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Fidget Cube Violet ang Yun took a small box, and some trembling hand to play open, the diamond in the box under the light of the light, the bright light, so that the fastest rhyme Tang slightly narrowed his eyes Sure enough, is fidget cube violet the diamond ring Tang Yun good excitement ah, this moment, she was so happy, like their own love, and finally became a fruition in general, she felt, she is the world s happiest girls Chapter 0912 is accidental or premeditated Lt RTI gt Chapter o912 is accidental or premeditated Nice Tang Yun surprised to see some of the huge ring above the diamond, joy can not restrain You do not say something Oh Lin Yi from the small box out of the diamond ring, look to the Tang Yun You really want to go to me I I would fidget cube violet like to Tang Yun shy nodded his head, this moment, she is like a bride going into the marriage hall. Lin Yi will ring worn on the hands of Tang Yun, the heart is also a burst of easy. Although the strength is not, but to take home a wife, do not know what the old man will do This meal, although some sad, went to the residence of Sun Jingyi sailed. The car stopped at the Sun Jingyi downstairs, Wu Chen day call Sun Jingyi phone, he wanted to give Sun Jingyi a surprise, this car is intended as a gift to Sun Jingyi, remember Sun Jingyi said, she likes the Audi car, but again Do not like too conspicuous, so I bought an Audi a41, in the promise of large Matsuyama City, the rich gathered in the Audi a41 can only be regarded as a very ordinary car. Waiting for about half an hour or so, Sun Jingyi was late, but today s Sun Jingyi, obviously not the former solemn, makeup dress tend to cute cute, it touches to Wu Chen day slightly surprised a moment, to see some stunned He had known Sun Jingyi before the mature dress is pretending to come out, but it did not expect Sun Jingyi dress up so cute, he has not seen this style for many years Sun Jingyi Wu Chen day Sun Jingyi thought it was deliberately dressed for him to do, the hearts of a sudden very happy, and quickly walked quickly walked fidget cube lightblue over and said Jing Yi, you really beautiful today Oh Sun Jingyi.

e been, and our car fidget cube gainsboro displacement is small, and not changed. Chapter 1044 Wu Chen day there please You have confidence in me on the line. Lin Yi Fu Feng smiled laugh. Oh I certainly have confidence in you, but the car can not ah Feng smiled and said. Panshan Road, they turned the car also play a role too much. Lin Yi shrugged his shoulders. That is also the kind of road, who would add Feng smiled and thought, but also put down the heart. Wu Chen day morning to find Xiao Wang Pa take the car, to see their company is very impressive in the roadside occupied two floors, signs are also very loud, called Hill days Trade Co., Ltd., Wu Chen day is very happy, Xiao Wang Pa patted the shoulder, said Yes Good dry, business cards to me Xiao Wang Road did not think the company did not care about the day is not to make money, just concerned about the company s appearance, suddenly the hearts of Dading, a box of gold plated business card to the Wu Chen days Chen days brother, Not satisfied Wu Chen day took a look at tomorrow, and then into his pocket, got into the.ons but I doomed to not have a true friend, and I do not want my good friend Because of their own Of death and pain. See Feng smile desire, Lin Yi could not help but took a deep breath, the mood is very heavy From the tone of this desire, Feng smiled should have fidget cube violet been aware of her disease is an incurable disease, so there will be such a feeling Perhaps she had despair of curing her own disease Have a friend to a intimate boudoir m This is normal in the eyes of ordinary girls, seems to be a very simple matter, who from small to large not really a few good friends Which girl did not sleep fidget cube coupon with a boudoir m netbsp But this simple thing in the eyes of Feng Xiao laugh has become a luxury And her kind, could not bear to let his death bring pain to a friend, but also deeply touched Lin Yi However, this desire Lin Yi really no way to achieve, because he could not when Gui m ah Do not let him brandished a knife from the palace fragmentation But it can be recommended Tang Yun and small Shu Feng Smiled as boudoir m , should be a good choice Lin Yi opponents jump out Li elders do not know which is the key, after all, even the parties rain house and Xiao are not very clear that one of the curtain inside the curtain Li elders naturally More impossible to learn the key. Well, a few fidget cube target mysterious jumping beam clown only, there is nothing The elders are too much for Lin Yi is no special look at fa, just frowned, and some disapproval of the Road Ms, you can go out. Finished, too old elders turned away In fact, her heart some depressed, that jian fidget cube violet husband and wild species how not s it S the later, Ms was not worry about, you can not ruthless breakthrough to the day order y With the feelings of the fetters, for the repair and refining of the people, is not always a good thing She is a ruthless person, she did not love, do not know the mind between the lover, in her open, what feelings are like a lie, only the strength is the key And so on the elders to leave after too long, Li elders was a wry smile relieved, said Little sister, too elders is this temper, you do not bear to hate her I know where I w.

Fidget Cube Violet s to spend a lot of money, Tang Yun is very distressed. Oh, not married, you began to control me Lin Yi laughed. How, then you should not be tube Tang Yun Mei Mei stared at Lin Yi greatly. Oh, well, as long as you are willing to pipe down Lin Yi said these words, although it is said with a smile, but there are some trouble to God Unless you do not want me Tang Yun Lin Yi answered the answer, some proud. I m afraid you do not want me. Lin Yi s face a Su, and then solemnly said. Tang Yun surprised a moment, some surprised to see a Yi Lin, although Lin Yigang, then, some joking nature, but Lin Yi expression, indeed, Tang Yun somewhat puzzled Why are you so serious Lin Yigang want to answer, but outside the box came the sound of knocking on the door, the waiter began serving. Lin Yi point a few dishes are slide fried, no complex dishes, so soon complete, and this is Lin Yi deliberately whom, the purpose is to prevent the waiter into a one, and disturb him and Don Yun speak. Rhyme, I about you out, in fact, there is a very important thing.t run Regulus Yu fidget cube price tactic to convert, can be used by their own, because it is their own energy Mighty before the general did not practice their infuriating, so Lin Yi lost to it what it is. But others are different, Lin Yi s infuriating energy, not through the Regulus Yu tactic conversion, others do not take Fortunately, you left fidget cube discount code a hand, or this time is really a trouble Coke teeth sighed and said However, all the offerings of their own God, you can ride out the storm like Oh, but with the mighty generals, but I also touches on a life saving cards, it seems infuriating bombs can continue to use it Lin Yi s mouth across a trace of pride sneer, fidget cube lightslategray with this The cards In hand, they can and even a few more master of the battle However, you better still can not, do not. Jiao Ya son is shook his head. Well Lin Yi was a splash of cold water, suddenly surprised a moment. First, the bombing is not good, directly fried to your heart or head, you do not have to wait for the dog to the energy, and you directly hung up. Coke teeth said. Well Lin Yi fidget cube violet bitterly nod.

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