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Real Fidget Cube not telling the truth Lin Yi shook his head to Tang Yun s cell, Feng smiled and now have this situation, and she will naturally want to smile smiled more happy, so the joint Feng Xiaoxiao cheat yourself, Is also normal. Lin Yi finished, the car will be fast toward the Feng Xiaoxiao home district. Feng Xiaoxiao home in the district downstairs, Lin Yi to see the dress is very delicate Feng smiled, smiling at the entrance of the home, leaving a small bag posture jiao, filled with an indescribable youthful fidget cube goldenrod atmosphere. This and a person to the end of life simply can not be linked buy fidget cube online together, if Lin Yi is not very clear smile strange body fidget cube test of the body, how he would not believe, Feng Xiao laugh really die. At the moment Feng smiled, his face and peacetime as the same smile, see Lin Yi s car, happily ran over Tang Yun and Feng smiled and sat in the back of the Beatles, the co pilot s position was real fidget cube empty out. Hey, sorry ah, the car did not oil, and can only let you pick me up Feng smiled on the bus, some apology of Lin Yi said. Oh Yi nodded his head. Well Feng sm.pplause Chapter 1065 powerful way Chapter 1o65 powerful way They usually saw cattle, but Lin Yi has not seen such a cow, people do not move cars, people directly to the car to kick open Bald head sunglasses man s eyes also become a bit sank, he did not think Lin Yi actually so powerful, it seems to be a master His eyes across a trace of haze, but there are dark glasses of the block, others can not see his Face change Bale Lin Yi will look at his car kicked open, bald sunglasses men did not continue to scold, did not get off to find wherever he goes, but lost in thought This man, is it the bodyguard Feng smiled The situation is some complicated Men and women to see the bald head sunglasses male Yang Ming was kicked the car, but did not make any response, still nest in the car which does not move, suddenly ridiculed ridicule up This is the red 1uo1uo provocation ah, the car has been fidget cube 2017 kicked, actually kept dizzy, this is a man Withered It is too crippled, on this ability, but also outfit Where s the courage to go now Not scolded people small white face W.

, all right, ah, anyway, you have the money, do not care that thirty thousand, you can not pay, Yao Yao and I raise you Chen Yu Shu Chu Meng Yao is not so much estimated, without hesitation, said You can regain your strength and ask for a raise Oh Lin Yi smiled Do not be silly, small Shu, in fact, you are not stupid, right Chen Yushu some surprised to see Lin Yi, eyes wide, and finally bowed his head, did not speak. You really want to go I know, you do not care that thirty thousand Chu Meng Yao bite his lips, looking at Lin Yi You said, we are friends You lose our strength, how could we These, will you sweep out of the door Do real fidget cube you think I can make such a thing Chu Mengyao come Oh Lin Yi looked at the eldest, but also some dismay, but he was very clear I take the initiative to resign, and you have nothing to do Well, I first went out, and before I go Tang Yun said something You Chu Mengyao looked at Lin Yi, want to say anything, but saw him get fidget cube creator up and went to the villa door, suddenly some weakness, and closed his mouth.eng smiled the car gave me smashed That car beetle is Lin Yi Wait Wang is waved his hand, to prevent the rage of Xie Yufeng Xie less, please your anger, a little security ah impatient Oh, how, he bullied my forehead, and I can not fight back Xie Yufeng snorted. No, Xie less, I think, Lin Yi s car, it is best not to drop Wang clever waved said Xie Shao, Lin Yi is a practitioner, you hit his car, he can let go He is a practitioner, I am also a practitioner He is only the early stages of the mysterious order, I was the beginning of the mysterious peak of the peak, and afraid of how he Xie Yufeng sneer said. Xie less, but now you have to hide the strength ah Can not violent 1 out, secret investigation is plan ah Wang said. Xie Yufeng is also such a thing, if Lin Yi because the car was smashed fidget cube black and green and find their own troubles, they can not just come two days and Lin Yi on real fidget cube it, right So do not meet the interests of the rain home, even to kill Lin Yi, Lin Yi had to figure out the background, or to the rain home to provoke a calamity. A. Chapter 1046 is just right.s a trace of Li, Yang fist to hit again in the past. Bang But also a mind, Yang take the spirit of a punch and hit the dwarf brawny, while the dwarf brawny hit a blow to Yang Ling Two people of this reckless style of novelty suddenly attracted a field of applause But now the vast majority of people in the field that dwarf brawny win, Yang Ling Ling even head on, is not short brawny opponent They cheered in the audience, Red Dragon fuel, because the dwarf brawny man s head is a red dragon. And Yang Ling s head cap is gray dog, but the head cover did not cover all his head, or out of some green hair out. But no one to give him fuel, in everyone s opinion, Yang Ling has been sentenced to death Ling Red Dragon has been winning two games, and there is no pressure to win, and the Yang Ling Ling also no special excels, although the daring and Red Dragon head, but did not see how much he was. Huh Yang Ling Ling secretly suspected huo in the heart, and this short stout fight over the second fist, but also no painful feeling, like when playing with others, as.

Real Fidget Cube really want to want to laugh to live Feng Xiaoxiao Lin Yi slightly sighed, some worries up Haha, I have a joke See Sun Jingyi scared by his remarks, Feng smiled and quickly shut up. Oh, nothing, t ng fun of Sun Jingyi wiped his sweat on the forehead Three batches What real fidget cube an amazing idea ah, although Sun Jingyi is a family background, but in fact is also very conservative, although they have a number of grandfather and uncle, a woman, but did not say with the three batches of But in the final analysis, or because women face each other and the heart does not, no one will really go and other people to be good, but because of the family, the men are more powerful Bale So Sun Jingyi childhood living in such an environment under the three wives of four concubines for men is not how to exclude, which she has to do to others the idea of the reasons for the lover. But that man must be her Sun Jingyi like the man Caixing, like Wu Tieshou such mediocrity, Sun Jingyi marry him will be depressed for life Lin Yi Sun Jingyi from the did not matter, so he will be the two injured guards to the hospital for treatment. Mr. Wei extraordinary skill, but do not have to care about and ordinary people, right Chu Peng display under the phone, stood up and said Chu and his daughter s safety, after Mr. Wei on the whole Wei is a proudly said Weimou is a mysterious order Extreme master, security you are safe there is no problem, but the commission thing Well The bodyguard company s people fidget cube floralwhite have told me, every month 200,000 commission, no problem Chu Peng nodded his head, said, but the thought of Lin Yi mind, thirty thousand is really cheap enough, but the original This is their own home Father set the price, he did not interfere with the power. No, it is the company s price Wei supreme shook his head You are the money to the company, you have to pay me another 300,000 per month This Chu Peng Yi surprised a moment, did not think this is really a great opening Wei Wei ah We can not afford Weimou can only say real fidget cube goodbye Wei said supreme, got up to leave. Mr. Wei you do not get ang.

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