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Fidget Cube With 10 Color Schemes side. After opening, Lin Yi is now, the my desire of the document, not a day to complete the record, but divided into a lot of pages Each page only to write a wish and wish date, and some desire to achieve, Feng smiled will be in the directory index page marked has been achieved , there is no realization of the natural without any annotation. Lin Yi smile a bit, if it is written in a page above, a few minutes time Lin Yi may also read, but this is a page to page to see, I am afraid today is still Fortunately, however, there are physical education Every week, Lin Yi d not eager to read all day, and today can see how much to see how easy it is to pick the first to help Feng Xiao laugh it Lin Yi points to open the directory index page on the earliest date that link, read up. My illness really good Tomorrow and my father went to Yanjing hospital inspection, is said to be a hospital specializing in genetic diseases Feel good perturbed, I hope this hospital can cure my illness Looked at Feng smiled this desire, Lin Yi some silent, if able to cure her disea.of the thunderstorms, so as to Chen Yu Shu and Feng Xiao laugh in front of the establishment His heroic image If all of a sudden thunderstorms will hit the halo of the past, it would be too boring, Chen Yushu and Feng smiled do not know what Kung Fu, to see him so easy to defeat the opponent, not how he felt terrible After all, this small fry over, give him the opportunity to show the strength of small So Xie fidget cube lightskyblue Yufeng to seize the opportunity, a good performance in front of Chen fidget cube with 10 color schemes Yushu and Feng Xiaoxiao look Thunderstorm was playing on the blood upstairs xiong mouth sore, from the ground to get up, suddenly rage, a means that Xie Yufeng, the bald head and hook the nose nasal command Road, said This guy is a practicing son, everyone on. fidget cube with 10 color schemes Lin Yi in the box inside, see Xie Yufeng out of the box, and Feng smiled and Chen Yushu has not come back, of course, some do not feel at ease Lin Yi is not clear now Xie Yu Feng s backing, so he did not dare take it lightly, although it seems the Xie Fengfeng want to pursue Feng Xiaoyu and Chen Yushu, should not make a.

o the people, the employer went abroad for a while ago, but is now doing a cash escort to a wealthy business, is a But he gave me a bodyguard company s phone, is dedicated to the provision of temporary bodyguards for the rich, and I first hired a one there, a temporary replacement for about it. Well, what is his strength Lin Yi asked. Said to be master of the mysterious order. Chu Peng said. Strength is not a problem, as long as not hatred, should be able to deter those enemies. Lin Yi thought, asked When will he come In the two days. Chu Peng said Not today is tomorrow. Well, then I ll be relieved Lin Yi nodded. Chu Peng and Lin Yi to talk about the end, then left the villa, the company has a lot of things to be busy the past two days, so he no time to spare, but Lin Yi did not see a night of Missy and Xia Shu downstairs, Lin Yi Presumably because a few days ago they did not take care of their sleep well, is complement sleep. The next morning, Chu Meng Yao fidget cube real vs fake and Chen Yushu hand down the stairs, the eldest and usually no difference, it touches Lin Yi Feng smiled and eat together, if only to Lin Yi, he is not willing to do Lin Yi not only can not cope with him loaded, forced, but also and their grab Sun Jingyi A. Chapter 1045 The car was smashed Smiled, Wu Chen day call, said to ask us to eat fidget cube with 10 color schemes dinner, you do not go Lin Yi turned around and asked Feng smiled. Wu Chen day Feng smiled surprised a moment, then thought of what Wu Chen day people is the Wu Tieshou Please let us fidget cube cornsilk eat dinner Go ah ah, I most like to eat dinner What time Lin Yi on the phone side of the Wu Chen day asked. Now, I and Jingyi in Matsuyama City, the first high school behind the snack street, said you live in the vicinity Wu Chen day said. Now, go Lin Yi did not answer Wu Chen day problem, but asked Feng smiled. Feng Xiaoxiao for learning what is not interested, people have to hang, but also to learn it, there is no time to study the University of the test So Feng Xiaoxiao gladly promised. Then you wait, we are now in the past Lin Yi Wu Chen days to finish the hang up the phone. For Wu Chen day, Lin Yi is no how to get fidget cube good impression is.ny harm to their things, but who knows things No accident So Lin Yi Xie Yufeng out of the box, the slightly pondered a moment, but also turned out to go out with He can not let Feng smiled and Chen Yu Shu from their line of sight for too long, especially Xie Yufeng the existence of this unstable factors under the circumstances Lin Yi out of the box, you see Xie Yufeng kick kicked out of thunderstorms, and Chen Yushu and Feng smiled, it is standing behind Xie Yufeng See this scene, Lin Yi suddenly frowned, is it Chen Yu Shu and fidget cube yellowgreen Feng smiled to provoke something to come, the Xie Yufeng help them succeed Smile, small Shu Lin Yi while walking cried to them. Lin Yi Feng smiled and some pleasantly cheered Road, she was out so for a while, Lin Yi to find out, apparently worried about her out of anything, Feng Xiao laugh heart burst of happiness. Wrigley brother Chen Yushu and Feng laugh almost the same idea, evidently Wrigley brother or worried about the safety of his wife Ga Only Xie Yufeng heard the voice of Lin Yi, was surprised a moment This Lin Yi out t.

Fidget Cube With 10 Color Schemes Yi and martial arts All lost, That is, and the same as ordinary people, so Chu Meng fidget cube with 10 color schemes Yao afraid of the general mighty jump just jumped Lin Yi s body, Lin Yi did not prepare for the situation under the force too much, Lin Yi to the bruised So he can not wait to go back to the room healing However, Chu Mengyao afraid to say it, followed by a small Shu also worried that he is just speculation, if the fact is not the case Lin Yi returned to the room, sitting cross legged on the netg, eyes Weibi, enjoying the power from the mighty generals who came to nourish their own meridians injured Lin Yi s face, sometimes there is a comfortable expression, and sometimes there are painful expression, this moment, Lin Yi pain and happy Into the ordinary people Lin Yi, some can not stand the mighty generals so surging energy into his body, but when the energy into the body, the repair of meridians is the moment to Lin Yi Relaxing incomparable Lin Yi within the body, a section of the meridians visible in the naked eye under the slowly repaired Call Lin Yi took a deep br.en installed very good Before and Feng smiled and eaten a meal, so Wu Chen days enlightened, and now the girls, the original would like to be installed forcing the boys, ah, the original only loaded, forced to be worshiped Wu Chen day to find their own shortcomings, so pay close attention to correct, and this company, it is his first step to force plans. He wants to have an equal status with Sun Jingyi, Sun Jingyi has a company, can be considered a veteran, and that he would like to pursue Sun Jingyi, it would have to be a CEO Caixing The second step, that is, please Lin Yi and Feng Xiao laugh with Sun Jingyi together to eat a meal, not only allow Sun Jingyi to recognize fidget cube with 10 color schemes Lin Yi s face, but also in the dinner to play with their own equipment to force the level, that Feng laugh Laugh or fidget cube where to buy at stores will be with their own equipment. Forcing, just kill two birds with one stone The company does fidget cube mistyrose not make money does not matter, and I brought back the money to spend ten million dollars, then the company first run it, the money is not enough time and I said Wu Chen days.

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