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Fidget Cubes all bully is still measured, although it will give you trouble do not let you do business, but Murder and Arson thing they still can not do But not the same as a small mule, and Yu Ren witnessed the three boxing match to kill three people This is all human life ah, Yu Ren believe that there is nothing in front of the young people can not do it You you do this is against the law Yu Ren teeth can only fight. You can call the police, but you want to better the result We are a criminal group, not a small gang You call the police, waiting for the Death, as your wife and daughter, I will help you sell to the south Of the kiln , people dry dead them, quack Yu Ren whole body playing a shiver In front of this little youth is simply a demon He said the consequences, than death is also terrible Yu Ren thought his wife and daughter will be so insulted, suddenly scared not, quickly dispel the idea Of the police At this time, a small boxing field dragging dragons Red Dragon s corpse came to a small mule where fidget cube retail the office, ask Mule brother, the dead how to us Xiao, Wei extreme is your role model Chapter 0952 weird scene Chapter o952 strange scene In Pepper coldly came out, saw Chu Peng, a touch Chu Peng exhibition, the old lady did not want to kill, I hope you can make a wise choice Wei extreme old man in the hands, but also Barely Remaining breath, but what you too weak. Oh I heard that is you, hit the beat of Wei supreme, will he hit into a serious injury Lin Yi turned to look to the Peabo. Yes, it is the old lady Do you want fidget cube midnightblue to try it Pope proudly nodded. Oh, you do not remind, I d forgotten, you make all the uncle of Chu, I will double back to you Lin Yi s voice is still very dull, without a trace of emotional bo move However, slack toys fidget cube You in Front of me, almost weak burst, fidget cube antsy labs if I hit you two palms, you directly hung up. Yellow mouth children, what you say Pei listened to the words of Lin Yi, suddenly furious In his view, a dare to dare to talk to him so, it is not court death it Lin Yi faint said I use five percent of the strength of the beat you beat, you took over, then you can go away, and then.

s it Yang Huaijun quickly asked, in his view, Lin Yi suddenly a big morning call to him, there must be some truth. Lin Yi fidget cubes said I was in the police station door, suddenly thought of a better and more efficient way to cure your internal injuries, if you are fidget cubes in, I just went to find you. Oh There are better and more efficient way Yang Huai Jun Lin Yi, then repeatedly heard a moment Lin Yi before the treatment effect has been far out of his expectations, and now Lin Yi said there is better than this This can not let Yang Huaijun surprise it Yes, and this way, you can fix your body, all the damaged meridians, so that you can re cultivation within the family effort Lin Yi said. Repair damaged the meridians, re cultivation within the home effort Yang Huai Jun could not help but stare, Lin Yi s argument has been out of the acceptance of Yang Huai jun How can this be Repair meridians, Yang Huaijun Daoshi heard, and martial arts, there is a family can really do, but it is not what people can find them to repair the meridians, but also a lot of requirements Ther.some ugly up, he did not expect Sun Jingyi so stubborn do not listen to advice, and she made it clear that Lin Yi is just ordinary people, can not play so many wives, that time will certainly Health dispute But in front of Lin Yi s face, he has no way to say Lin Yi incompetence In case of such a statement, will also be offended Lin Yi, Lin Yi to take the time to smile with a smile, the scene is not embarrassing If Sun Jingyi followed Lin Yi to go along, it is more of fidget cube orange and white the spoiler At this time, the waiter put the food side came in, Wu Chen day can only close the mouth first, and some depressed to think about countermeasures In the end how to be able to Sun Jingyi s thinking to reverse it His grandmother a tu , which is also Feng smiled, actually not a little jealous, Sun Jingyi is a fault, actually take the fidget cubes initiative to give Linyi do lover This Lin Yi in the end what good Wu Chen day left to see the right to see Lin Yi did not see what advantages If not the presence of Sun Jingyi, Wu Chen Chen Yi to beat up to the naive to shoot dead, the province of.go, but their ideas are good, but there is no way to achieve it Li Yifeng with the Interpol team, on the foot of the open space, and all the audience, were temporarily controlled up to accept the police check All cameras, cameras have been one by one investigation, there are videos and photos, by the professional Technical staff to delete the scene of the data smash. Feng Tianlong is also then rushed to the scene, and Li Yifeng with the drive on the winding road, parked in the accident next to the Land Rover. Li Yifeng s car has not stopped, Feng Tianlong quickly trotted down from the car, looked at the daughter of jumping, suddenly relieved fidget cube greenyellow Smile, all right Of course all right Feng smiled proudly clinging to the arms of Lin Yi, said Lin Yi her husband to protect me, cars fidget cubes are exploding, and I also did not matter a little thing Lin Yi, thank you Feng Tianlong took a deep breath, heartfelt right Lin Yi said. Today s thing, really frightened Feng Tianlong He thought, forever will not see her daughter, but Lin Yi is not burdened by the care, the daughter.

Fidget Cubes rength of things, Tang Yun, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu are aware, not to mention the father of Feng smiled Feng Tianlong , Or his former comrades, Lin Yi is impossible to conceal anything. Just like Xie Yufeng worse. Lin Yi laughed. Wow Feng laughed listening to Lin Yi affirmative answer, suddenly j move the mess, could not help but exclaimed Smile, you too to force the Oh Casually find a boyfriend, actually mysterious master order, Wow haha, make big Lin Yi Feng smiled happily watching the look, some silent, do not know what she was happy awkward, mysterious master what is the use Also can not cure her disease Ha ha ha, that not mean that you are more powerful than most of the family master Feng smiled around Lin Yi turned around in the eyes of Lin Yi s body wandering around, seems to want to see something unusual Come No wonder you can participate in the auction, the original master it At fidget cubes that time is not, but the yellow order late Lin Yi said But I can generally leapfrog to cope with some powerful than their master T.Is a woman. Do not like to marry a man does not say, there may be defensive availability, but it is impossible to make some things to come out of the wall Things are so unfair, a man derailed, called romantic suave, a woman derailment is called Not to keep f Road So Xie Yufeng marriage thing, do not care, just stunned for a moment, said This is a relationship with me in Matsuyama City Yes, I give you the object of marriage is Song s granddaughter Song Ling Shan, Huang has now the peak of the peak of the success of the great perfection Rain star laughed This child is also good, t ng talented, small Age Is already the peak of the yellow order of the late great perfection, I am very optimistic Song Ling Shan Xie Yufeng fidget cube marketing hear the name on the response came Song Songling, I seem to have seen the side seems to be Not only can you Xie Yufeng hear him and his relatives are Songling Shan, the hearts of the incredibly happy Song Ling Shan looks not only beautiful, good shape, xiong preserved also large, Xie Yufeng want to quack laughing This Need to get to.

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