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Fidget Cube Sides equivalent to Lin Yi wearing a green hat, even if the rain can not now forest Yat how, but let Lin Yi when a green turtle is also very refreshing thing So, Xie Yufeng did not mind smiled, smiled on the Feng said Haha, beauty you really humorous Xie Yufeng said here, just outside the box door knocked the door came the sound. Come in Xie Yufeng Datailielie said, his anti fidget cube sides off oriented, attracted Chen Yu Shu and Feng smiled despised. But Xie Yufeng did not mind, the dark box, he did not even take note of Chen Yushu and Feng smiled expression He waited for the waiter to send snacks and what he wanted to come in, so the attention of the whole person came in the door of the waiter who come. Box guests, you, this is your point of fruit and snacks, please use Waiter came in, the hands of the fruit plate and snacks on the coffee table, and then turned to leave the box. Haha, I treat, to a few beautiful women, please try the fruits of this fruit plate Xie Yufeng a wave of the Chen Shu Shu and Feng smiled and said. Because Tang Yun away from the far, and.the back of the Land Rover, Lin Yi hearts sink, in this corner, if no accident, his car will certainly be Land Rover to the top fly Out In this case, once Feng smiled and injured, then the consequences would be unthinkable, so Lin Yi must ensure that Feng smiled once injured, Will be able to timely absorption of their infuriating energy, the repair of her injury And Lin Yi, also made a bold decision Feng smiled laugh also seems aware of the situation of the emergency, hastily hold the Lin Yi, like a lazy, almost the body will fidget cube kickstarter video be completely fidget cube sides attached to the body of Lin Yi. However, Lin Yi at the moment inadvertently enjoyed Feng Xiaoxiao soft body to bring pleasure, but after the corner, suddenly brakes, with the help of the rapid resistance of the mountain wall to stop the car. Bald Han is also has been waiting for this opportunity No doubt, in front of the corners, is the best way to solve the problem Lin Yi to see parking, bald Han s mouth across the trace of a mocking smile This case, the stop is a dead stop, do not he also count on the weight of.

e to dry defeated them Moreover, as long as Lin Yi is not present, secretly with their little infuriating is also no relationship, and afterwards who can see it Unless there are practitioners present, can feel his infuriating, ordinary people is impossible to distinguish infuriating But, Lin Yi in the school has been laying the foundation, and will give that a few thorns did not step on the temper, and this is also aware of several thorns Lin Yi s powerful, easily impossible to provoke Lin Yi People around, if they want to show their skill, but added that there is no suitable opportunity I really hope there are some small eyes do not run out of a small bully and then take liberties with Chen Fengshu and smiled, ah, so that they can save the United States a hero Lin Yi is not because of playing Zou Ruoming, only fidget cube whitesmoke to capture the heart of Tang Yun s heart Now, Xie Yufeng can only take a temporary tactical tactics, and looked at Feng smiled, and she chatted up You are Feng smiled, had heard of your name, Songshan first high school school beauty one Where.h side, there will be such a master there A lot of practitioners to achieve a high order after the stagnation of the yellow order, in the cultivation of the way there is no higher pursuit of the natural world will pursue some of the money to fidget cube sides enjoy the money, reduced to the rich man and the thugs are not surprising thing, But the mysterious order, not so much, and generally able to practice to the master of the mysterious order, a little line may be further, it will not become a rich bodyguard, but things are not absolute, But there will be some. But Lin Yi, a high school student, actually so despised a mysterious early stage peak strength of the master, that he himself Feng smiled just know Lin Yi before the powerful, did not think Lin Yi so powerful So to say, Lin Yifeng really more than Xie Yufeng is also possible Lin Yi husband you Feng smiled and stared, incredible look at Lin Yi You fidget cube greenyellow will not be worse than Xie Yufeng, right Lin Yi nodded his head, since he has accepted Feng smiled, some things will not hide her natural, st.Untouchables, but also can not afford to hide it He wondered, even the side of the grocery store do not, and overnight with his wife and children away from Matsuyama City, hiding outside To start again However, this idea is now impossible to achieve Yu Ren sighed, can only go home and then think of a way He really regretted, really should not listen to the flesh of the boss of the flicker, to see what black boxing match, but should not be tempted to those unrealistic Diaoxian pie Yu Ren stumbled out of the boxing field, a small mule watching his back, mouth across a trace of sneer Blink of an eye came to Friday, Lin Yi these days are driving and then Tang Yun Yun smiled and went to school together, but also gradually accustomed to this life. Xie Yufeng seems to corpuscles a lot, from Wu Chen days before the repair after a meal, Xie Yufeng the whole person becomes a lot of low key, he did not what action, Lin Yi also do not bother Dali him. Zhong Pinliang looked at a few days, and then often black and blue Xie Yufeng, mouth across a hint of sneer, a.

Fidget Cube Sides ware of Feng Tianlong, in Lin Yi It seems that Feng Tianlong know fidget cube marketing his relationship with his daughter, I am afraid will find myself to talk about, not to mention he also knew before But the last time Lin Yi Feng laughed and said, Feng Tianlong work things, Lin Yi will not wait, he understands Feng Tianlong s work quality, a walk may be a day, may be 10 days and a half or even A year or so, Lin Yi, how can time continue to wait Moreover, the eldest here also out of the matter. Well, but also looking for you Feng smiled and nodded his head, but did not see any special expression LIN Yi, suddenly a little strange Hey, how do you not afraid of My father knows our relationship The Yat light should be a cry What we have Anyway, I saw the photos to him, and you said he thought we are what relationship Feng smiled and asked really asked. Oh Lin Yi just smiled, did not say anything, I believe Feng Tianlong is also aware of Feng smiled the grid, so some things, Lin Yi an explanation, you can explain, after all, he and Feng Tianlong Worked, Feng Tianlong.his car to withstand their own impact Bald Han again increased the throttle Even if the Audi tt stopped, he also has the confidence to directly hit the mountain stream Chapter 1069 Heavy commitments But, in the Land Rover is about to top the Audi fidget cube sides tt moment, Lin Yi and release the brake, Audi tt to slide forward again And so, gave the Land Rover drivers caused an illusion Because the Audi tt taillights have been all the Land Rover car crashed, bald sunglasses man Lin Yi s car has not moved, in fact, Lin fidget cube quartz Yi s car is slowly sliding forward to the following glide mountain But the degree is too slow to bald sunglasses male Car fidget cube sides does not exist now All this is born in the fire point of time, and Lin Yi is just playing a visual difference Therefore, when fidget cube inen the Land Rover hit the Audi tt, Audi tt almost have to rush down the mountain stream Lin Yi foot throttle, Audi tt directly channeling out, washed down the mountain stream, and behind the Land Rover is clearly not aware of danger, he has been stepping on the gas throttle you want to Lin Yi fidget cube in stock to the top down As.

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