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Fidget Cube Mediumslateblue ng Lin Yi looked at the self righteous Zhao fidget cube mediumslateblue Qibing, regret shook his head It appears that you have to take a wheelchair, ah, if you continue to show this IQ, I Am afraid that is late Vegetable people. Zhao Qi Bing a pound the table, pointing to a wheelchair not far behind him, said Lin Yi, you come to me, dare to say so, it seems you really want to die ah. Let me in a wheelchair You know that I m out of wheelchairs, why not Because you have expected, and wheelchair also use Lin Yi surprised some looked at Zhao Qibing. Do not you stupid ah Know that this wheelchair is I prepared for you Zhao Qibing laughed No mistake, I ll let you stand out and sit out Lin Yi regret shook his head You are wrong, I thought you and predicted the same as the prophecy of Shu it is, you know you have to do a wheelchair for a while Oh, it is not silly you silly. Zhao Qibing anger, in his fantasy inside, once again to see Lin Yi, Lin Yi should give him a kneel for mercy, one of them, I do not know what to to do, The nose of a tear to pray for him, but Lin Yat no strength, ac.So, Xiao Ben is very natural to guess that the truth of the Peng Chupan to calm it They must be installed, prior to their own to come to discuss good, and deliberately pretend to be very calm like this, so that they have to Rely on their own, so take this to scare off their own Indeed, the initial expression of Chu Peng really scared to the Shaw, but they are wrong in the wrong, so that Lin Yi has jumped out of some baffling seemingly very cow. Lin Yi said those words are just a bit too much, Forces to be silly. Chotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingch, And today do not put two hundred million and Peng exhibition commercial buildings and Peng exhibition business hotel.

of the protection of peace Feng Tianlong once again feel that their original decision was how wise ah Only Lin Yi, only when her daughter s boyfriend, in order to protect her daughter comprehensive Feng Erlong, although anxious to be bald men and sunglasses to the million pieces, but his identity does not allow him to do so, waiting for bald sunglasses man, can only be the legal sanctions Li Yifeng is also within the home master, but fidget cube japan also the strength of the yellow order, but to deal with bald sunglasses male enough He went up, it will be bald men sunglasses under control, into the car inside. Feng Uncle, fidget cube review and unboxing nothing to do, then I smiled and go first. Lin Yi Feng Tianlong do not want too much involved in the matter, since had a plain life, Lin fidget cube mediumslateblue Yi naturally want to draw a line and the previous life. Well, this time I Feng Tianlong owe you a big favor Feng Tianlong nodded his head, solemnly said. Oh, Feng Shushu heavy, smiled my girlfriend, I naturally will not let her hurt. Lin Yi smiled and shook his head. Look, Lin Yi seems to really like a smile, work hard to relieve the pain of his Acacia Sometimes, a small idea, planted in the heart, into a seed, it will take root in the body slowly buds, fidget cube mediumslateblue and ultimately will become a tree can not be suppressed into a tree Feng smiled before the love can not think of things, she knew he did not qualify to think about these, but today by his father s encouragement, Feng smiled on the surface although the blindly negative, but the heart has been some loose Really want to talk about a love before death ah Well, even if just taste the taste of love Ye Hao But no, it will hurt others fidget cube mediumslateblue Feng Xiaoxiao Although like jokes, but that are within a certain range of control to create some trouble and misunderstanding, but also against some hateful people, fidget cube palegreen if to treat their lover, Feng Xiao laugh really do not have the heart Dad, you would like to Mody Mody Feng smiled suddenly asked. Well Feng Tianlong surprised a moment, then eyes flashed a trace of memory and painful look Yes ah, naturally How do you suddenly asked this to come Then you let me.t to provoke him alone. Lin Yi asked Road. Oh Xie Yufeng how What is he great How can we Feng smiled asked some puzzled. Xie Yufeng is a practitioner, is the master of the mysterious early stage peak strength. Lin Yi Daoshi also fidget cube online india did not hide Feng smiled these to Feng smiled family background, the order is to understand the meaning of these practitioners strength. Ah Feng smiled by Lin Yi, fidget cube cyan then confused the beginning fidget cube darkturquoise of the mysterious peak of the peak strength of the master Really Really. Lin Yi nodded. North faceWith a few small bully to be beaten black and blue Can sit on the nail shoes, and today is Wu Tieshou beaten to the meal Feng smiled and some do not laugh I believe, feel some incredible. He is indeed the beginning of the mysterious peak of the peak strength of the master. Lin Yi nodded earnestly But he did not know for whatever reason, deliberately hidden in front of my strength. Oh Feng laughed fidget cube mediumslateblue after listening to the words of Lin Yi, frowned, thoughtfully together If the words in accordance with Lin Yi said, then Xie Yufeng indeed seems to.

Fidget Cube Mediumslateblue ad raised his head, watching the mountains, not only has not been the beauty of nature intoxicated, and hand, some melancholy sighed. Miyaji, responsible for the shadow group of Lee elders have something important to see Miyaji A girl walked quickly to Tsing Yi young woman where the pavilion outside, Gong Sheng said. Oh Come ask him to come Young woman heard the Li elders, the words, the original melancholy face across a hint of joy. Yes, Miyaji Tsing Yi girl quickly quit. After a while, Tsing Yi fidget cube gostwhite girl came with a black man, men about 50 years of age, looks not outstanding, on the contrary very ordinary, are mixed in the crowd, can not find the type. Lee see Miyaji Men came to see to be known as the Miyaji, the young woman with both hands Baoquan will salute. Li elders do not mention it Su Yi Gongzhu waved, indicating that men do not have much ceremony, but some anxious asked Lee elders anxious to see me, what matters Yes Li elders looked around the Tsing Yi girl, hesitated, did not speak. Little Green, you first go on, guarding the my life and Shu s savior, how can we ungrateful Chu Meng Yao, looked at Shu, asked Yes, Shu Oh yes Oh, Yaoyao sister has to contemplate a promise Chen Yu Shu nodded. Chu Meng Yao almost gas bombing, so that echoes, on the yes Oh, the echo of the sentence had to chant, behind the phrase more empty words do Yaoyao, come with me. Chu Peng Zhan suddenly pondered a moment, stood up, beckoned to her daughter. Oh Chu Meng Yao Yi stunned, what things can not be in the living room inside it Living room, only Shu, and she is not an outsider However, Chu Mengyao see Daddy has to step up to Lin Yi s room went, Chu Mengyao also had to follow up. Chu Peng Lin Yi exhibition into the room, so Chu Meng Yao came in only after the door closed, said Yao Yao, the first to sit. Chu Mengyao some puzzled look at his father, she is also afraid of Shu will not be happy, because before, what things will not shy away from her. Oh, Daddy, in the end what is it Chen Yushu is not unhappy, she is just a little curious, and so Chu Pengchao and Chu Mengyao into the room after Che.

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