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Fidget Cube Tomato turn to normal the same time, a fidget cube You see how much I go along Trot, I will jump you see Ha, it is estimated that Lin Yi see your tu so soon enough, too mad, right Li bile flowers Congratulations. Yes ah, I m going to gas Lin Yi, and this time, I want to interrupt his tu , you who do not help me, on my own hands Zhao said. Zhao Qiaobing is proud of, the phone rang, he picked up the phone a look, is actually Jianwen call, heart Road, this guy gave their money to the What Hey Wen less ah, this time to call, what is it Zhao Qibing pick up the phone. Jian Wen deliberately depressed the voice I heard that Chu Peng want to escape ah He went to the early morning of the Chu Mengyao. I have a message to talk to you ah The villa, ready to escape with Chu Mengyao I heard that now the rain home and Xiaojia people, are looking for the past, the soldiers have to pay less you, ah, do not let them run away ah Oh Really Zhao Qibing surprised a moment, his heart is not afraid to run away Chu Peng, run the monks ran the temple it He wants to the real estate company, and Xia.ellow order of the late master of the strength of the Song Ling Shan never did expect, his first few days before the break to the late yellow order, today is actually the peak of the yellow order of the late This upgrade is also a bit horrible, right Song Lingshan want to thank Lin Yi, but suddenly, Lin Yi s infuriating transmission, does not seem to stop, but still fidget cube tomato a steady stream of transmission to your body No way Song Ling Shan slightly surprised a moment, do Lin Yi also want to help themselves to a higher level Song Ling Shan shocked, the current situation, has been completely out of her expectations Lin Yi, do not have to rest it However, Lin Yi did not speak, Song Ling Shan is not a lot of questions, can only silently continue to run the Song of the internal strength of heart, Lin Yi transmission absorbed the infuriating Two hours later, Song Lingshan some do not dare to believe the facts in front She actually touched the barrier of the mysterious order Is, but also a breakthrough Their master order to how much is a fidget cube become a mysterious order Song Ling Shan.

nce again into the Lin Yi s body within, but this time, it is all used by Lin Yi their own Lin Yi can even feel that energy is filled With each kind of meridians brought about when the kind of filling sense, really extremely refreshing Chu Peng exhibition back to the villa, but it is Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu are sitting in the living room of the sand to stay, did not watch TV, did not do other things, two people are stupid blankly Yaoyao, small Shu Chu Peng exhibition came in Little Plaza fidget cube tomato has left Chu Peng Peng Yi also thought that the villa has left the house, her daughter and small Shu some sad, so sit on the sand to stay. Daddy, you come back Chu Meng Yao recovered, looked up to see Chu Peng. Well, Daddy came back Chu Peng Zhan look at some of his haggard daughter, my heart an acid, they have not been able to give her a happy life, although the material side, it can be said Chu Mengyao nothing missing, But from the family side, but she owed her too much too much The child grew up without a mother, Chu Pen.e the So, want to stay Yi, there must be a reason to leave him Caixing Chu Peng said However, Yat and we are not non pro and therefore, why stay This Chu Mengyao some understand the meaning of the father, if Lin Yi is his boyfriend, then perhaps, he will stay, but he is it He is not In other words, if Yat and we became a family, he also go what Chu Peng Zhan daughter looked embarrassed look, but also did not expect her to recognize anything, but what she thought, Chu Peng exhibition or the father can Guess one or fidget cube makers two I want to marry Yat, see how Ha Chu Mengyao staring eyes, and some incredible look at Daddy Her long before the father is on the attitude of Lin Yi unusual, after the first dinner, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu also discussed this issue, the original answer given by Chen Yushu is, or Chu uncle want to forest Yat do son in law, or is Lin Yi is his illegitimate child Now it seems, Daddy seems to have been playing is the mind fidget cube dodgerblue Chu Mengyao fidget cube makers some shocked, Daddy really want to marry her Lin Yi it Is this true That yourself, do not a.d out a problem That is, if you pretend to like Lin Yi, not also be able to taste the taste of love it And then to their own dead, Lin Yi will be sad, it fidget cube tomato is not also reached the purpose of revenge Lin Yi it Hmmm, Lin Yi, you drenched me, still on my ass firecrackers, this is simply a shame I decided, from today, like you, so you fell in love with me, I die, see you sad not sad Of course, the idea of Feng smiled and his father can not say, she can only silently in the heart of planning Since figured this out, Feng smiled on the incredibly happy, they can not only enjoy the taste of love, but also to achieve the fidget cube tomato purpose of revenge Lin Yi, really serve two purposes, why not Fengtian Long to see her daughter s face, to know their own speculation is not separated from ten, even if the daughter fidget cube lightgodenrod of Lin Yi is far from love, but at least it is Very good impression, and it seems that the relationship between them has been very close Daughter bath in the bathroom when the disease fainted, it must be naked, and Lin Yi and her side, which shows what Feng laughed.

Fidget Cube Tomato e words of Chu Peng could not help but scolded up We Xiaojia how people do, but also use your teach Before the death of Xiaojia Father, Xiao basic to the young master of the bag, all day fighting and a group of people who are also mixed with dandy, everywhere provoke, but at that time Xiaojia is at its peak, it touches also does not matter. In recent years, Xiao Ji although the convergence of fidget cube joystick some, but the bones of temper and dandyism character is not changed, to hear the third hand push three push four Chu Peng Zhiyiwai, directly on the anger. Chu Peng Peng did not think that there will be no quality based, not a word on the export into a dirty, which is where the identity of the meeting between the people Mr. Xiao, what do you mean Chu Peng exhibition hold in one breath You are deliberately looking for trouble Xiao Ji Lengheng a cry, kicked in the office of the sand, cursed The people who dare to bully the Xiao family Xiao Qigui said I do not want to tell you, I am afraid to tell you, I come to my wife to find a place to come I think you are living.lip, accidentally brush a wrestle Xie Yufeng waved, and some depressing explanation. The road slippery Lee fat tiger and Wang Congming Xie Yufeng is to know the strength of dignified mysterious early stage of the peak strength of the master, how could slip and fall because of a big somersault it But now the situation is Xie Yufeng obviously do not want to say, they can not ask a lot. Lin Yi just before that, back to the box after, never go out, he just scare about Xie Yufeng, this guy since want to hide the strength, it will continue to be beaten go. Box inside, Chen Yu Shu and Feng smiled and then they are on the twitter of what is arguing, Lin Yi can only smile, and these two people will meet every rival will be good only, who also admit defeat, always want to separate a High down However, the topic of two people far apart, but also from the initial fight Lin Yi, who went to the more powerful above I have remediation Yaoyao sister suitors Zhong Pinliang, let him run a kilometer to buy me a grilled squid to eat Chen Yu Shu said. What fidget cube tomato is that, I have.

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