from the street, she did not want to and Wu Chen day station so close to her some uncomfortable As for why the car parked here, because the last time here is the Lin Yi, and the most important reason is that Sun Jingyi and Wu Chen days do not want to wait together in their own downstairs Sun Jingyi do not want others to see themselves and Wu Chen day together, Sun Jingyi feel acquaintances will see no face, as to here, is Sun Jingyi random. But Wu Chen do you now do advocate Guan Xiaoxiang hiding in front of the villa has been listening for a long time before, and heard his father actually directly to the daughter of the young people assigned to this name Lin Yi, fidget cube lavenderblush suddenly some unbearable, pushed the door on the rushed fidget cube mediumturquoise I do not say off the impression of Lin Yi Lin Xiaoyi already not very good, and now Lin Yi has provoked trouble outside, actually rely on this way to refuge, how could he agree In case of danger to Guan Xin how to do Guan Xiaoxiang, you still have no rules Did not see what I was talking about You fidget cube australia give me roll, get out Off the students did not think his son suddenly broke into this time, but also said so that he could not step down words , Off the school people suddenly came to the stubborn temper, and has always been less fire he was angry at this time, pointing off Xiaoxiang, to drive him out I can go But I was afraid you were cheated, and cheated your reputation no problem, I do not want my daughter to take it Guan Xiaoxiang grunted, took Guan Xin to go out. Guan Xin at this tim.

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