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Fidget Cube Olivedrab ther Chu s Attitude Chapter o937 Chu Father attitude Lin Yi is the day to leave tonight, but the day has been late, but Chu Peng has not gone home, but sitting in the Peng Zhan Building, chairman of the office, unable to do anything smoking Lin Peng did not go to Lin Yi off, because he did not want to tell the company s students Lin Yi, Lin Yi to bear the pressure The pressure should bear their own, not to bear Lin Yi Yi Chu Peng exhibition of smoking is very small, but at the moment, the ashtray on the desk in the cigarette butts have been piled into a hill, and even a lot of cigarette butts have been dropped on the table, and soot is confused everywhere But Chu Peng did not mind to clean up those cigarette butts and soot, his mind entirely in the Group and Yao Yao Yao s future Peng Group, he can give up, fidget cube olivedrab but the most beloved daughter, but can not give up Chu Peng is a heavy feeling of the people, he and some people who value the cause of the two extremes, some people can sacrifice their own career for their children s marriage happiness, forcin.So powerful ah I save a few years of pocket money to buy an Audi, Chen day brother you can buy a few cars a day Feng smiled and stared, twinkle sparkle, which All small stars This is just the initial stage Will earn more money later Wu Chen day is very contented, said. Then I will call your brother Chen days, or Wu total it Feng smiled and asked. Haha, all OK, you can Wu Chen day feel that their pores are not in the cool This Feng smiled is simply for their own equipment. Forcing the cause and made Wu is one of the family to Wu s resources and contacts, open a company want to make money easily, as long as not a fool idiot, to operate can make money Sun Jingyi said coldly. Ga Wu Chen day surprised a moment, face s suddenly look a little embarrassed Sun Jingyi said in fact not wrong, if the family business if the family will not lose money, their connections throughout, basically as long as the right way to find, will make a large sum, but Wu Chen days also unintentionally manage, get hold of the company, however Is to install in front of Sun Jingy.

if I have, do not have to want Someone else Of the ah You can only die. Lin Yi said But you and the rain house Xiaojia not the same, you mean, let the drug king poisoned us No, no, how do I dare to poison you Zhao Qibing quickly denied. Lin Yi, I fake passers by, little soldiers do not want to poison you mean, I was afraid of Chu Peng refused to give in, so it said. Li bared flowers bite the teeth, t ng body out, he decided For Zhao Qi Bing carry down Zhao Qibing did not come forward that that time, as long as he will take all the responsibility down, then perhaps the anger of Lin Yi transferred to his body. Oh, you ah You say you want to poison the family of Chu Uncle Lin Yi Li bile looked at a glance, asked. Is me Li bared flowers nodded. Oh, that I have to kill your family, of course, also includes Zhao Qibing. Lin Yi said indifferent. Ga, Li bared spent Lengle Leng But, this and the soldiers have nothing to do ah Oh, you kill the uncle of Chu family, and Yaoyao did not think there is no relationship, so I do not want to have any relations.he small Yi, it seems that I would be redundant, I do not have to say say Chu Peng is also a laugh Oh Lin Yi nodded, five year period there is a period of time, so Lin Yi is not anxious to return home, but Tang Yun know, do not know will not be happy Oh Shu is a powerful prophecy, la la la Chen Yushu exclaimed excitement. Chu Mengyao heart is also very happy, but not so obvious Chen Yushu performance, just smiled and said Lin Yi, then the trouble you. Lin Yi was trying to tease Missy, but the courtyard of the villa is once again heard the sound of footsteps. Oh another one to die Lin Yi s mouth across a trace of sneer Ye Hao, save me go to the door Xiao Jian today also fidget cube uk ebay received the news of An Jianwen, said Chu Mengchao with Chu Mengyao prepared to abscond, and the company s shares and the industry has been secretly transferred out, which makes Xiao s people furious This is also an Jianwen fear of a rain home, not enough to fidget cube olivedrab show enough pressure Chu Peng, so they informed the Xiao, so that they have to put pressure on the Chu Peng exhibition, it is.r I Must earn a fidget cube near me lot of money, take you out every day to eat dinner Oh, fidget cube olivedrab yes, my mother waiting for you The mother is the heart secretly sigh breath, I do not know he could not support that day To see her daughter sensible adult, and she can also take some peace of mind. This noodle shop is near the old name, and opened some years, Chen Xi small, often and her mother passed by here, the mother and daughter will be envious with the eyes fidget cube lavender looked at the guests here, when her mother is always on Chen Xi said , And other future make money, take Chen Xi to eat here. A blink of an eye, Chen Xi grew up, but my mother was found out for cancer This all of a sudden, so not well off Chen Xi home, become stretched, my mother s work can not do, and fidget cube grey can only rely on Chen Xi after school picking some waste paper shells and beverage bottles to maintain home. Today, Chen Xi is 16 year old s birthday, but Chen Xi was a little happy, because in a few days ago, my mother went to the hospital to review the time, the doctor told her mother also this two months time, Le.

Fidget Cube Olivedrab e has a brain residual brother, called Zou Ruo ming, you know. Oh, Zou Ruoming ah, I thought he knew what powerful people Feng smiled and Zou is the brother of the Ming, suddenly relieved. Uh That man d know what to do, and thought that he put a little bit of the Hunzi bad, Lin Yi will be able to compromise, but did not think Lin Yi actually know You know who Do not know, then you can roll. Lin Yi release the man s hand, did not put him in the eyes. The man hesitated, dingy ran out of the beef noodle shop, apparently that he is not Lin Yi s opponent, or thirty six meter to go on fidget cube on facebook the fidget cube olivedrab meter Really thank you Chen Xi s mother thought, before his death but also owed a debt, is the occasion of despair, did not expect someone to help them mother and daughter to succeed Fortunately, these two people know enough to see through the man s fraud, but also scared him, or their mother and daughter really do not know how to do it Thank you brother and sister Chen Xi wiped away tears, courtesy of the Lin Yi and Feng smiled and bowed, solemnly said. L.not Oh, I do not like and I almost people. Chen Yushu shook his head, quickly rejected. A mountain can not accommodate two tigers, do you think I like you Feng smiled and refused to Road. Oh Lin Yi smiled That you do not sing to sing Do not go back to sleep singing Chen Yu Shu Lin Yi said so, busy jumping up, and then looked at Feng smiled and said It is now the singing Shu performance Matsuyama City under the night, neon lights flashing bright, the streets are all parked outside the park full of cars, people coming, the noise and prosperity However, in this prosperous and joyful night, there is fidget cube royalblue a place full of bloody and dark Play well, kill him Purple wolf win, Purple Wolf Come on Left uppercut right uppercut, kick his head, kill the fidget cube violetred purple wolf This is an abandoned factory workshop, but after transformation, has become an underground black boxing field, surrounded by a circle of the auditorium, sitting on top of a lot of screaming small youth, in front fidget cube olivedrab of the VIP seats On, it touches the attitude of a calm sitting on some of the b.

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