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Fidget Cube Youtube seems there is hope ah Thought of this, quickly greeted the smiling faces of the past Kang brother, how do you personally come out to meet ah, really can not afford to ah Xiao Ji is also surprised a moment, he did fidget cube youtube not expect Kang Feng to personally come out to meet, so all of a sudden a lot less grievances in mind, quickly greeted the past is Kang Big Brother I do not know the two Xiao brothers to Kang home, what things However, Kang Fung s face is not so good, but with a very cold voice to Xiao and Xiao based asked, As if they are not familiar with the same Chapter 1019 is not a good memory 1023 Kanggui Feng s attitude, so that Xiao based and Xiao Ben surprised a moment It stands to reason, they and Kang Fung also be regarded as affinity, even if not married, Kang Guifeng also not such a cold attitude As if he did not know his brothers the same Kang brother, what do you mean Xiao and Kang home can be considered the home of in laws, usually walk around with each other, there are wrong Xiao said, huo suspected of huo. In laws When did the two of us the floor of the cup fragments cut, the blood suddenly flow out, and the pain also let Guan Xin wake up. Xin Xin, you do not have it How so careless Guan Xue min to see the granddaughter s hand bleeding, and suddenly asked some nervous. Nothing, skin trauma only, I accidentally met on the debris Guan Xin some embarrassed said. Every day to others dressing wounds, so Guan Xin is not dizzy blood, see their own bloodshed, and did not care too much, wanted to own look to dressing. Lai fat, the trauma medicine to her to take a bottle, I see you today brought a lot of samples Lin Yi of fat on the Lai said. Yes, the boss Lin fat to think about to leave the body fat, his face became very sad expression, but grew more and more sad, tears finally could not help but flow out, actually crying out of the hum sound Ah Fat ah you Lin Yi looked at fidget cube youtube the response of fat, suddenly some dumbfounding Guan Xin hand broken, you cry I am sad, ah, boss, you really want to go Fatty side wiping tears, while to go to Xin Xin trauma medicine, Lin Yi, t.

o not bear to hate her I know where I will hate She wanted to be different from me, but her purpose was good, and she was fidget cube by ansty also for our night palace Yes Li elders nodded his head, lowered his voice, said Xiao Jie sister, although this fidget cube uae time, regardless of ya and small sister through the difficulties of peace, fidget cube orange and white but also, and rain home, Xiao home forged Rain home behind the rain home, do not know will not come out to help them find a place to play And Xiao s nursing home Peabo, his background can not be underestimated, his family, But also a hidden zg family, there Is a day behind the Dan support Dan and our night palace, has always been some disagreement, I m afraid this time Ah Miyaji Wan thought the things have been resolved, but did not think that things have just begun Rain home hidden behind the rain home, in all hidden zg family when, hidden zg rain house is the strongest existence, it can be Said no less than an ancient school.aid I did not expect you actually so good, give me so much infuriating, my strength suddenly improved much, I really do not Know what to say Song Ling shan in the original plan, today and Lin Yi transfer , and then along with Shuangxiu look, to enhance a little cultivation, for Song Ling Shan is already very good, but did not expect that Lin Yi did not with her Shuangxiu, but through another way, the infuriating the direct transmission to her, forcibly will be revised to give her up to upgrade This makes Song Ling shan moved, but also secretly relieved, though Song Lin Shan for Lin Yi, some broken jar crushing mood, but after all, is her first time, how could she not care Even if the purpose is to Shuangxiu, but Song Ling shan still feel that it should be a little romantic Caixing, the best time for the first time is not because Shuangxiu do, but fidget cube light blue for love and do. Now, she successfully retained the fidget cube youtube first time, but the heart inside, but there are some lost Some of her do not understand the heart of Lin Yi, Lin Yi in the end they have no meaning to it I.Lin Yi a bully too much like However, the rain has never been thought of the stars, before he sent people to make things difficult Chu family, it is not too deceptive too much Many fidget cube midnightblue people always think of someone else s fault, but never thought of their own Hatred, rain has been carried away the stars of reason, he does not think his family did something wrong, wrong are Lin Yi But in any case, rain stars are currently chosen to forbear, although he hate, but it will not be impulsive Yat, you Chu Peng Zhaizhan fled to see the rain family, suddenly surprised and delighted He really did not expect, the most critical moment in the Chu family, seeing would be broken, Lin Yi has instantly Reversed the situation Originally arrogant to kill his family, was Lin Yi should be a mighty general to kill Thought of this, Chu Peng s face on some eccentric, mighty generals, when become so much Kick kick will be able to kick a mysterious early stage within the home master Even if the rain will be Germany Lin Yi was hit injured injured, it is not likely to.

Fidget Cube Youtube at he actually is to Feng Tianlong to play the phone In other words, this time the plan, the person is Feng smiled, not Lin Yi Thought of this, Lin Yi underground passage lucky, if not With their own smiles along with the car Feng, or Zhibu Ding there any trouble Fortunately, Feng smiled and now what things are not in their side Bald head sunglasses man said a few words, flew a helicopter in fidget cube europe the distance, apparently want to take bald men sunglasses, so Lin Yi directly from the edge of Panshan Road picked up a section of the fence, Directed at the helicopter above the Propeller smashed in the past Of course, if it is thrown by ordinary people, even if it can hit fidget cube youtube the helicopter s propeller, it is impossible to smash the propeller, after all, compared to the fence and the propeller is a bit insignificant But Lin Yi in the fence, plus a number of infuriating compressed energy bomb, Ever since, the helicopter propeller Lin Yi s energy bomb directly to the bombing of the waste I rely on Lin Yi husband, you are really a master of the aircraft ah Feng smiled.can spend a lifetime with her, is also a very good thing, but, this is just a good idea Feng smiled the outcome, doomed or very sad Thought of this, Tang Yun could not help but some sad together. Feng smiled but it seems like a little bit unhappy taste, like the way along, the eyes and fidget cube youtube fidget cube where to buy mouth are curved, like an expression picture, like a happy mess. Lin Yi looked at Feng smiled now, it is difficult to write her desire and that sentiment on the phone smiled and smiled, she was in front of people, is a pistachio, like when will be happy, and then let the surrounding People follow her happy, people, but still a poor life of some poor girl Lin Yi, the car parked in the school behind the snack street, get off when Feng smiled and looked at a distance not far from the wall of the Lamborghini, and could not help but laugh. In the school, Feng smiled or some to avoid arousing suspicion, after all, a combination of men and two women too garish a little bit, and she now do not have anything to compete with Tang Yun, so it touches to Tan.

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