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Fidget Cube Navyblue being repaired Well, do not know that thunderstorm that kick is to force, it is best to Xie Yufeng directly kicked into the eunuch, then you can not come out because of the girl However, Lin Yi also know that this idea is good, but not realistic, unless their own hands, or even Xie Yufeng did not resort to infuriating, a few ordinary people want to master the order to the wounded is not possible. Yes Oh, good danger, we do not have to use the alarm ah Chen Yu Shu deep thought it was nodded. I see or call an ambulance directly, I think he can only go directly to the hospital for a while Feng smiled and said. Alarm Chen Yushu instinctively and Feng smiled against the dry. Call an ambulance Feng smiled and smiled. Alarm Chen Yu Shu Road. Call an ambulance Feng smiled. That is not reported. Chen Yu Shu Road. That is not called Feng smiled. Oh, he can wait to die Chen Yu Shu Road. Yes ah, dead we go Feng smiled. You did not want to call an ambulance, right Chen Yu Shu Road. You would have thought alarm, fidget cube online india right Feng smiled. You can be bad enough Oh Chen Yu.w you want to give me and my father avenge, but Erbo that s not wrong, this time, we can not impulse Although Yukun is vengeful, but also understand that this time, is definitely not anxious. Little Maple, you still young impulsive ah Rain star nodded Now, Lin Yi is there there to play pig tiger eat, his strength simply did not disappear, but also a step further, it is more fidget cube darkslateblue than that, Of a dog, have become a practicing dog Behind him, how can the sun Zhebian like a huge force background, in order to do this The dog, then the small kun, but it has to fight the dying Do not say that Other family, that is, we rain home, can not come up with so much material to treasure days, not to mention these things used in a dog s Body, and a dog can be trained to practice dogs, this person is not easy to practice , And they actually come up with a practice dog, which is no place to use the material days treasure, or master too much, All right to play fun Yu Feng listened to his father s words, silent looked down, his father said nothing wrong, these clues, you can.

l be the gas dizzy, right Chen Yu Shu said some excitement. Chu small dream is the first time for the Tang Yun spoke up offical fidget cube In fact, Tang Yun is great, she can give up everything here, followed by Lin Yi back home, which can be seen, She is very concerned about Lin Yi, Lin Yi, she is selected, then we accept the Lin Yi at the same time, it should accept her Oh, that Yaoyao sister, you accept Tang Yun when Wrigley s brother fidget cube navyblue s second wife Chen Yu Shu asked. What fidget cube navyblue a mess of the second wife Chu Meng Yao stared Chen Yushu one, frowned and said I mean, in fact, we can become good friends, at least not the same as now tit for tat How will become good friends rival Chen Yushu some curious said. Who is the rival I said, I do not like Lin Yi Chu Meng Yao said. Oh, Yaoyao sister you lie Chen Yu Shu do not believe. Well, that even if I like Lin Yi I just like an analogy, not true. Chu Mengyao said Then you like your Wrigley brother, but also to his little wife, that we are not rival Uh seems to be. Chen Yushu shook his head. That we are good friends M.h side, there will be such a master there A lot of practitioners to achieve a high order after the stagnation of the yellow order, in the cultivation of the way there is no higher pursuit of the natural world will pursue some of the money to enjoy the money, reduced to the rich man and the thugs are not surprising thing, But the mysterious order, not so much, and generally able to practice to the master of the mysterious order, a little line may be further, it will not become a rich bodyguard, but things are not absolute, But there will be some. But Lin Yi, a high school student, actually so despised fidget cube lightgreen a mysterious early stage peak strength of the master, that he himself Feng smiled just know Lin Yi before the powerful, fidget cube desk toy for adults did not think Lin Yi so powerful So to say, Lin Yifeng really more than Xie Yufeng is also possible Lin Yi husband you Feng smiled and stared, incredible look at Lin Yi You will not be worse than Xie Yufeng, right Lin Yi nodded fidget cube navyblue his head, since he has accepted Feng smiled, some things will not hide her natural, st.was a bit, this is a bit unusual To say before the dwarf brawny played a trick, but now Now can not continue to play a trick, right Is this strong pill not only increase their strength, but also play a defensive role Otherwise, this dwarf brawny to fight their own, how did not feel it Thought of this, Yang Mangling suddenly overjoyed As a result, as long as their own swords and guns and the dwarf brawny meal desperately, it is their own upper hand They do not hit badly, but also not afraid to fight, he is simply invincible people ah Thought of this, Yang roared a shouting sound of spirit, regardless of regardless of the rushed up against the dwarf brawny on the fight Regardless of how dwarf brawny beat him, he regardless of regardless, just blindly punch out punch The audience some dumbfounded, this is what the situation How this is not afraid of death to take Ling Yang it This desperate style of play, he was horrible Yang to take the spirit of the Ministry of xiong were dwarf brawny hit depression, but he still does not feel like, still and stout br.

Fidget Cube Navyblue mate between the day, That is Indeed impossible Feng smiled and walked to the side of Lin Yi sat down and saw her fidget cube inen play Lin Yi said What are you doing Play games. Lin Yi pretended to just see Feng smiled back, put the phone to the desk and then put You come back Well, come back. Feng smiled and picked up fidget cube navyblue the table and said You play it Do not play. Lin Yi shook his head This phone is good, I have two days to buy a free. Feng Xiaoxiao turn off the phone on the game, and then hides the phone into the pocket, fidget cube navyblue there is no more to think about the inside of the desire has been the forest Yi see. Well Lin Yi casual should be a cry. Lin Yi readily agreed, it touches on the Feng Xiao Xiao to get stunned She did not expect Lin Yi will be so readily agree to their proposal If you do before, Lin Yi, I am afraid will directly refuse That so school, and we go to the mobile phone shop to buy Feng smiled and asked some excitement. Lin Yi is shook his head school mobile phone shop are closed, and so on the weekend it. Feng Xiaofu listened to the fidget cube tech insider first half of the always been doing things in accordance with his own rules to do, is not common sense out of the license, which is Zhao Qibing not in his hands to discuss any cheap reasons. Now finally have the opportunity to rectify Chu Peng show, how could he let go Peng Zhan Group real estate company, has been coveted industry Zhao Qibing, but for Lin Yi obstructed by obstruction, I am afraid that Peng Zhan Group s real estate company has to his name under the Zhao Qibing it Well, we have several conflicts, and Lin Yisheng are, if you take things that Lin Yi, then a bit untenable ah Li bile flowers, said Although the reason Xiao some funny, but it is indeed Because Chu Meng Yao offended the care of the Gou Xi I know, if I can directly go to the money, I find you discuss what to do Zhao Qibing stare Li bile flower one, some impatience, said We quickly brainstorming, I m afraid this news spread, there are more Of the enemies of Chu Peng to find the past, if we go late, I am afraid the share of the benefits less The soldiers less, I d have a good idea Jin.

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