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Fidget Cube Usa ing Ha ha ha, really do not die me ah Little bastard also t ngjian fraud, actually play from a resourcefulness, and I want to perish together Not so easy Bald men sunglasses, looked at the mountain below, has exploded Audi tt , Feel great cool He took out the phone to the Xun will be a video to a number This is recorded before the Audi tt was the top of the mountain stream of the moment, as well as just recorded Audi t fire video Short message out fidget cube matthew and mark mclachlan not long, while the phone rang the bell rang up Sure enough, the person who received the video can not wait to return to the phone Hey Bald sunglasses male sneer pick up the phone Long Feng What You must have received the video I gave you, right What are you Smile how Feng Tianlong answers quickly Long Feng Feng Tianlong in the organization to perform the task code, evidently, the other is enough for him to understand He side of the phone, waving his hand under the opponent, indicating that he inquired about the specific direction of the call The current agps wide range of applications, mobile phone number.ous Feng smiled and said fidget cube cadetblue Tang Yun, Lin Yi really like me if you are you as you Is it responsible I I Tang Yun suddenly some language plug , seems to be hesitant How, dare not speak Feng smiled ridicule watching Tang Yun. I said the words of natural arithmetic If Lin Yi really like you, then I have nothing to say Tang Yun like Feng Xiao smiled by the thorn in general, categorically said He wants to accept you, I Accept you Well, then a word for the set Feng smiled laughing heart, Tang Yun in fidget cube quartz the end or as their ghost idea, so on the A word for the set will be a word for the set Tang Yun hum said. Then you are not allowed to give me face, do not let me and Lin Yi close Feng smiled and took the opportunity fidget cube usa to say. As long as he does not say anything, I will live in peace with you Tang Yun blushed and nodded. Well, in fairness, after the three of us to eat together, go to school with school Feng fidget cube usa smiled to continue to be insatiable test the bottom line of fidget cube for students Tang Yun, Tang Yun impulse she would not rational circumstances, more to some of the.

way to show, and had to send You to stabilize me Oh Lin Yi slightly frowned, the original parking lot is Zhaoji Bing recruited If I guess right, Chu Peng show is probably want to pack things intend to flee You sent here, you want to delay time Zhao Qi Bing Lin Yi to see the expression before that frown, thought it was Said Lin Yi s mind It, suddenly very proud to continue to play his reasoning ability But Lin Yi, I say you are not stupid How do you so silly All this case, and returned to Chu Peng Let you to frighten me, is to let you as Cannon fodder, you think, you come, but also go Do not you know, I would have wanted you to die Oh, not Chu uncle let me come, is my own to come. Lin Yi ruthless negation of Zhao Qibing reasoning. You know, you have been like Chu Mengyao that little girl right You for her, take the initiative to sacrifice their own I say right Hey, since ancient times Jia Ding Passionate, in order to Miss willing to die ah, did not Think I can see the modern version Wow Kaka, is simply too touching You tu Well, how the brain went Lin Yi looked at the self righteous Zhao Qibing, regret shook his head It appears that you have to take a wheelchair, ah, if you continue to show this IQ, I Am afraid that is late Vegetable people. Zhao Qi Bing a pound the table, pointing to a wheelchair not far behind him, said Lin Yi, you come to me, dare to say so, it seems you really want to die ah. Let me in a wheelchair You know that I m out of wheelchairs, why not Because you have expected, and wheelchair also use Lin Yi surprised some looked at Zhao Qibing. Do not you stupid ah Know that this wheelchair is I prepared for you Zhao Qibing laughed No mistake, I ll let you stand out and sit fidget cube usa out Lin Yi regret shook his head You are wrong, I thought you and predicted the same as the prophecy of Shu it is, you know you have to do a wheelchair for a while Oh, it is not silly you silly. Zhao Qibing anger, in his fantasy inside, once again to see Lin Yi, Lin Yi should give him a kneel for mercy, one of them, I do not know what to to do, The nose of a tear to pray for him, but Lin Yat no strength, ac.ble, kidney pain, hematuria, and I was in the big hospital Jianwen said. This ah, it is not possible that the kidney in my body a long time, I assimilated, so in exchange for your body, the exclusion of the phenomenon Zhong Pinliang began to crap, and he can not let An Jianwen is flawed, otherwise, Jianwen certainly not easy to bypass him You say this is actually possible ah An Jianwen heard Zhong Pinliang fidget cube usa interpretation suddenly understood You are not fidget cube usa eating a lot of drugs to prevent renal exclusion Yes, ah, certainly these drugs to transform your kidney Zhong Pinliang heart, which Jianwen also t ng on the Road, ah, they have not thought how to explain it, he gave himself a good reason. Now, my kidney, but the exclusion of the state ah Jianwen Wen suddenly some tears, their own kidney, ah, fidget cube logo how to let Zhong Pinliang to assimilate it Ah, ah, how to do ah This is how to do ah He did not dare to go to a large hospital to find a solution, after all, this thing a bit weird, if the truth is that there is no guarantee that the doctor will not cause suspici.

Fidget Cube Usa nservative, ah, since the wife can do that for three wives and four concubines certainly do not exclude, and that they start with them no problem at the same time What Think of here, Xie Yufeng quickly said I am a very fair person, for the wife and wife are a bowl of flat, and I hurt little wife You see, you quickly take your great wife Yao Yao sister to find him Feng smiled and listened to Chen Yu shu to persuade. How do you not take your Tang Yun sister to give him the size of his wife Chen Yu Shu asked. You took his flowers, I did not pick ah Feng smiled and said. I accept the flowers in order to give the Wrigley brother Then, Chen Yushu stood up, took the flowers went to Lin Yi s side, the flowers to him, said Wrigley brother, give you. Chapter 1000 coincides with Chapter 1oo chapter coincide Feng Xiaofei frowned, grabbed another bunch of fidget cube facebook flowers in the hands of Xie Yufeng, and then ran to the Lin Yi, the flowers handed Lin Yi said Lin Yi, give you Uh Chen Fushu and Feng Xiaoxiao face at the same time to send flowers, Lin Yi can only smi., but also know that his daughter lives soon, so there is no thought to save money, usually do everything we can to provide her daughter with the best living environment Feng smiled and opened the door into the room, rushed into the bathroom directly, with a cold wash a hot face, she too needed to cool down. Call After washing his face, Feng smiled relieved, looking at the mirror, his beautiful face, Feng smiled and smiled fist, said to himself Smile you are the best, Refueling Lin Yi has begun to like you However, Feng smiled and added to his oil, but again immersed in a strange mood, this is the feeling of love it Himself really like Lin Yi Well it touches does not matter, anyway, have to die, is to experience the taste of love it, the more their input, it certainly feels better Feng smiled so think, also do not intend to deliberately control fidget cube feldspar her feelings. Out of the toilet, Feng smiled to Lin Yi, a short message My dear, I got home. Feng smiled the SMS over, Lin Yi are almost home, and he also worried about how befo.

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