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Fidget Cube Rosybrown of Lin Yi, but to get the money after the release of Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu, it does not mean that I do not know how to do Will show up in the matter He can not be reconciled, so I regret, is a deep hatred, Lin Yi, I Zhen Yanzhou if not killed, to die for the world No King of Medicine shook his head Although I am known as the King of Medicine, but it is only medical clever Bale, son of the eggs have been off the hook, and I unless dead tree flowering dead tree results, otherwise , This tool can not be regenerated Dad, I do not want to eunuchs, I have not enough to play it, ooo, ooo Zhen Yingjun cried, his heart is hated Lin Yi, before, although Lin Yi will become the eunuch, But it is fake eunuchs, but now, it is turned into a true eunuch Although all this is caused by Chen Yushu, but Zhen Yingjun hate it is Lin Yi But for Lin Yi will Ma Zhu wounded, that he could not be Chen Yushu can take advantage of it So it all lies in the final analysis, all because of Lin Yi Lin Yi to death, he can not die again Zhen son snapped his teeth.ential, as long as the rain home do not want to tear the skin, it will fidget cube peru not offend Chen at this time Time passed, and blink of an eye came to the half past six in the morning, Lin Yi s room, still no news came out Chu Peng exhibition finally could not resist, and went over, reaching out to knock on the door, but hesitated a moment did not knock, but the ears attached to the door of the room Lin Yi, want to listen to the inside of the movement. However, the exhibition is disappointing Chu Peng, Lin Yi s room, not a little movement. Lin Yi, is healing it Chu Peng exhibition do not know, but to be sure, Lin Yi must have his own things not done, but is extremely important thing, otherwise, can not be inside the room, not only do not come out , But also a little news. Look out, Lin Yi should not have time to explain it all, and he hurried into fidget cube rosybrown the room, the only word left is, do not bother him So, Chu Peng hesitated again and again, and did not knock on the door, but once again returned to the sand, sat down, quietly waiting for Lin Yi out of their own

said the elders, we must turn to leave. Li elders, you are looking at Ms grew up, to press her, enlighten her enlighten too elders on the sigh, she is also afraid of Ms Wan to make any extreme stupid things, people caught by surprise , So let the elders to see Ms Wan Li On the other hand, too much on the elders of the elders are afraid of Lee Lee will make decisions under what, good for advocating the arrangement of some things This good Li elders naturally understand the meaning of the elders on the point too too, some helpless nodded his head, evidently, he wants to do, can not it There are two other elders to monitor, and Li elders really have no chance to do Guye, little lady, I hope you can spend this catastrophe Lin Yi, Lee is optimistic about you, Lee has been your appearance, as Miss and Miss to meet the opportunity Although Lee has not mo clear your life experience, but this Does not prevent Lee s premonition Hope, you can change the current situation in Matsuyama City, Miss and me to bring some surprises Roa. Chapter 0937 Fa.up What does he mean by not doing it himself Is not to do his lover, or to indicate his own fidget cube rosybrown to save his mother, and fidget cube shop not allow themselves to intervene Chen Xi do not know, but Lin Yi has been busy here up Lin Yi from the body took out the silver needle box, from which to take out the needles, the rapid number of needles inserted in the mother of Chen s body You do not disinfect it Although Chen Yi believe Lin Yi, but also know that sterilization of silver needles, then there may be bacterial infection Lin Yi faint said, but did not explain how the disinfection, and Lin Yi in the absence of alcohol and other disinfectants fidget cube rosybrown in the case of the use of needles, will use their infuriating disinfection of the needle, really Gas instantaneous heat generated enough to kill any bacteria. Oh Chen Xi Lin Yi is also thought to be sterilized after sterilization with the body, so do fidget cube europe not ask. Cancer, Lin Yi with the energy can not be repaired, if it is cancer early, as long as the guarantee of non proliferation of cancer cells in the case of a large of the trust Lin Yi, Lin Yi, or asked Xiao bo, you do not know, These words, the future is not to say, you have to learn to keep confidential. I know, boss In fact, after a few days later, I regret it Kang Xiaowu bo smile I read a number of books on business and business management, which are referred to the importance of commercial confidentiality, But now That out, I m relieved Oh, this is not really a business machine secret. Lin Yi waved But if you see a little girl like me, let her to chase me, I can not stand ah Kang Xiaobo bo is laughed Yes, boss, early next month s new conference, Lai also let me attend the total, but I think, I do not know, I am now a stage, not suitable for the front, right What is not suitable for the future of this situation more, there is always a process of adaptation. Lin Yi said At that time to follow Lai said to do more than fat. Well, boss Kang Xiaobo bo nodded. Lin Yi sat for a while, that the sun s head a little sun, then stood up to the body. Kang Xiaobo bo has now decided to try to do business, so the high te.

Fidget Cube Rosybrown o Look at the body fidget cube lemonchiffon there is no good organ, cut off sold, and the rest of the crocodile pond to feed inside feeding crocodile Little mule looked at the ground of a red dragon, waved and said. Yes, mule brother Small dragging dragons dragons red dragon s body and out of the room, in accordance with the instructions of a small mule to do things. Yu Ren is the scalp fried ah These people are too vicious, right People are dead, but also cut off people s organs to sell Is simply too bad However, this is also more to the fear of the kernel, these people really can do anything out ah In fact, this scene is also a small mule deliberately arranged, the purpose is to scare fidget cube rosybrown Yu Ren, otherwise, every day there are dead, dead individuals will consult, then it is not the small mule to exhausted In the kernel, five fidget cube demonstration days, heard it Five days to scrape together the money, waiting for the ring A little mule some impatient waved for Ren You can roll, do not paranoid escape, I Will arrange for your family To secretly monitor Yu Ren s body flick, he did think of the escape.nd her mother s character is very different, in the Tang Yun view, the poor have to be out of the backbone to Caixing. Lin Yi to a small box, because only the ordinary box, so do not fidget cube mashable have to make an appointment in fidget cube for students advance. Tang Yun has been to the best hotel, that is, before the eldest of the guests of the Peng exhibition business hotel and the bright stars of the hotel. Lin Yi will be handed the menu Tang Yun, Tang Yun is just a free doubled, it was shocked, which is really expensive scary dishes, the price of a common dish, you can eat on the outside of a meal , Tang Yun fidget cube rosybrown really can not point. Hesitated a moment, or the menu back to Lin Yi or you come Oh Lin Yi know Tang Yun s mind, free of the point a few dishes, and then hit the waiter out, he came here, mainly Tang Yun showdown, not to eat. A waste of money Tang Yun Lin Yi saw a Du toot toot, although she knows Lin Yi can make money, but do not like extravagance and waste Money, you can spend is used in place, but this kind of eat a meal, but also not necessarily eat more deliciou.

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