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Fidget Cube and Ma Zhu said The rain home and Xiao Are dead people, Medicine and Zhao Qibing are subject to varying degrees of injury, how do we do ah Lin Yi under a goal, is fidget cube not us ah What Lin Yi actually restored the strength Ma listened to the news, but also some incredible, followed by a burst of sorrow If Lin Yi also waste, and that his mood will be better, but now, Lin Yi nothing at at All, he has become disabled, which makes how to balance the horse column Yes ah, I am afraid Lin Yi will find us revenge Zhen Da Zhou said very worried He has some regret to provoke Lin Yi, and now the son has not only been dead fidget cube desk toy son, and Ma Zhu also suffered a serious injury. Well, he dared, my master came, he only has the fate of death Ma Zhu sneer a cry, in his view, Lin Yi is not simple, but in front of the master, nothing That Ma Ye s Master when to come ah, can not be a little faster ah, I m afraid he has not come, Lin Yi to come to the door Zhen Da Zhou said, worried. My master is a master of order, but according to the provisions of the hidden family arbitration.o amusement I thought you were faithless. Hmmm, I m just a small wife, Yao Yao sister do not move love, how could I be faithless Chen Yu Shu said. Oh Chu Meng Yao meaningless should be a cry, do not know what she meant to express. The stage, Xie Yufeng has done self introduction, once again usher in a warm applause He slightly sideways, so that Li Fenghu and Wang Congming came up. My name is Li Panghu, Xie is less bodyguards Li fat tiger Daoshi not conceal his identity, directly shaking his plump body said. My name is Wang Congming, Xie less military adviser Wang Congming is also a simple self introduction, for his identity without concealment The two people is to follow Xie Yufeng transfer with the purpose is very simple, that fidget cube is, to Xie Yufeng when the attendant, there is something to go to run tu or something. Wow the audience suddenly heard a burst of exclaimed This year, the wealthy family of young master in the first high school this school is not unusual, but with two attendants together to school, it is rare Moreover, the two attendan.

Feng smiled on his own car back, because you can not sit Lin Yi s car, so that Feng fidget cube for sale smiled a bit disappointed After all, she has a car, if you do not have to rely on drive to send Lin Yi , That a bit justified CHAPTER 1031 Who is the dog egg Who is the second dog egg Watching his beloved sports car, Feng smiled for the first time there is a want to hit it the impulse Sports car ah sports car, I do not like you but I seem to prefer Lin Yi Feng smiled and muttering on the car, moving the car, but when reversing, but not very good down This is a snack near the vendors, when people come and go after school, before Feng smiled do not reverse, a direct U turn Out, but today s own car next to a blocked Lamborghini, so she could not turn around only Reversed Lin Yi also saw the scene, suddenly frowned Xie Yufeng went to see a doctor but not the car away, put this thing In fact, it is not Xie Yufeng do not want to go away, it is because Xie Yufeng no way to drive away Assied been cut, and sit Down will be painful, let alone a car Xie Yufeng, Wang C.g, he At that time also want to see the attitude of soldiers less, if the soldiers less to protect Chu Peng, Xiao Ji is not possible to play Chu Peng idea However, the soldiers fidget cube with lowest price did not expect less and Chupeng Zhan is also the exhibition, so Xiaoji also unbridled expression of his intentions. Well, Xiao Shu is to ask this thing ah Zhao Qibing heart, it really can not wait ah, but very good, to deal with Lin Yi and Chu more people, he was more happy So, said No mistake, I have to find someone to test over, Li Fu s injury is very serious, not good, that Lin Yi, the strength of the total loss, completely into ordinary people Xiao Shu can rest assured that they deal with Haha, so ah Turned out to be less personally test your soldiers Xiao base suddenly overjoyed, he would have been afraid of the message is not accurate, but now one is Zhao Qibing personally test out, also put down the heart. You know I and Lin Yi s grudge, and now he out of such a big thing, I also want to deal with him Zhao Qibing said here, deliberately paused for a moment Zhen Dazhou not let people close, I have something important to talk with the elders of Lee Su Yi, the main palace of the Tsing Yi told the girl Road. fidget cube Yes, the Miyaji Tsing Yi girl nodded his head, the trot of the pushed away. Li Shu, there is no outsider, and in the end what happened Su Yi Gongzhu stood up body, it seems that Lee is very close to the way the elders. And Li elders and other girls away after disappearance of Tsing Yi, but also stepped forward a few steps, came to the pavilion, lowered the voice, but the look is still respectful Miss, is fidget cube on the young lady thing She how What trouble has been encountered Su ying, the Palace Master heard the words of the Presbyterian Lee, fidget cube in stock his face suddenly exposed to some nervous look. Little Miss was kidnapped Lee said the elders, but then just said the beginning, was interrupted by Su Yi Gongzhu. What She was kidnapped Who is it Do not worry Su Yi Gongzhu hear the hearts of a tight, quickly asked. Donghai City, a master of the Wan Ku, in the hands of no master, but a mysterious mid peak.

Fidget Cube hu glared at Feng smiled. You are not Lin Yi s employer s girlfriend What little wife you installed You are recognized by Lin Yi, Lin Yi is still the wife of Tang Yun s sister s fidget cube toys r us recognition Feng Xiao laugh really ridiculed watching Chen Yushu , Ironically Road. Yaoyao sister is the wife of Wrigley brother, I am a small wife, but also need to admit Chen Yu Shu admit a fidget cube defeat, said Then you get who is recognized I am after the Tang Yun sister certified little wife Feng smiled and said You do, you do not get certified You even a small cottage is a wife I am Wrigley brother certification, you are the cottage little wife, you are a cargo small wife Chen Yu Shu also hum said Do not believe you ask Wrigley brother Lin Yi, this silly little girl is your little wife Feng smiled and pointed to Chen Yushu asked Lin Yi Road. Chapter 0995 Tip to Mans Chapter o995 Tip to the Wrigley brother, this is your little wife stay dwarf Chen Yushu Lin Yat pitiful look, asked. This Lin Yi suddenly smile, did not think Tang Yun and Feng smiled not on, it touches fidget cube on Chen.all of the family know, rain Danson is a master of order, has entered the hidden rain home, a sudden, the rain home faintly become a family of Over the years, the rain home has been doing the family thing, the organization family conference, held an auction, can be described as mixed wind and water, the moment unparalleled However, all this, but was a sudden break out of the rules of the people Lin Yi, you in the end what is backing it Rain Mercury gnashing teeth in front of a look at the information on Lin Yi, Lin Yat recorded data to the Matsuyama City, after all the things done Everything, all trace of absolute arrogance Hide the family of Zhao Qibing, Lin Yi interrupted by two tu , the building has to tear down twice The hidden Zhao, has always been Tolerance has not Among them, I am afraid there is a problem ah Rain stars have some regret, did not take into account these before, just do not feel the strength of Lin fidget cube darkorenge Yi, with Xiao, Zhao Qi Bing Lin Yi to find the trouble Thus, under the impulse has finally become a disaster Rain stars som.

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