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Fidget Cube Orchid g, he At that time also want to see the attitude of soldiers less, if the soldiers less to protect fidget cube orchid Chu Peng, fidget cube discount Xiao Ji is not possible to play Chu Peng idea However, the soldiers did not expect less and Chupeng Zhan is also the exhibition, so Xiaoji also unbridled expression of his intentions. Well, Xiao Shu is to ask this thing ah Zhao Qibing heart, it really can not wait fidget cube matthew and mark mclachlan ah, but very good, to deal with Lin Yi and Chu more people, he was more happy So, said No mistake, I have to find someone to test over, Li Fu s injury is very serious, not good, that Lin Yi, the strength of the total loss, completely into ordinary people Xiao Shu can rest assured that they deal with Haha, so ah Turned out to be less personally test your soldiers Xiao base suddenly overjoyed, he would have been afraid of the message is not accurate, but now one is Zhao Qibing personally test out, also put down the heart. You know I and Lin Yi s grudge, and now he out of such a big thing, I also want to deal with him Zhao Qibing said here, deliberately paused for a moment Zhen Dazhou f.ime in his side, but Feng smiled I am afraid that up to a year s time Yes ah I really did not expect, Feng Xiaoxiao actually have a family genetic incurable disease Chu Meng Yao sighed No wonder Tang Yun will accept her Said the situation, I told you, I hope you can keep my secret, after all, this thing is without the knowledge of smiles. Lin Yi said Smile is a strong self esteem of the girls, if she is me Know her condition, she fidget cube shopping probably would have thought that I sympathize with her, and her together, and that time will give birth to some fidget cube orchid misfortunes Chapter 1012 some can not wait Chapter 1o12 some can not wait, Lin Yi, do not worry, I know the importance of both small and Shu. Chu Mengyao solemnly nodded his head and said Moreover, I and Xiao Shu guarantee will not smile to the future What hostility, you can take her to the villa guest. Oh this is not necessary, and your attitude to her, do not suddenly changed, there must be a process Caixing Lin Yi is shook his head Smile is not stupid, you Attitude if sudd.

lip, accidentally brush a wrestle Xie Yufeng waved, and some depressing explanation. The road slippery Lee fat tiger and Wang Congming Xie Yufeng is to know the strength of dignified mysterious early stage of the peak strength of the master, how could slip and fall because of a big somersault it But now the situation is Xie Yufeng obviously do not want to say, they can not ask a lot. Lin Yi just before that, back to the box after, never go out, he just scare about Xie Yufeng, this guy since want to hide the strength, it will continue to be beaten go. Box inside, Chen Yu Shu and Feng smiled and then they are on the twitter of what is arguing, Lin Yi can only smile, and these two people will meet every rival will be good only, who also admit defeat, always want to separate a High down However, the topic of two people far apart, but also from the initial fight Lin Yi, who went to the more powerful above I have remediation Yaoyao sister suitors Zhong Pinliang, let him run a kilometer to buy me a grilled squid to eat Chen Yu Shu said. What is that, I have.e, although Lin Yi s heart has some changes, but it is not possible to see a person on the To help, that Lin Yitian do not do anything else, and move a small bench sitting in front of the hospital free of charge clinics got. P Chapter 0978 Chapter 0978 What a miracle working doctor People and you say thank you, how can you not even listen to you This is not a good thing Feng smiled or could not help but ask. See to the leaves you you They would have nothing to do with me, not because of you, I will not be shot rescue. Lin Yi fidget cube orchid faint said. Ah Then you just sit back and wait Feng laughed after listening to the words of Lin Yi, could not help but Lengle Leng Do you have no kindness Lin Yi shrugged his shoulders Hua Tuo can let a person of fidget cube make noise the times do not get sick I have my own thing to do, what things are, I do not do not do it Of the. However, there is a word Lin Yi in the heart, but it is not to say it That is, what is kindness Killer and mercenary, there is kindness it In fidget cube red many cases, their employers are different, the angle of the problem is also Yes ah, if for the usual, our family must be very happy Rain Maple sighed and said Father, that uncle for uncle thing how to say You Uncle now hidden in the rain home did not gain a firm foothold, can not help with the hidden forces of the rain home, and he can not be born casually Rain Mercury said However, your uncle s proposal is that the first mo Qinglin Yat s bottom line to say, look at Lin Yi s behind what is the background The father s meaning, or in accordance with previous plans, let me go to Matsuyama City Rain Feng quickly asked. Yes, I think so Rain star nodded This time, you go to Matsuyama City, not in the name of rain home to go, Lin Yi did not see fidget cube orchid you, he will not doubt you, you Change a name, I ll give you transfer to Lin Yi s school, you just secretly probe Lin Yi s bottom line on it I understand that I and Lin Yi, can not have a positive conflict, right Rain Maple nodded his head and asked. This is not, according to my survey data, Lin Yi of different people, attitudes are different Rain star will open the hands of the i.

Fidget Cube Orchid is big brother, fidget cube fake vs real should be a genius fidget cube unboxing Since he can tell her mother s illness, it can not save her mother You can save my mother, right Since you can tell her mother s illness, there is certainly a way Chen Xi also refused to give any men and women do not accept, come and pull the hand of Lin Yi, hastily said Please, save my mother, no matter what the price can be Lin Yi s heart fibrillation, before the face of joys and sorrows, will not be touched, and now, is it changed Chen Xi, then let the waiter a little dumbfounded He did not expect, Lin Yi actually said in the mother s illness Chen, and evidently, Lin Yi is really a doctor So he said before, are true Thought of this, the waiter suddenly some shame, blame themselves some impatient, indiscriminate indiscriminately on the Lin Yi meal reprimanded Lin Yi, you have no way Feng smiled knowing how much the loss of her mother will be painful, she saw Chen Xi, they thought of themselves, so if there is a way, then she will not give up If it is just found, it can be Lin Yi hesitated a moment, or said.rse, what you eat what to eat My mother would have to give you the barbecue, but the hospital can not bake inside, and other new house decoration Good, right After the renovation of the new house At that time where they will I am afraid it has returned to his hometown, right Lin Yi did not take this very high end hotel Tang Yun, Lin Yi is not going to fall is not, but Lin Yat this person is not very particular about the pomp, for these high end hotel is not very sensory interest. But today, he and Tang Yun, the last dinner, farewell dinner, Lin Yi want to eat a little solemn, even if Tang Yun did not agree with their own decisions, it can be considered a good memories of their own Lin Yi looked fidget cube orchid at the car into the bright star hotel parking lot, Tang Yun suddenly a little surprised Here s expensive, right How come suddenly here We eat two people, just a little like a simple ah Is not to say that I am recovering from illness, then come here to celebrate it, Lin Yi said. Tang Yun some distressed, she is not the kind of greedy vain vanity girl, a.

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