Community Book Reading Project Presents: Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Thief

This new audio series, as part of the Community Book Reading Project, celebrates the french writer Maurice Leblanc and his classic short stories about the master thief Arsène Lupin. The Community Book Reading Project is presented by Grow @ The Wallis in association with Dahm Theatre Arts.

Each story is approximately 30 minutes long. Listen to the 7-part series on SoundCloud below:

Arsène Lupin, Gentleman-Thief

Part I – The Arrest Of Arsène Lupin
On a steamship voyage from France to America a radio transmission warns that the infamous thief Arsène Lupin is on board, and hiding under an alias name beginning with the letter “R.”

Part II: The Escape of Arsène Lupin
A daring and clever escape from jail, proving that Arsène Lupin is indeed the master of disguise.

Part III: The Mysterious Traveller
Arsène Lupin gets attacked and robbed by a mysterious thief. The police believe that the thief is the wanted Lupin, Lupin must uncover his true identity.

Part IV: The Queen’s Necklace
The Queen’s necklace has disappeared, it was said to have been presented to Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France. Its disappearance is a total mystery, until a stranger comes up with a clever explanation.

Part V: The Seven of Hearts
“From the moment you open this letter, whatever happens, whatever you may hear, do not move, do not utter one cry. Otherwise you are doomed.” Arsène Lupin will have to prove himself very clever indeed in this strange tale.

Part VI: Madame Imbert’s Safe
Arsène Lupin plans to rob Madame Imbert’s safe, from her private mansion that is a fortress, and with the only key kept on Madame Imbert’s person at all times, Lupin will have his skills tested.

Part VII: Sherlock Holmes Arrives Too Late
The first meeting between the famous Detective Sherlock Holmes and the Gentleman Burglar Arsène Lupin.

Maurice Leblanc

Marlena Becker, Madeleine Dahm, Deidra Edwards, James Ferrero, Deborah Kraut, Jon Kellam, Kelvin Morales, Melanie Neu, Sina Pooresmaeil, Debba Rofheart, Tiana Randall-Quant, Megan Rubble, Ashley Victoria Robinson, Dr. Rev. Sidonie Smith, Robert Sheldon, Katie Silverman, Alexander Sheldon, Paul Tracey, Louise Webber, Donna Young.

Madeleine Dahm

Kevin MacLeod

About the Community Book Reading Project
The Community Book Reading Project brings together twenty diverse and intergenerational community readers who share a deep love of books. Our goal is to celebrate reading, literacy and storytelling through our collective voices. The Community Book Reading Project was launched in December 2020, with 25 readers participating in a collaborative reading of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol