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Fidget Cube Pink fu at home to eat dinner celebration, see An Jianwen called fidget cube lime the phone, Zhong Pinliang to Gao Xiaofu made a silent gesture, and then pick up the phone Hey Wen brother ah, what is the matter What Commodities bright brother ah, there is a big thing ah Jian Wen hastily said I put this after the kidney, do not match ah Do not match How could it It is not your original kidney it Zhong Pinliang pretending to be surprised, but the heart is sneer, if it matches that really ghost out, unless you are a dog, or how Kidney and dog may match Yes, ah, I also wonder it But I just went to the hospital, does not match ah Jianwen said And now the doctor let me do the surgery Ah Excision surgery Zhongpin Liang Lengle Leng on the surface, but the hearts of illegal channels, surgery I have done long ago, so you do is normal, let you do, you die But the surface is suspected huo said Impossible ah, is not the result of an inspection error Roa. Chapter 0931 The kidney is broken Chapter o931 The kidney is broken again Can not be mistaken, ah, I really feel a little uncomforta.cry, and suddenly some doubts. Her mother is going to die, Lin Yi faint said. What Feng smiled, almost from the seat to stand up You said her mother, to death Really You see her mother s face, obviously dead, I am afraid that time is running out. fidget cube for press release Lin Yi said. You looked at to know her mother time is running out Feng smiled and some do not believe. Bian Que see Cai Huan, Wang also go, is this truth. Lin Yi said Sometimes, take a look, you know how long this person can live. Then you see how long I can live Feng smiled a smile in the hearts of a move, but quietly asked the surface, the heart is incredibly nervous. You do not see you have signs of death. Lin Yi Feng smiled and thought it was a joke, did how to order fidget cube not care, just casually said. Oh Feng Lin smiled to see Lin Yi did not really take seriously, suddenly a little disappointed. At this time, Lin Yi and Feng Xiao laugh beef noodles also end up, but it is and Chen Xi has a world of difference, the two bowls here, almost to catch up with the amount of a bowl over there See, right A bowl of enough to.

d, clutching hot cheek, some restless ah ah ah ah, how do ah, rhyme sister, he did not know me Lied to him Oh Tang Yun looked at some of fidget cube pink the mitigating von smiled and said Know know chanting Then he should not believe me after the Feng smiled and said some worried. Oh, it does not matter, he guessed before. Tang Yun laughed. Ah Guessed before ah Feng smiled and some embarrassed, and she did not expect Lin Yi before guessed that she is a lie. Lin Yi added finished oil on the car, did not say anything to move the car, drove to the direction of the school. But Lin Yi does not say anything more, Feng smiled more not practical If Lin Yi said her a few words, Feng smiled and felt normal a little. The original gas station here, ah, I do not know I come here at night refueling. Feng smiled and pretended to just know fidget cube pink there are gas stations, said Lin Yi husband, you can be really powerful, this small Gas stations on the streets can be found Oh, not too bad, is to fidget cube lightsteelblue observe it. Lin Yi faint smile said. Haha, I can not observe the Feng smil.ellow order of the late peak strength, the end of his life there is no breakthrough. It is easy to practice outside the home, but when it is difficult to break through a certain bottleneck, refining the body, to the limit, the promotion is quite slow, like Ma Zhiju unless talented, excellent physique, otherwise May reach such a state Think about it, Ma Zhu certainly more depressed than their own, their meridians broken, but also practicing outside the home Kung Fu, but Ma Zhu They can only go home farming. However, Uncle Chu, I feel I lost strength of this matter, has been detected by the enemy, so I think you should get a bodyguard to replace me as soon as possible, otherwise I am afraid you will have trouble Lin Yi Here, look a positive, continued After all, a lot of my enemies, but also your enemies, a lot of people because of Yao Yaocai deal with my hatred, and if they can not find me, I am afraid they turn again Come back to you and Yaoyao This I know Chu Peng nodded and said I have contacted the Forber s Young, he is also a bodyguard t.d, and actually set to Wu Chen day set Wu Chen day to push to a high, and now come down, and he does not give money, then, before it became a boast fidget cube pink Sun Jingyi Lin Yi finally understand why the worship of his girlfriend Wu Chen day performance and do not care a little bit, the original Lin Yi is not care, but has long been successful Know Feng Xiao smile does not worship Wu Chen day, but would like to pit him Roa. Chapter fidget cube wiki 1050 Step by step Kengren Chapter 1o5o a step by step Kengren Moreover, this pit people means or step by step, so Wu Chen day unconsciously, on the set, and simply do not have a little preparedness Warm water boiled frogs, the Wu Chen day to a high degree, if Wu Chen days do not agree to the request of Feng smiled, then the tall image before it will instantly crashing down, he will decline from the high stage fidget cube pink down Wu Chen day is what people like Sun Jingyi crystal clear, good results, said nice point is like the limelight, that does not sound good, that is like the loaded. Although the girl said the word is not elegant, but think of.

Fidget Cube Pink th bald sunglasses male strength, in his eyes, Feng smiled, but is a weak prey only, between life and death in his control. But now, things have been bareheaded sunglasses man imagination, prey is no longer a prey, originally a Cat and mouse game, into a dangerous race Bald head sunglasses men mouth across a trace of sneer, no matter how strong your technology, since you opened the Audi, it is equal to embarked on a defeat Audi in front of a huge Land Rover, it is a bit disproportionate As long as the bald man out reckless posture, and that the final loss, or Lin Yi is bound to party See the Audi in front of the non stop plus, bald sunglasses men began to increase He was underestimated before the opponent, would also like to wait first class opponent, but now it has become a counter attack. Similarly, in the sharp turn over the mountain when he did not cut, the same non stop plus Bald sunglasses male practice, once again to watch the game men and women were shocked, they cheered, shouting Originally not much from the first game, now has become the mo.ry sympathetic to the mother and daughter, but he is also a working, living conditions are not necessarily better than they how much can not be good at advocates sent They are a bowl of noodles, that will only let the boss deducted from his salary. Mother heard a bowl of noodles will be 15 yuan, it is distressed look, and Chen Xi is from the pocket, pulled out a stack of neat banknotes, from the inside out of the fifteen yuan, to the waiter. The waiter knows that this money for their mother and daughter, I am afraid that is not easy, but there is no way, only sympathetic read fidget cube pink them one, ready to secretly asked the Houchu, give them a little more Face, which is the only thing he can do. Xi Xi, you make money is not easy, but also give me treatment, after we do not squandered Chen fidget cube golenrod Xi mother whispered Fifteen, how much to buy noodles Niangliang enough to eat for several days The Mother, today I had a birthday, said I call the shots Chen Xi is interrupted fidget cube demo by the mother, then smiled and said Today, I am 16 years old, is the adult, and late.

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